1. Watching the Tele

    Pink Paisley first guitar body build

  2. V

    Please Help! Bridge won't sit flush on body with new pickup?

    So I've spent all afternoon painstakingly working my way through upgrading the electronics, shielding the cavity, and installing new pickups on my classic vibe 60s telecaster all for the first time. I'm pretty much at the end now, new electronics are in, shielding is done, and the neck pickup...
  3. G

    Finished My Jaguar Body!

    In a lovely Surf Green comes my second guitar body, and one with a much better clear coat job than my first.
  4. G

    First Homemade Body!

    Here it is, my first guitar body that I made from scratch. I based it partly off the Pawn Shop Mustang, which is why it looks pretty small. It's definitely not fantastic, what with all the marks and scuffs, but it's a start. What do you all think?
  5. R

    Nitro not checking, help!

    Hi guys, so I have a nitro body but it just seems to want to check at all. I tried heating it with a hair dryer and heat gun with compressed air which didn’t work. Tried putting it in the freezer for 3 hours then hit it with a heat gun, didn’t work. Tried freezing overnight and used heat gun...
  6. G

    Help me ID this aftermarket P Bass body

    Howdy. I have this P Bass body that I wonder if anyone would know the builder? This was from an older custom build. The quality looks good as in USA or Japan. As you can see it says "MAY 98" in the neck cavity. Since I took the picture I removed the foil and shield paint from the bottom of...
  7. tm1303

    What to do with this body

    So I got this out of the blue for my birthday. What would you do with it? How to make this awesome? Screenshot_20210313-111019~2 by tm1303 posted Apr 13, 2021 at 9:40 PMIMG_20210313_105201833 by tm1303 posted Apr 13, 2021 at 9:35 PM
  8. PartyOnAlec

    Building a tele with my dad - both long-time guitarists but first time luthiers. Our Considerations.

    Hey everyone! Been reading this forum religiously for the last few weeks and I've learned a ton (I think). My dad and I have talked for ages about building a partscaster tele, and the time has finally come! I want to run through the plan we have, as well as questions I've come up with along the...
  9. Tele-varius

    Wild enough to work?!

    Wild idea me off the ledge if this will damage anything but... I've got a Squier Telecaster (MIC early 2000s) and its tuning pegs disintegrated and fell apart recently. Would a 2002 MIM Strat neck fit the body and give me a usable guitar? Also, can anyone point me in the...
  10. frettchen

    Telecaster body dimensioned drawing?

    Hi, I am looking for a dimensioned drawing of a telecaster body. Anyone can help me and point in the right direction? I am looking for a drawing as close as possible to the original Tele measures. Thank you in advance!
  11. F

    Vintage Custom 1950 Pine Esquire Thinner body?

    Today I received the Custom Shop Vintage Custom 1950 Esquire. This link mentions "True to the original, this faithful recreation features a slightly thinner (1.5”) laminated pine body." On the esquire I got this definitely isn't so. It's 1.75" for sure, just as thick as any other American...
  12. rokasjmusic

    Help me to find this builder, please! Dutch alert

    Long story short: last year I was fallowing guitar parts builder on Ebay. His page is gone. Thought I am absolutely certain his location was set to Netherlands. The only proof of his works is an email from Ebay I received on August 2019. I'll attach copy of this email. You can see a white and...
  13. L

    G'day from Western Australia. Need help identifying Tele body.

    Hi Telefans. Just wondering if anyone can help me identify my Sunburst tele body. Also I wouldnt mind a steer in the right direction when i comes to buying second hand parts for it, decals ashtray bridge etc ill post pics and say i think it has been completely gutted and refitted.. plus it...
  14. JRtele

    Canadian Tele Body Sources

    Hey all, I’ve gone back through previous threads and many recommended sites are no longer active. I’ve accepted that I lack patience and ability to stain/finish bodies but still enjoy assembling telecasters to my specs. Other than Solo (pretty plain bodies), Spaltking (low stock/options at...
  15. M

    First tele attempt

    First pass with the router by MrRivers12 posted Jun 10, 2020 at 9:32 PM First pass with the router has me worried... Will sanding be enough to get rid of the burn marks? Or what are my options? Best Regards, Matt
  16. First pass with the router

    First pass with the router

  17. Buttered Biskit

    Supra-Tone custom body FYI:

    On 5/14 I ordered an ash/ash thin line tele body from this company and recieved it 5/21. That's the good news. I didn't get any tracking number or nothin. I really didn't expect it for at least a month. The body with shipping cost $215. I have to say it came in pretty rough condition. Its gonna...
  18. C

    Strat Rebuilding

    I’m looking to get into rebuilding Custom strats. I plan on finding just a body refinishing it new pickups hardware etc. buying a new neck and going from there. Any suggestions or tips on where to find and what to look for?
  19. Festofish

    Strip a spray can refin off a Jazz body...

    Hey all I recently picked up a MIM Jazz bass body. The dude said it had been purple but refinished white. So... What is the best way to remove the white while leaving the factory paint and gloss coat alone. I just want to see it in purple!
  20. T

    Lollar CC in an Affinity Tele?

    I was reading a comment on a YouTube video in which someone said they were thinking of putting a Lollar Charlie Christian pickup in an Affinity Telecaster. I understand that the Affinity body is thinner/has less depth than most other Telecasters, so with that in mind do you know if being routed...
  21. B

    [HELP] Identifying my Tele body

    Hello folks! I've recently bought a Tele and couldn't identify the body so I need professional help and I believe this is the way! Cost me ~550$. Custom made 7.25 maple neck by Fox (Croatian builder), Bare Knuckle Brown Sugar pickups, CTS pots, 3 way switch, Fender 3 saddle bridge, Kluson...
  22. W

    Does anyone make Thinline bodies like Real Life Relics does?

    I recently came across these Real Life Relics thinline tele bodies on Reverb. I love how they're semi-hollow, have the Thinline-style pickguard, but have the standard Telecaster control plate instead of the pickguard-mounted controls. The thing is, their finishes look awful. I don't mind relic'd...
  23. Backbeat8

    Notched vs Un-Notched Body

    Does anyone have any clear example of a different "Notch" in the Tele body, I don't see much of a difference really. It appears that between 1973 and 1982 the Teles all had "notchless" bodies? Is this just much to do about nothing? I found this pic so is this basically what we are talking about?
  24. Backbeat8

    Ash Body should be heavier than Alder

    Went to try another Tele, RW 50s, it has an Ash body, have tried a couple of them elsewhere, they were not light, basically as heavy or a bit heavier than other Alder guitars. Swamp Ash (and Northern Ash) is about 60% denser than Alder, and therefore this should mean any given Ash body guitar...
  25. attilamarton

    Partcaster w/ bark beetle

    Hi all! Loaded with a handfull of good advice, which I collected here, finally I got the last missing part of my partcaster: THE BODY. It's a two piece swamp ash body. I bought it from a guy, who bought it for a past project, which he never finished and it was sitting on the self for years...