1. MTPoteet

    500 Listens!

    I have posted this on other forums. My song "Chocolate Chip Pancakes" (I have them every Sunday) has reached 500 listens on Soundcloud. Thanks to all of you who listened here and the other forums. That may not be a lot to most of you but to me it's huge. My next closest is "Slippin' Away From...
  2. ping-ping-clicka

    Uberschall-Rat Test .

    Working settings for Uberschall-RAT combination for non-frizzy grindish, thinking about adding the Strymon Deco or the T,C. Electronics Mimic pedal for adding subtle movement to the grind which seems ground round but a little to lean .
  3. MrClint

    Caribou Slobber

    A celebratory blues jam with my first batch of home brew: Cheers!
  4. V

    How would you describe and dial in this guitar tone? (At ~4:20 in video)

    Came across an amp demo video and heard this guy dial in a tone right at the 4:20 mark that is pretty much the tone I strive for (and haven't yet achieved): I think part of my issue is that I'm not really sure how one would properly describe that tone from an EQ perspective other than saying...
  5. U

    3 Different Jazz Styles on Tele

    Would be interested to know which style people would prefer from these short 3 different Jazz styles on a standard Tele.
  6. MTPoteet

    " Slippin' Away From Me" Let Me Know What You Think......Again

    Once more, I'm not a song writer or recording engineer, but occasionally I come up with a little instrumental (not a lyricist or singer either) and record it on garage band. When I was doing this one, my wife's Uncle was dying, her Aunt called and when I answered the phone she said "I think my...
  7. MTPoteet

    Let me know what you think....

    Please listen through the intro. Here's a snappy little tune I came up with recorded with a T style kit I built last year. Straight into Boss eBand JS-10 with no effects, then into Garage Band also with no effects. Let me know what you think Thanks, enjoy.
  8. MTPoteet

    Check it out! Let me know what you think.

    I hope this is in the correct forum, if not please advise and do what's necessary. Not really a song writer, but I'm trying. Always have trouble coming up with a third part. Let me know what you think.
  9. W

    Supro Delta King 10 tube rolling

    The Supro Delta King 10 (aka Blues King 10) has one 12AX7 and one 6V6. Easy enough to tube roll for an hour. I did just that. I make no claims as to how these tubes might sound in other amps, of course! But I really love the cleans and edge of breakup on this amp. Stock speaker. TL;DR: the...
  10. black_doug

    Otis Clay

    Would have turned 80 on February 11th. I got to hear him in 2014, in Toronto, before he passed in 2016. Post your fave songs by him. Here's one that Bob Seger made famous:
  11. B

    Thoughts on amp settings and use of “always on” effects in jam/live situations.

    Hey everyone, I’m sure this has been covered in many ways, but I’ve recently began jamming again with some friends and thought I’d post a question in regards to tone/amp settings. Yesterday I brought my Rivera Pubster 25watt head and matching Celestion G12H30 cabinet to a friends...
  12. Tricone

    Gregg Allman would have been 74 years old today.

    Today would have been Gregg Allman's 74th birthday. Imho, he was the best blues rock singer and a great Hammond B3 player. A fine musician. He and the Allman Brothers Band along with Fats Domino were my first musical daddies. God rest Gregg Allman's soul. Peace. Back where it all...
  13. 41144

    RIP Graeme Edge

    .... Another of the 60s greats has sadly died today. Always liked this one... Song for our times now too!
  14. LAPDX

    First ever build - Blues Driver Clone

    Firstly - thanks to everyone who's posted or commented in this forum previously! I've been reading back through just about everything in preparation for this first build, and I'm certain I'll require additional dives to find more information. I got the bug to learn to solder by modding my very...
  15. Pignose - Storage!

    Pignose - Storage!

    All in one portable harp rig!
  16. MrClint

    Blooze Cartoon

    It's the blooze, in a cartoon:
  17. LesQuire

    Artur Menezes anyone? Spicy solo w/TABS!

    Not the most well known guy around I think, (not yet anyways) but this solo is fantastic to check out if you want to spice up your blues soloing! There are some great jazz inflicted lines and cool rhythmic phrasing throughout the piece, but still it stays firmly in the blues tradition. Very...
  18. WWLaidback

    Blues Turnaround Video Collection

    Please help me assemble a collection of nice blues turn arounds, and try to classify them if you can. There's like Robert Johnson, Elmore James, Stevie Ray, etc. . I'll be posting them to my webpage for general reference. examples: Allman Brothers style at 12:06 SRV: Ascending at 1:15...
  19. fendrguitplayr

    Midweek Blues Jam

    Just a short two minutes if you feel so inclined to..
  20. TokyoPortrait

    Blues in 4K - YouTube Channel

    Hi. Just discovered this. Thought some might be interested. Seems to be related somehow to the Texas Blues Alley channel (which I now vaguely remember looking at in the past). I found it following this sidebar suggestion. Pax/ Dean
  21. fendrguitplayr

    Midweek Blues Jam

    The more the merrier ;) Walkin' bass in F
  22. powerscribe

    Artists You Can't Find Tabs For?

    Who are some players that you're surprised nobody pays attention to and you'd love to learn licks from? Please list: 1. Your favorite songs that converted you to their style. 2. Your influences and how that led you to find them. 3. The physical techniques they use that "Wow" you the most...
  23. stone_fingers

    The Rolling Stones - I don't know the reason why (Hillside Blues) (unreleased)

    From their Outtakes & Demos 1969 - 1975 I don't even know where to start trying to sketch something like a sketch of these licks and motifs. Any ideas?
  24. TokyoPortrait

    Poor Boy a Long Way From Home - Black Keys

    Hi. I noticed that the Black Keys have just released another in their series of excellently colour graded videos for Delta Kream. Pax/ Dean
  25. TokyoPortrait

    Stay All Night - Black Keys

    Hi. Just noticed that the Black Keys added this video the other day. Might be my fav song off Delta Kream. Pax/ Dean