1. atomix

    For Sale Femenella Blonde Tele

    I purchased this from TRCrandall. It plays nice and has a hefty neck with clean frets though a level and polishing may be in order if you prefer low action. Price reflects this. No trades. Asking $1200 shipped ConUS. PayPal goods and services okay. SPECS: - Custom made by Lou Femenella in...
  2. L

    Blonde/brown Showman Cab

    Hi Guys, Hope everyones enjoying the summer and the good weather, i find its the best time for projects. So .... does anyone have any plans or dimensions for a blonde showman head cab? id like to build to have the same dimensions as an orginal and have heard of people putting a practice...
  3. hotcoffeenochill

    NAD: 1964 Fender Tremolux

    Howdy, y'all. Not necessarily brand new, I've had her for a week or so now. Picked up this "player" grade (replaced output transformer) 1964 Fender Tremolux. The power and choke look original and seem to be 63. Either way, a transition era Tremolux, blonde cosmetics but black panel and circuitry...
  4. D

    Vintage Blonde Extra Pics

    Hello Tele Enthusiasts I'm so much enjoying my new FCS '60 Vintage Blonde Telecaster. I've dialed in this guitar with a nice intonation and setup. I've added a Cavalier Fat Lion in the bridge. It is my preferred tone for playing blues-rock and blues music. Well, here are a few more pics of...
  5. effzee

    More UV please

    Adjusting the neck pup on my blonde ash 2007 Hwy1 Texas and remembered I wanted to ask about this a while ago. The finish on these guitars was intentionally laid thin to facilitate the worn look, and I'm glad about that because the original peachy orange color just don't cut it. I bought this...
  6. Dr Chim Richalds

    Blond Tele Build is Complete (Success!)

    Hello, I wanted to share my first tele build with the forum since so many of you have helped me with your wisdom along the way. This is a project that I started back in January and have recently completed assembling the guitar. The first part of this post will be what the guitar actually IS in...
  7. D

    [NGD] Fender Telecaster 1967

    Bought a friend to my 1967 Fender Twin Reverb. They sound amazing together.
  8. J

    Thinking of refinishing my MIA Standard - anyone else done the same?

    I have a 2008 American Standard Tele in crimson red with a maple neck. 13 years ago, it was the coolest colour to me when picking a Tele. Fast forward to 2021 and I am starting to seriously consider having it refinished professionally in blonde. Has anyone here done a similar thing? (getting...
  9. G

    Blackface vs Brown face vs Tweed

    Okay so I have been doing a lot of research lately in my search to possibly replace one of my three amps. I stumbled across a video of the Chris Stapleton signature reissue 62 Brown face Princeton. Before you jump in me, yes I know they are a different circuit, yes I know that amp is ptp as...
  10. 19sixty3

    NGD :-) Fender 60th Anniversary Telecaster inside

    Ran across this 60th Anniversary American Standard Tele 2011 Blackguard Blonde and had to have it! She is new, never plaid. I love her - plays like a charm, I love the look, sound & features. Fit & finish is AAA, fast neck like most American Standards, it's some sort of vintage blonde. The...
  11. theprofessor

    Leo Fender: Amp design and harmonic content

    I thought it would be fun to post this for discussion: As is well known, not all "Fender" amps -- even from the pre-CBS "golden age," sound alike. Not even close. And I think we all know that Leo Fender, like most others in his age but perhaps to an even greater extent with him, was looking for...
  12. Ragged Tweed

    Testing Tru Oil with Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Paints

    I wanted to post some of my tests in case other people are curious about tinting Tru Oil with oil paints. My ultimate goal is to finish a swamp ash body with something close to blonde or butterscotch blonde finish without using spray equipment. I finished a mahagony body with Tru Oil a few...
  13. FORQ

    Vintera 50's Modified Tele: The First Week (NGD)

    Hi! I got a Vintera 50's Modified Telecaster in butterscotch blonde last Wednesday, and I've essentially been playing it non-stop since. Here are my impressions--including a couple of minor (I hope) complaints or issues--for which it'd be cool to get some feedback from other players...
  14. rokasjmusic

    Help me to find this builder, please! Dutch alert

    Long story short: last year I was fallowing guitar parts builder on Ebay. His page is gone. Thought I am absolutely certain his location was set to Netherlands. The only proof of his works is an email from Ebay I received on August 2019. I'll attach copy of this email. You can see a white and...
  15. DaveSF

    Why is butterscotch blonde so popular?

    Getting ready to buy another tele, and think that butterscotch blonde is the way to go, what is so special about this color, do you agree its the best choice? I think it gives the tele its most iconic look, but i don't know the history or why i'm even thinking that. Any comments.
  16. JackSss

    Refinishing telecaster in blonde

    Does anyone have any directions on how to refinish a telecaster into blonde? Like paint mixtures, what I need, etc.
  17. B

    Blonde Tele’s

    has anyone here done a blonde Tele in a unique wood? I.e. something other than ash or alder. Maybe pine, mahogany, sapele, or maybe cedar? Any pics are welcome! Thanks in advance
  18. MitchJ89

    Can you guys confirm if this is fair pricing?

    Hey guys, I’m not advertising my listing here. I’m just looking for some feedback on my pricing for this 75’ blonde tele I’m selling on Reverb. I did aim a little higher as I am open to offers. It appears as though they are going for around this range...
  19. M

    Tele Body ID

    Hi, I just ordered this fender tele body off Reverb. The seller said it was swapped from a customers Custom Shop telecaster and that the body was made in mexico. I thought the made in mexico bodies always had a round hole routed under the neck pickup. Can anyone confirm what body this is? It...
  20. 63superreverb

    customized & pinstriped

    I just got this back from pin-striping Friday and was blown away
  21. titan uranus

    NGD Road Trip Score

    So me and a bud drove up to Pennsylvania to see King Crimson (again). We pulled into town Sunday night and had all day Monday to kill until showtime. So Kyle (the partner in this most excellent road trip) talks to his phone and says "guitar stores near my location" and off we go. The first...
  22. Grig15

    Finally bought Telecaster! Im in love!!!!!!

    Hello! (sorry if my English damaging your ears or something else :) ) I'm not professional guitar player, more likely sound and experiments lover. Listened Lez Zeppelin and Pink Floyd from young age, and always wanted to play guitar, just for fun. First I bought Yamaha Pacifica electric...
  23. O

    68 custom checking - real or 'relic'?

    Hi guys - this is a cool guitar - I want to buy it but the checking looks a little 'slap-dash' to me. Do poly bodies check in this manner? It certainly isn't checked like the other guitar I'm looking at from the same year which I have added below for comparison Cheers And for comparison:
  24. G

    Original color of black guard teles?

    Does anyone have color pictures of original black guard teles? I've heard they were far more white than yellow but haven't seen any pics. There are still some white guards that are still white/blonde, but most black guards are yellow now. Assuming it was the lacquer that yellowed over...