1. S

    68 Custom Princeton Reverb With Reverb & Tremolo Deleted (complete Build)

    Hello everyone, I'm here to show you my new build. The circuit is mostly based on a 1964 AA1164 Princeton Reverb but I modified the design by removing the reverb and tremolo just like Rob Robinette did on his website. I also changed the mid capacitor in the tonestack, the negative feedback...
  2. hotcoffeenochill

    NAD: 1964 Fender Tremolux

    Howdy, y'all. Not necessarily brand new, I've had her for a week or so now. Picked up this "player" grade (replaced output transformer) 1964 Fender Tremolux. The power and choke look original and seem to be 63. Either way, a transition era Tremolux, blonde cosmetics but black panel and circuitry...
  3. aaronlowther1993

    AA763 Nightmare

    I recently purchased three 60's Bandmasters from a local vintage guitar shop. Two AB763, one AA763. I've been in the process of doing some of @robrob 's wonderful mods to each of them along with a Quad Reverb I bought. All are done except one. I've opened up the last Bandmaster (the AA763) and...
  4. T

    2x10 speakers for deluxe reverb?

    Hi all, I have a 65 ri deluxe reverb with a 2x10 baffle loaded with two wgs veteran 10s. I really like the vet 10s vintage tone but was considering other options too, so any recommendations? Also would you say 1x12 is better than 2x10 configuration? Thanks.
  5. itsGiusto

    Does reverb on restored 1972 Twin Reverb sound correct?

    Hey, I've recently completed restoring, modding, and blackfacing my 1972 Twin Reverb that I bought recently. It mostly went well. However, in listening to the reverb sound, I'm not sure if it sounds correct. This is complicated by the fact that I'm not 100% sure how it's supposed to sound. So...
  6. itsGiusto

    (Silverface) AA270 - Other alternatives for 0.002uf capacitor from reverb circuit?

    I've been fixing up a AA270 Twin Reverb, and getting it to AB763 specs. One difference is that there is a 0.002uf capacitor from the grid of the reverb recovery triode (V4B) to ground on the AA270, bypassing the 220k resistor. There is no such cap on the AB763 specs. See...
  7. G

    Blackface vs Brown face vs Tweed

    Okay so I have been doing a lot of research lately in my search to possibly replace one of my three amps. I stumbled across a video of the Chris Stapleton signature reissue 62 Brown face Princeton. Before you jump in me, yes I know they are a different circuit, yes I know that amp is ptp as...
  8. itsGiusto

    Circuit differences between later Fender amps

    I'm trying to understand the circuit differences between some of the Blackface/Silverface fender amp models. Some of them seem close to identical! What's the difference between these 2x6L6 models? Bandmaster Pro Reverb Vibrolux Super Reverb And what's the difference between these 4x6L6...
  9. burgrluv

    Parallel resistors on a PCB board, is it as simple as I think it is?

    Recently picked up a Princeton '68 Custom for $600 Canadian, huge steal in my books. Was holding out for a '65 but with this price i've decided to try a few easy mods to nudge it into blackface territory. Admittedly, I'm also quite taken with the amp's silverface aesthetic. It's been covered...
  10. Paul-McShartney

    Fender 1966 vs 1968 Pro Reverb

    So I played a blackface era pro reverb today at my local GC (don't know exact year) but imo, it was the sound I've been looking for in my head and think that is the next amp for me. BUT, I have found two really clean vintage examples, a 1966 blackface pro reverb (at 1500) and a Silverface drip...
  11. D

    advice on princeton reverb silverface

    Hi! I've come across a '73 princeton reverb 4 hours drive from me, and I'm not sure to carry it home. Here in Europe prices are higher than US ones: around 2000 euros. Do you think it worths? I already own a '74 vibrolux reverb and 5f1 modded champion 600. Do you think it will overlap with any...
  12. S

    Need help with my '65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue

    Hey all, this is my first post on this forum so I apologize if my formatting is a little off. A few years back I made the ultimate mistake of using my DRRI without the speaker connected. I was using a Radial JDX DI to record straight from the amp to my interface but neglected to connect the...
  13. R

    Which set of Amps?

    I currently have a '66 Dual Showman, I built a Princeton Reverb and a Tweed Deluxe. I'm definitely building a Brownface Princeton. Should I sell the PR and the Deluxe and build a Bassman? I see the advantages in versatility in sounds/effects vs the versatility in volume. I'll let the poll decide.
  14. theprofessor

    How to cut the Tolex on angled blackface-style cabinets?

    I am going to start applying Tolex to my Princeton Reverb clone tomorrow. I have watched Uncle Doug's great tutorials on YouTube, but he is covering a cabinet without any sharp angles or taper. I am left wondering about the best way to cut the side pieces when I get up near the angle on each...
  15. Asmith

    Bimodal Micro Amp - Build #2

    So yesterday I got a bit impulsive, I threw an amp design together in about 4 hours and then ordered a heap load of parts. I may not have spent a massive amount of time drawing the schematic but I've been wanting to do something like this for a while. Bimodal comes from statistics (least...
  16. T

    Replace my Tweed Deluxe 5e3 with...?

    Here’s my dilemma. I have an excellent, well-built Tweed Deluxe 5e3 clone. NOS tubes, and even the venerable Lord Valve aka Fat Willy says “this is a pretty cool little amp.” Best overdrive I’ve ever heard. Do I want to keep it? Yes. But...I am desiring more clean headroom. Been building the...
  17. S

    Deluxe Reverb single channel (complete Build)

    Greetings to all, After a long time I was able to complete my project. I built a single channel Deluxe Reverb in a Princeton cabinet. The Tone Stack would be a larger AB763 and the mid pot is welded as a potentiometer and not as a variable resistor. A capacitor was added at the output of the...
  18. Forum2003

    Looking for a blackface style head

    Hey everyone, I’m looking for a blackface style amp head. I’m not a huge fan of combos for a number of reasons. I’m open to suggestions. Basically I’d like a twin/deluxe/super style in a head. The amp I’ve looked at most is the Victory V40H, but I can’t find anything online that isn’t affiliate...
  19. aion

    '66 Pro Reverb (AA165) - Q's about resistor replacement

    I've had a '66 Pro Reverb (AA165 blackface) for a couple years now, but have avoided cracking it open because I knew it'd be a rabbit hole that I didn't have time to fully go down. Well, it developed some issues a few weeks ago just before the holidays, and I finally had some spare time, so I...
  20. Jake Nelson

    Champ Build

    So 3 years ago I bought a Fender Frontman G15 for $6.99 at Goodwill. I promptly went home and gutted it to use for a champ build. Two days later I walked into a pawn shop that had one for $55. Oh well. This winter my metal fab brother bent me a steel chassis just perfectly. I am just ready to...
  21. Bobchill

    Second Part of The Tour at the Fender Vintage Museum, New Video!

    Here's the second and final part of our virtual tour in the Candyland of Vintage Fender lovers. I hope you enjoy!
  22. MitchJ89

    Hello! May I have your help with amp pricing?

    1963 Fender Blackface Deluxe Amp It’s that time again. I’m selling off some of my vintage equipment and I’d very much appreciate some expertise. First, please know that this is not an advertisement for my listing- at least not directly. I’m looking for insight and guidance. It’s a rare amp...
  23. robrob

    AA1164 Blackface Princeton Reverb DIYLC Layout

    Here's a first draft of the 1964 AA1164 blackface Princeton Reverb layout. The hi-res jpg, pdf and DIYLC file can be downloaded here: Please let me know if you see any errors.
  24. robrob

    AB763 Deluxe Reverb DIYLC Layout

    Here's a DIYLC hi-res and annotated AB763 (July 1963) blackface Deluxe Reverb layout. The jpg, pdf and DIYLC files can be downloaded here:
  25. robrob

    AB763 Super Reverb DIYLC Layout

    This is my first draft of the AB763 Super Reverb (blackface) amp. My AB763 Mods webpage has links to the jpg, pdf and diy files. Please let me know if you see any errors.