bigsby b16

  1. 72_Custom

    Has anyone ever made non-reversible modifications to a CS guitar? I just did.

    I'm curious to know how many other folks have made mods to their custom shop axes that cannot be undone. I'd love to see some examples if you all have any. I'm guessing responses will range from "it's a tool; make it work for you" through "think of the resale value" to "that's why partscasters...
  2. dallasblues

    NGD... well... kinda.

    This started out as a MIM Tele that was cheap, beat to hell, and virtually unplayable. So, I refinished it from a nasty poly black finish to a nitrocellulose fiesta red. Then I installed a Bigsby, DiMarzio True Velvet pickups, CTS and Switchcraft components, Klusons and a fresh set of...
  3. dallasblues

    Setup with a Bigsby B16... help!

    I knew the Tele Bigsby B16 could be a beast to tackle but had no idea it could be this frustrating. For the most part, installation went rather well. I just followed a YouTube video showing the steps to putting it on. Mine isn’t a perfect fit by any means but it’s close. The real headache has...
  4. dallasblues

    Pickups for Bigsby B16

    I'm working on a Tele build and have everything I need for assembly except for pickups. This build will have a Bigsby B16 and I'm wondering which pickups to use. I'll be shimming the neck to get things to fit. I'm guessing that'll mean I'll need to raise the pickups, whichever I choose, to get...
  5. dallasblues

    Bowtie bridge & Bigsby B16

    Hey guys. I've read some other great threads on here discussing Bigsby B16's at length but still have some questions concerning the bridge to use with this system. Sorkin Bow tie bridge: This is what I currently have. I understand that it's best suited for a wound 3rd string and that's totally...
  6. BorderRadio

    Tele w Bigsby B16 owners--Question

    Can you guys with B16s help me out? I need a reliable, accurate measurement (with calipers) of the height of the string bar above the body. From the top of the bar where the strings take-off, to the face of the Tele body. Thanks in advance...