1. R

    Pick Your Band and Genre of Music.

    Ok. If you could put together your dream band, who would you want in it? They can be living or not, famous, obscure, or just a local phenom.What type of band/music would you perform? What would you name the band?Would you attempt to get a "scene" going with your band and music? We talk alot...
  2. JustABluesGuy

    Suggestions for putting a decent “dad band” together?

    I’m a retired, early 60s guy who has always had friends, neighbors, co-workers or relatives to play with (literally from the day I started playing 20 years ago). Gradually they have all moved, died or just quit playing. I still get to play with some of them on occasion, but I want to play with...
  3. Dave Vader

    I wrote a novel about playing in a covers band

    Hi all, long time no post, sorry. I've been very busy writing this, which is probably of interest to you guys. It's about a middle aged guy who joins a covers band to try and meet girls. It's already got a few 5 star reviews from the UK amazon, but only a few sales over there in the USA. Not...

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