1. Spox

    Which band tshirt are you currently wearing?

    I had the same four or so tshirts on rotation throughout winter because they were constantly under a fleece. Today I went into the tshirt drawer(s) and chose Nile from the In Their Darkened Shrines 2003 tour which I think I bought at their merch desk on the following tour, the sneaks. It has a...
  2. Flip G

    Dad Rock According To Stand-Up

    I regularly listen to Stop Podcasting Yourself. This week, their guest was Maddy Kelly. I liked her jokes and checked out her routines on YouTube. One of them hit close to home. It went like this: "My dad is, like, a lawyer in a band. He's in a band with all his co-workers called The Housecats...
  3. fendrguitplayr

    Are you seeing short hour gigs?

    ...and shorter pay? A club we used to play at went from 8:30-12:30 at $500. total to 8:00 - 11:00 at $300 total. From other local bands I've spoken with it seems to be widespread in this area. How about in your area?
  4. nathandoms

    Country Standards for a Tele Slinger?

    Howdy, I'm curious what you would consider standards in the country world. I'm real into the Bakersfield, outlaw, honky tonkin stuff without the backup singers, strings, clap tracks, and suburban cowboys. I've been digging into some of Merle's classics like The Bottle Let Me Down, Swinging...
  5. Ydwen Jones

    How it all started ; )

    My Dad sent me these pics, the other day. My great-uncle (left) and his band, in the pre-war years. My Dad (in the middle) and his band, in 1964. My Dad (left) and his band in 1977. And, not so vintage;), me last Wednesday. I haven't been in a band for a while. I just sing and play...
  6. P

    Bands you wish would come back at least one more time....

    This is aimed at bands where all or most of the main members are still alive and could, if they were inclined to do so, make a triumphant return or take one, final, bow. For instance, Pink Floyd would be a viable proposition as Messrs' Gilmour, Mason and Waters are "available" (sadly, though...
  7. R

    Need advice for a new guitar help

    Hi all, not only have I relatively recently started playing guitar but I am the rhythm guitarist/lead singer of a band. I am in desperate need of an electric guitar that can handle all spectrums of the indie genre, from vibing hooks to thrashing chord sequences and should also look very sexy...
  8. wayloncash

    Finding band/musicians on CL good/bad idea?

    I have been waiting for someone with the same musical taste as me for a while, only one I have found isn't quite on the same experience level. So I finally said screw it and posted to CL. I have avoided this because I am suspicious of CL, mostly scam experiences on rent houses and high prices...
  9. AlexTz

    Country rock band name? ;/

    Hey guys! So me and my best friend from school have always been performing together (he sings and plays rhythm, I play lead guitar), and we've recently formed a really exciting country rock band. It's a six piece with 3 key members (the singer and myself being 2 of them), similar vibe to...

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