1. KikiBanks

    Thoughts on different colour palettes for my build design

    Just tryna see which one will be better. The red one however makes it feel like a red mustang to me, which I don’t really want this resembling something too much. However the control plate would look much better with the pearl pickguard. Maybe meet in the middle with a celestial blue colour with...
  2. TokyoPortrait

    The Chats - What to say? Not sure about the haircuts...

    Hi. Dunno about the music yet either, but can't fault them on song titles... Pax/ Dean
  3. TokyoPortrait

    Powderfinger - One Night Lonely (The Aussie one...)

    Hi. Just found this. I'd kinda forgotten about Powderfinger. Great vid production and sound. Bit of a gear nerd visual and sonic feast too. Pax/ Dean
  4. H

    Hughes and Kettner TM 36 HUM

    Hi All, My amp has started to hum very loudly even with master volume turned fully down. I've tried some new el84's and moved all valves around but no change. Also tried jumping across FX in/out but no change. It changes with power soak settings but that is all. I cant see anything obvious. I...
  5. micadoo

    New member Melbourne, Australia

    Hello, TDPRI collective. I am an ex pat American living in Australia and although I have been following threads here for some time, finally came across a conundrum I could not figure out or find an answer to, so joined up to ask some advice. Originally from Florida, I moved to Australia in 93...
  6. aadvark

    hello from downunder

    Greetings from Aussieland. Thanks for the forum. It's a ripper. I am a long time lurker, been dropping in here for years, usually by way of the Martin forum (umgf) - and always found the answers I sought. I guess I've been focussing on acoustic playing in recent years... (Composer, producer...
  7. GoldDeluxe5E3

    Netflix/Amazon Viewing Thread

    Please ignore this thread. Inadvertently created a duplicate of an already existing one.
  8. F

    Wanting to play more harmonica

    Picked up the old harmonica for the first time in a while. Let me know what you think.
  9. loooke

    Debut single from Australian Country Pop Artist Emily Joy (Nashville Collab)

    Hey everyone. I'm fairly new to this forum but a long time lurker. I currently play guitar for Emily Joy who is a singer songwriter from Perth Australia and she has just released her debut single 'Barricade'. "" Recorded here in Perth by Troy Nababan, Guitars by myself, brother Josh...
  10. BritishBluesBoy

    Exhibition in Melbourne Australia!

    I've been approached by a gallery in Melbourne Australia to be part of an exhibition of contemporary painting and photography from around the world. They will also be doing an online exhibition of a lot more of my work and will include an interview/article about me on their website. How cool is...