1. naneek

    Fender Atomic humbuckers-- a love letter for fender stock pickups

    A love letter for Fender stock pickups. TLDR- I love fender atomic humbuckers, why do you love the stock pickups in your fender? I love the atomic humbuckers in my 98 Toronado. The toronado has gained a lot popularity recently, but I rarely see people mention the atomic pickups specifically...
  2. Dan_in_WI

    Atomic Ampli-Firebox Questions How they Operate?

    I am considering buying an Ampli-Firebox pedal. I am trying to get clarification on some of the operating methods. 1. Do the knobs save position when presets are programmed in from the application. For example if Setting 1 has a clean sound like a deluxe reverb with a gain knob at 3 and I...
  3. arielyitus

    Atomic Amps Amplifire 12?

    Hello, Very interested in the Amplifire 12, I have read some interesting reviews but I trust TDPRI, What's your experience with it? Would you say amp simulations are above a common multieffects (HD500X)? Is sound quality comparable to more expensive units like Helix? Just want to see what...