1. Killing Floor


    Today is my 2 year anniversary for buying some cables from Rattlesnake. Just sharing the joyous news. Carry on.
  2. Fiesta Red

    24 Years

    August 8, 1998. I was playing slide guitar, harmonica and occasional vocals in a too-large band, and we were holding a band rehearsal and dinner at my home. I made sure we had supplies for my world-famous Pink Cadillac Margaritas (recipe in a following post)…and a twelve pack of Miller Lite…and...
  3. Hey_you

    Three Year Anniversary! Belated

    OK, I forgot about it, but Sept 27,2018 I bought my first guitar. To you that have started recently, Don't Stop! I went through the periods where I didn't want to be heard, to now, I'll play outside. Loud. Where my fingers hurt and I cursed the man that invented Barr Chords. Gluing split...
  4. 41144

    Rory 50th anniversary ...

    For those with Spotify, no doubt on other platforms too ....
  5. lance71

    "Crossroads" Movie 35th Anniversary

    Just reminded through the anniversary was March 14th for its release in 1986. They are offering tabs from the Duel. Also it was re-released on Blu Ray in January. Worth the upgrade! Also Zac Childs did a great interview with Arlen Roth last year and Arlen really speaks...
  6. C

    Celestion G12H Anniversary demo (clean, crunch, high gain)

    This weeks speaker demonstration on my channel is the G12H30 Anniversary edition. Next week I'm demonstrating the A-Type. A thumbs up and/or sub is appreciated.
  7. 19sixty3

    NGD :-) Fender 60th Anniversary Telecaster inside

    Ran across this 60th Anniversary American Standard Tele 2011 Blackguard Blonde and had to have it! She is new, never plaid. I love her - plays like a charm, I love the look, sound & features. Fit & finish is AAA, fast neck like most American Standards, it's some sort of vintage blonde. The...
  8. Skydog1010

    Having a really bad day

    Hey bartender, let's do shots. :eek: Today 24th Wedding Anniversary Forgot card for wife, how the heck do you do that? Right Knee blew out last week still not healed at all, blame the missing card and flowers on knee, ok I get that. Wife goes and gets us a special dinner. I'm almost finished...
  9. Fretting out

    10 years of Brookdalebill

    I just saw that it’s brookdalebills tdpriversary So I thought I’d start a 10 years of brookdalebill thread to wish him and other long timers positive vibes Maybe share some favorite moments from past tdpri Happy 10 years Brookdalebill
  10. waltschwarzkopf

    Specs for this tele please - may be my first tele!

    Hi guys, I'm looking into buying a tele, which will be my first. I prefer to buy used, so I looked in the classified and this came up: "Fender Telecaster 60th anniversary MIM Very little used Telecaster from the Fender company, about 40hrs of playing hours." That's all I have! Any advise...