1. aaronlowther1993

    Weird Feedback Issue

    I'm working over a Showman Reverb TFL 5000D for a buddy, and it's got an odd issue. Whenever a guitar is plugged into the amp, it will feedback at full volume. Just plugging a cable in and tap the end? No feedback. The volume and tone controls have no affect on the feedback. I had the unit on a...
  2. D

    Univox u-1011

    Hey yall! I just picked up a 1970s univox 1011. It is an 105 watt amp, and needs the basic work, 3 prong cable, filter caps, and some work on the trem as the intensity pot acts more like an all or nothing. I can tell it isnt putting out the full 105 watts due to the caps. Anything else you guys...
  3. M

    Amp keeps blowing

    Hi, I’m hoping someone can help with a reoccurring issue I’m having with my Orange Rocker 15 Terror amp. I purchased one back in may this year. Running through a 1x12 cab. After about 4 weeks I switched it on, power light came on and then after a few seconds went off and no sound. I could hear...
  4. Fiesta Red

    NAD! Kalamazoo Model 4

    Drove past a backyard sale today; wouldn’t have stopped (I mean, I already have a backyard, so why would I buy another one?) but I saw an acoustic guitar case near the gate and thought, “Maybe…just maybe…” Stopped in. No guitars. He said he had amps in the garage/shed. A bunch of crap, except…...
  5. V

    How would you describe and dial in this guitar tone? (At ~4:20 in video)

    Came across an amp demo video and heard this guy dial in a tone right at the 4:20 mark that is pretty much the tone I strive for (and haven't yet achieved): I think part of my issue is that I'm not really sure how one would properly describe that tone from an EQ perspective other than saying...
  6. W

    Adding 3 wire grounded plug to "Vogue" amp.

    Hey y'all, Long time reader first time poster. I picked up an amp from a garage sale recently that is an old 2 prong "vogue" amp. It's pretty much identical to this Regal 300 AMP which I pulled the attached schematic for. I added a 3 wire plug with a ground on the output transformer lug...
  7. takayuki

    Rob Rob's BlackVibe Micro power transformer for 100v Japan?

    Dudes, I'd like to build a RR BlackVibe but want to get the power transformer right. Here is RR's recommended PT but this is for 120v. What should I use for Japan/100v? Thanks
  8. S

    Help - Speaker for 65 Princeton RI 12”

    Hello, apologies I’m new here and am a relatively inexperienced player. I’m looking for recommendations on a 12” speaker for a PRRI. Ideally relatively early breakup (playing at home), without crazy ice pickyness or farty low end, but still have that warm Fendery chime that can take pedals...
  9. D

    Screaming kay 9528-C?

    I recently picked up a kay 9528-C, pretty much identical to the 703 on reverb. It was bought as not turning on. 2 new tubes, new filter caps, and a 3 prong chords installed, and it turns on now, but makes a crazy loud hum (seriously, i didnt know a 5 watt amp could make this much noise) and the...
  10. FingerMyFrets

    Peavey Bandit Silver Stripe OpAmp Help

    I have noise issues on my bandit and I'm going to be doing a recap (bulging cap in pwr section), so I want to change my op amps out while its open. I've got some TL072IP op amps laying around that I would like to use, but I'm not 100% sure about compatibility. My schematic shows the peavey has...
  11. T

    Got some strange voltages on a DIY Fender Champ

    I'm building my first amp and I'm loving it! Well, besides the times that I'm hating it. I'm going through the start up process after finishing the wiring, and I've got both the 12AX7 and the 5Y3 in place. When checking the R7 and R5 points (On Rob Robinette's diagram, maybe that's how they are...
  12. drew1d

    Ampeg/Fender Practice amp

    After working on my friends Ampeg G12, I thought about trying to make a small, no frills, single ended practice amp in the same "spirit". As far as I know, most Ampeg stuff is push pull, so I took the power section from a Tweed Princeton, and did a few tweaks. As for the Ampeg preamp part, I...
  13. V

    What is this weird buzzing coming from inside my amp? Video link in post

    I recently picked up a vintage Lab Series amp (solid state) and have noticed a weird buzz coming from inside the amp, not from the speaker. The sound essentially mimics the input from the guitar and almost sounds like a cross between bees and a very distant reverb effect on the guitar tone or...
  14. bruceisashredder

    Beltone AP-12 Dilemma

    Hey guys, I just picked up an old Beltone AP-12 ('58-'62) amp at my local music store. It had been sitting there for about 6 years on consignment, but nobody was interested. So I finally broke down and bought it. The pots were slightly dirty when I first played it, but when I took it home and...
  15. D

    My combo amps keep blowing speakers?

    So I have a handful of amps, and i have found an issue specifically when i run combo amps. they keep blowing/damaging speakers! I cant figure out any real reason. One is a carvin belair, 50 watt amp thats damaged a few WGS g12c's, even with two 75 watt speakers in it. the other is a vintage...
  16. vcs700s

    My First Tube Amp- Supro Delta King 8

    I just purchased a Player Telecaster a few weeks ago. I had been playing it through my Rumble 25 amp which sounded good. I then decided to get an electric guitar amp, a Champion 40. It is really nice. I have been taking a few days to dial in the sound I wanted on the two channels. For twenty...
  17. V

    Fender Champion 50XL vs Mustang GTX50?

    I'm looking at getting a new amp and think I've narrowed my decision down to either the Fender Champion 50XL or the Fender Mustang GTX50. I've read and watched several reviews of each, but haven't found anything directly comparing the two. For me, the champion has a big advantage with the more...
  18. 0ct0Pr0n

    Can someone give me a quick rundown on the "death cap?"

    Which amps have death caps? Can they be discharged with one of those honking ceramic resistors? I read that they can be deleted/replaced, if so, what was the point in the first place?
  19. Lone_Poor_Boy

    'Breaking in' a speaker - speaker break in period

    So I've got a couple new amps and it made me curious about what I've always heard about breaking in a speaker. Relative to any speaker but specifically here I've got a brand new Jensen 12 inch and Cannabis Rex 12 inch. How long? Does the volume level matter? What actually physically occurs...
  20. blingdogg

    Fender Champion 20 vs. Vox VX15GT

    Has anyone tried both and can share their experiences? I need a small modelling amp for practice in my apartment and I narrowed things down to those two (it will be 100% for bedroom practice). I need nice semi-cleans and also crisp, defined dirt for 60s and 70s classic rock. I'm really looking...
  21. Mike_LA

    Tube Amp Saturation VS PreAmp Saturation

    Greetings, Well I was struck by PeteB's thread But my question is substantially different, so another thread about saturation. I have Marshalls, all with master volumes. I quite enjoy the preamp distortion brought on by...
  22. Cleantone

    Peavy Bravo 112 replacement speaker

    I am considering upgrading the speaker in my Peavy Bravo 112. I am the original owner, the speaker is stock, which I think is a Blue Marvel before they started putting labels on them (the model # sticker is very faint in the pic below). This is the only amp I have owned, so I don't have...
  23. Peavey Bravo 112

    Peavey Bravo 112

    Label on the speaker, if you can read it. A Blue Marvel according to the model number.
  24. Peavy Bravo 112

    Peavy Bravo 112

  25. Peavy Bravo 112

    Peavy Bravo 112

    Back of amp