1. K

    American Original 50s Telecaster with a CUNIFE wide range humbucker in the neck. What pot values?

    If you got an American Original Telecaster and put a WRH in the neck, what pot and capacitor values would you use given that they share a volume and tone? I’d be using the newer WRH from Fender with the CuNiFe.
  2. jayhawknavy02

    Another Tele Bridge Question - I know....

    Alright forgiveness in advance for what I know is another JV question. I have a MIM Tele, I put in Fender locking tuners, had it set up + fret level, and threw in Cavalier Fat Lion bridge and Fat Lion King neck with a tone bypass mod. Overall pickups are terrific, but sometimes I'm wanting...
  3. FORQ

    AO 50's Tele vs Vintera 50's Modified Tele ...

    Perhaps somewhat of a silly question--given that I recently got and have liked the Vintera, and that responses to the question will be highly subjective--but thanks for humoring me... Is the price difference between the Vintera 50's Modified Tele BSB ($1049 currently) and the AO 50's Tele...
  4. Mauma

    Is it possible to buy original BROADCASTER pickup?

    Hi, I have an AM STD 2011 Telecaster which came with no base plate pickup on the bridge. I was wondering if it's possible to buy the Broadcaster Pickup that comes in the bridge Tele's from 2012 onward as I would love to replace it. Thanks!
  5. Mauma

    Rewound or replace AM STD Bridge pickup? Opinion

    Hi! I bought an AM STD Telecaster 2011 which was in great condition except the bridge pickup not working correctly (maybe it wasn't well stored) So I never had a chance to hear it, it's the pickup version without the metal base plate (which I was planning to add it before knowing it was a...
  6. Max Chevelle

    Authentic Telecaster? (Questionable Purchase)

    Hey y’all. Been following this forum for a long time and really wanted to get your opinions on my new purchase. Was a little trigger happy when I landed a deal on this 2011 Telecaster American Standard (first Fender!) and didn’t really take the time to look through everything and check its...
  7. Mauma

    What do you think about this Telecaster AM STD 2011 3-Sunburst

    Hi, I am new here! I am from Argentina and looking for my first Telecaster (I play strato and taylor acoustic) cause I always loved the guitar but never had the chance to get one. I have this one on my radar, it's a Used American Standard Telecaster (made in USA) 2011 on Alder body 3 color...
  8. D

    Fender Telecaster 60th Anniversary (2006) odd body routing

    Hi guys, I just bought a guitar on eBay - Fender Telecaster 60th Anniversary from 2006. According the serial number on the stock head, it's guitar made in 2006 in USA. According the specifications that should be basically an American Standard Tele, what I was expecting. Today, I started...
  9. V

    Need Help Identifying this Tele!

    Hello everyone! I was thinking about trading my LTD Kirk Hammett signature on Craigslist for a Telecaster. It’s in pretty rough condition but nothing a little TLC can’t fix. The only problem is I don’t know if the Tele is legit. The girl who wants to trade said it was assembled by its...
  10. M

    Telecaster project

    Hey everyone, I recently decided that i am going to build my own telecaster from pretty much scratch. I want to start this project by completely refinishing an american made fender telecaster body. I would like to be able to buy the body as is without the neck or any hardware, and one thats in...
  11. Skydog1010

    NGD Fender American Ultra Jazzmaster Ultraburst

    Fender American Ultra Jazzmaster I am so glad I waited till they got it exactly the way it should be (except it's missing the 22nd fret). Enjoy the pictures. BTW the locking tuners look like the Asian "F" tuners but they are much better and MUCH LIGHTER WEIGHT. I have not weighed the...
  12. T

    BRIDGE MOUNTING QUESTION (American Professional 6 Screw)

    Hi there, I’m considering buying one of the new American Professional Telecasters, but I would want to customize it with a Bigsby B5 and Mastery M4.1. The Mastery is a 4-hole screw mount but the American Professional has a 6-hole screw mount. That seems like a new style for them but I could...
  13. Psmity

    Is My Tele a Fake?

    I recently purchased this Tele on reverb from a seller who custom built it from parts. It was listed as American neck with American body. I've already discovered the body is Mexican (not that big of deal, has American hand wound pickups), but I'm concerned the neck might not be legit American...
  14. woolybully143

    Used Guitar Anxiety | HELP!!!|

    Just purchased a used Fender American Elite Telecaster off Reverb from Nstuff Music out of Pennsylvania. They have a big following on Youtube and are fairly well known to me so I had no problem buying without playing. However, I have inevitably found a slough of reviews talking about this...
  15. Sociopanda

    Tele highway one texas neck specs?

    Hey guys, im a bit confused in regards to the specs of the highway one texas tele. Im in the process of gathering some parts to build a partcaster and i just saw a nice used highway one texas neck for sale. I know it has been refretted and i know all the specs exept one thing. Im confused as to...
  16. M

    About to purchase my first Tele!

    Hey everybody! I'm Sam, checking in from North Carolina. I play lead for a church P&W band. I've been a long-time lurker here, but have never owned a Tele, so I've not participated in discussion. I'm typically playing a Mayer Sig Strat, but I've been obsessing about Teles and now is the...
  17. G


    I do own and love my Telecaster, but this one is Strat Home Depot appropriate...Bought via a near-virgin Strat that sounds very thin, as in the "out of phase" sense, when selecting middle plus bridge postion. The guitar shows no sign of play, its thin plastic sheeting still on the...
  18. P

    Classic Series '50s vs AVRI '58

    I recently posted a thread about the quality of Mexican telecasters, and while I was locked on the '58 AVRI you guys had me thinking. The classic series '50s offers a similar vintage look with (from what I understand) a similar lacquer finish. The specs besides the pickups are pretty much the...
  19. gampadug

    Finish Checking

    All, I have a 2011~2012 American Thinline '72 with some checking on the back of the neck. It's smooth as a baby's butt and plays nice. Just wondering how common this is. thx, - Gampa Dug
  20. N

    Is this Telecaster Real?

    Hey I came across a supposedly American Telecaster for a price too good to be true but from the looks of it to me at least its not legitimate. Just was looking for a second pair of eyes to confirm that it is in fact fake (or to hopefully show me why I'm wrong). I looked mostly at...
  21. Colaiza1965

    DIY Cabronita finally finished

    I completed my Cabronita! Although there still are a few fine tuning issues (is it OK if it buzzes a little acoustically but can't be heard in the amp?). Warmoth-Swamp Ash Warmoth- Reverse Gibson scale maple neck w/6100 SS frets Fender Brass nut TV Jones- Powertron Plus (B) and Powertron (N)...
  22. erfmedeiros

    Id this Fender american, anyone?

    Could someone identify this guitar, please? Here's a video of it: Thanks in advance. -E
  23. U

    N3 vs N4 (Telecaster)

    hi , i have an american deluxe telecaster with n3 pickups, i m thinking about n4, what are your experiences, is it worth changing them? thank you
  24. TinCanRunts

    2002 CIJ Fender Tele (blue flower) or 2004 USA Standard Tele?

    Hey, I'm a new member to this site. Been playing a MIM standard in midnight wine for a few years now, with a SD Hot Stack in the bridge position. Great guitar but I have the growing desire for a second tele. There are currently two telecasters listed for sale in my local classifieds. I've always...
  25. BorderRadio

    2017 American Pro Jazzmaster/Jaguar

    I want one, what about you?