american original '60s

  1. C

    American Original 60’s tele LPB will binding age?

    I have a newer American Original 60’s tele in Lake Placid Blue. I find the pickguard and binding really bright white. Would the binding and guard get more cream/yellowed/aged ? I believe the finish is gloss nitro. Or is this a newer type of nitro finish that won’t change colour on the binding?
  2. Double Stop

    NGD: Goin’ on a bender with Fiesta Red ‘60s American Original Tele

    Well, I haven’t had a drop of alcohol since January of 2020 so I figured it was about time I went on a bender*. Courtesy of the inimitable Joe Glaser Bender, that is! The party’s all happening quite aptly on this Fiesta Red American Original ‘60s Tele that I just bought used (with the Bender...
  3. G

    How well do you think the MIJ guitars stack up against the USA made guitars?

    Yesterday I went to used guitar shop near me and they had gotten in a MIJ 62 Reissue Telecaster made in 1988 or 1989 according to the clerk. I got to try it and it sounded really good and felt comfortable in my hands. I’ve also been looking into either tracking down a used American original 60s...