alternate tunings

  1. T

    Consistent Truss Rod Relief For Different Tunings?

    I'm a broke college student, so I'm posting this to a large audience that has more guitars and experience than I do. I have a 2018 Squier CV Tele as my only electric guitar. Besides standard tuning, at it's lowest, I will go a whole step down for some tunings, but will also play slide in Open G...
  2. T-Bone

    The Other Open G

    I have my square neck Dobro and a couple of lap steels tuned to the standard Dobro tuning, GBDGBD. Today I tuned a standard guitar to that tuning and kinda liked it. Tension seemed OK with a .042 for the low G, but I bought a couple of .038s today so I can leave one or two guitars in this...
  3. scout2112

    Chris Whitley's tunings

    Here's a list of all the tunings that he used on his records. He was a bit unconventional to say the least. A complete list of tunings on each song is available here: A D A C# E A A D A D E A A E A E A B A# D#...