1. SomeGuyNamedRob

    NGD: It followed me home...

    I'm keeping it. Eastwood Airline Mercury, in black.
  2. Fiesta Red

    The Resurrection of Opal Faye

    A little more than 20 years ago, I was called in to work on a Saturday, and as I drove down the street, something caught the corner of my eye. I figured I had to stop, just to see what it was... It was an Airline archtop string, broken nut, dirtier than a politician’s mind...
  3. MrCoolGuy

    Airline Twin... two output transformers. How to install external speaker jack?

    So I'm working on an old Airline Twin. It has two output transformers, one for each speaker, and the owner wants an external speaker jack installed. Normally I would just install a switch tip jack between the output transformer and the speaker. If I do that on this amp, the other speaker will...
  4. MrCoolGuy

    Ceramic disc caps on fuse, on/off/ reverse pol Switch and power tube?

    So I'm simply putting a 3 prong power cord on an airline 62-9020b. It has a dpdt switch (on/off/on reverse polarity).... With .01 ceramic disc capacitors... (see pic) one leg is broke on one of them. What are these for? Do I even need them? Can I just use a regular on/off switch and lose the caps?
  5. buffalohunt

    National Newport "Res-O-Glas" Build from scratch

    Hi folks, I've mentioned in other threads that I am on my way to become a high school shop teacher with intentions of implementing my love for guitar building into the wood shop. My latest school project required my to come up with a design that would use different thermo forming processes for...