1. Okieactor

    How to re-glue tolex?

    I feel like there should have been a thread on this, but I couldn’t find it. I have a 5e3 kit that I bought from an independent builder and it has some peeling tolex on the top seams. Is there a recommended glue and method for trying to stick it back down?
  2. XrelishX

    Ideas 5e3 cab and volume

    Greetings, I am finally ready for my first Tweed but just a tiny bit worried about volume. I do own my home and have a bit of space but I don't always want to bleed my ears. If I bought a combo is there a mod that would still let my 5e3 do what it needs to do while dropping some power or volume...
  3. A

    5E3 split bus grounding location question/discussion.

    As I’m waiting for just a couple more parts to arrive so that I can build this amp, I’ve been thinking about how I want to go about grounding. I see that many builders go for the spilt bus, with the PS being grounded close by to itself, and the rest of the circuit being attached to the chassis...
  4. S

    my 5e3 tweed deluxe build

    Hello, recently I've finished my 5E3 Tweed Deluxe build. I'm pretty satisfied with it although there's some noise/hum coming out of the speaker. The noise gets quite loud when I put the volume controls up to 12, but on lower volume settings it's only hearable if you put your head close to the...
  5. Lancer X

    RobRob 5E3MM Deluxe Micro Mod build progress thread

    I've been planning this build for many moons, but just now able to get started. For those unfamiliar, I am building one of Rob Robinette's many excellent Fender amp modifications. (He's @robrob here - major thanks to Mr. Robinette who's already helped me out with power supply selection.) In...
  6. C

    5E3 Tweed Deluxe extension cabinets

    Hi all, Is anyone familiar with original tweed deluxe extension cabinets? I want to construct an extension cab for a 5E3 head and I'm hoping to find out if the front of them were sloped like the Deluxe combo cab. I've seen a few pictures of them, but it's tough to tell. Could be Fender...
  7. F

    Tweed Conundrum

    Hi folks, I have a conundrum. I recently came into a bit of money, and being the fairly irresponsible person I am, I've decided to put a bunch of it into a new guitar amp. I currently have a hand-built Princeton Reverb imitation that is great and I love, so I'm looking for something tweed to be...
  8. Paul-T

    Fools rush in: Deluxe Micro EF80

    I was watching Robrob abd Dougsta's terrific threads on the EF80 and thinking how wonderful it would be to follow an expert build. And then decided it might still be worthwhile to follow a novice build. I was planning an Deluxe Micro after my fairly recent 5E3, built for a friend, and...
  9. T

    5E3 120 cycle hum

    Hey everyone, I recently finished building this 5E3 style amp. The thing sounds awesome but it has a nasty 120 cycle hum going on. I've already gone over the lead dress and the grounding of the amp and I am now at a loss. The hum only increases with the volume on the bright channel and the...
  10. Lancer X

    Help with RobRob’s Classic 5E3 Schematic

    Hi all. I’m building a Weber 5E3 kit and am using @robrob ’s Classic 5E3 schematic. There’s something I don’t understand on the diagram: There is a gray line between pins 8 and 3 of Valve 1. Does that mean there should be a jumper wire between those pins? V2 doesn’t show the gray line, and...
  11. dwindover

    Classictone vs. Mojotone vs. APD 5e3 OT's

    Hey all, Most of the amp parts companies seem to build replicas of the 50246 OT for their 5e3 Output Transformer. I've used the Classictone (RIP), and it's fantastic. I wonder if anyone has compared the Classictone 18022 to the standard Mojotone (Heyboer), APD8022H (supposedly a replica of the...
  12. ThePanda

    Optimized 5E3P "Proluxe"

    This might be my first post. I lurk here often for amp tips. I stuffed a Champ Micro into a Marshall MG10CD a few months ago and have the itch to make a 5E3 6L6. I took robrob's optimized 5E3 and added combined it with the Proluxe build on his site. How is this? Here is one with the...
  13. mondo

    5E3 layout sheet

    I sketched a blank template of the “Tweed Deluxe” layout to print extra copies for ease of illustration. It’s helping me as a learning tool to map out different grounds, B+, voltage nodes separately. If anyone would like to use this feel free. I will scan a copy and post a PDF later. You can...
  14. Lancer X

    5E3 Kit - Advice needed re power tube grid leak resistors

    Hi all, and assorted happy holidays to you! I'm in the middle of a Weber 5E3 kit build. They included 200k resistors for the power tube grid leak resistors, even though their pick list specified 220k. Will these 200k's be safe for use in that role, and not affect the tone in any way?? (I am...
  15. T

    5e3 hardware?

    Built me a mojotone kit and I've built cab based on the modulus/blues alligator plans. A few hiccups, ie I have the plans but not instructions. My questions re hardware: the screws? how is the baffle attached to the fascia? Wood screws? T nuts? How bout the back panels? What do u...
  16. R

    5e3 to bare bones PRRI conversion?

    Hi there, what I really want out of an amp is a simple PRRI with a 12 inch speaker and no reverb/trem. I also want to build said amp myself. What I’m considering is getting a 5e3 deluxe kit and changing the tone stack to match a PRRI including caps and resistors (both fixed and variable). I...
  17. Baron13

    5E3 and 12” Alnico - can it sound any better?

    I built a 5E3 head a couple months back. Built a 2x 10 cabinet for it with Weber 10F125 speakers. I wanted an amp for rehearsals and small shows when that’s possible again. Sounded great. Just finished a 12 inch cabinet with a Weber 12A125A in it. This sounds almost too good! Is it the 1x12...
  18. doof

    Possible to recone a P12RL to a P12R?

    Hi everyone, I recently finished the chassis of my first amp build, a 5e3. I bought a Cannabis Rex for it, but while I'm waiting on my carpenter friend to build the cab, I've been keeping an eye on old speakers on eBay. Yesterday I found a decent deal on an old Jensen P12RL, and since I have...
  19. Buzzgrowl

    Where to buy tweed deluxe 5E3 kit in Europe?

    Which is the best shop to order a tweed 5E3 kit if you are living in Europe? All advice and suggestions are greatly appreciated! Cheers, - Buzzgrowl
  20. Baron13

    5E3 Negative Feedback Issue

    I recently built a 5E3 and added the three way negative feedback mod. Initially I did have to swap the OT wires. After that all positions worked as expected. Last night I swapped power tubes and everything was fine until I switched over to the negative feedback position. I get a loud hum...
  21. C

    Simple PT question

    Hey everyone! I'm working on a 5e3 build, and ran into what seems like a very basic question, but one that I'm having trouble searching for an answer to. I'm using the Mojo756ex transformer, and the wiring diagram has the primary leads as White 120V and Black 0V. I was under the impression...
  22. ElliotKnapp

    5E3 Speaker Wire Weirdness

    Howdy! I have a Mojotone 5E3 I built back in July. Never had any issues, fired up a-ok first try. Like all of my amps, I use it with a Weber Mass attenuator, and have successfully done so since building it. Today I hooked it up to the attenuator with a different speaker cable than the one...
  23. T

    Replace my Tweed Deluxe 5e3 with...?

    Here’s my dilemma. I have an excellent, well-built Tweed Deluxe 5e3 clone. NOS tubes, and even the venerable Lord Valve aka Fat Willy says “this is a pretty cool little amp.” Best overdrive I’ve ever heard. Do I want to keep it? Yes. But...I am desiring more clean headroom. Been building the...
  24. Tele Slacker

    Checking 5e3 Bias

    Built my 1st kit amp last July... a mojotone variety at their Burgaw facility. Absolutely love the amp, and am absolutely hooked. Have since built a 5f1 and now building a friend a 5e3 in an old repurposed chassis and cab. trying to learn a little more each day. In that spirit, I decided to...
  25. peterferguson9

    Mojotone 5E3 Voltage Question - V2B Pin 8

    First time poster on this forum. First time amp build as well! Calling amp techs/5E3 kit experts: Started putting together my first amp, a Mojotone 5E3, about a month and a half ago. It has been an awesome experience, and I can't wait to do another. I've got a Celestion Gold for this rig and I...