5 way super switch

  1. T

    Packed- Telecaster Wiring with mixed pickups

    Hello all. Long time viewer first time caller.:) I might be the outlier here. I am a bit of a minimalist. I only want to own one electric guitar, instead of having many for different purposes. I have a SH Telecaster that I am fixing up. Humbucker is in the bridge. I am doing a full rewire of...
  2. G

    Esquire with 5 way super switch

    I was thinking about modifying an esquire and im not really good with the switch wiring, would it be possible to use a 5 way super switch to get 5 different modes so: 1:straight to output 2-4:normal esquire 5:eldred mod
  3. Blackguardian

    Superswitch help

    Calling all wiring guru’s! I’ve been fiddling around with a Superswitch On a project tele (H-S configuration) with little success achieving the following pickup selection: 1. Bridge (Humbucker) parallel 2. Bridge (Humbucker) series 3. Bridge parallel + neck (singlecoil) 4. Bridge series + neck...
  4. Blackguardian

    BSB CV tele neck PUP swap (vintage noiseless???)

    Hey everyone, I’ve got a squire classic vibe tele that is wired with a five way super switch (pos2 HOoP & pos4 series). I love the bridge pup in this thing, but the neck leaves me wanting more.... I’ve got a spare vintage noiseless tele neck pup laying around and I’ve been thinking about...
  5. cuccumusic

    MIM thinline 72 mod 5 ways switch

    Hello you all. 1st post from a bass player -hope you are inclusive on diversity- with a penchant on semi hollow guitar and guitar mods. I was on the hunt for a tele and thinline was a natural choice. When I bumped into a mint mim 72 reissue in a classy and sexy sunburst I could not help but...
  6. A

    HH hexbucker pickups sounding... microphonic?

    I bought a pair of Artec Hexbucker style Humbuckers to do a HH split coil with a 5-way super switch, 1 Vol, 1 Tone setup. However, after finishing the wiring, the pickups sounds microphonic. I verified that they were wax potted, and they were. I bought them off a reliable pickup vendor on eBay...