1968 telecaster

  1. D

    Will a NOS 68 Paisley age like they used to?

    Apologies if this has been asked/answered, I looked, but no dice! Call me crazy but I love the way vintage late-60's paisley Telecasters age; the pink becomes gold-like, and the nitro flakes off. I'm curious as to whether a custom shop NOS will age the same way? I've got plenty of sun in...
  2. DaveMorse

    Tele Olympic White '68 help

    Hi to everybody, I am buying the following guitar: Telecaster Olympic White 1968, I need your help in order to be sure that is a real '68 and not a '69. Right now I have the following list of check todo (something done) and the following pictures, all the advices are welcome, thank you in...