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  1. Geo

    Budget pickups

    The neck pickup is milder vintage type output and the bridge is very much if not identical to the Seymour Duncan Broadcaster.
  2. Geo

    Low watt tube combo suggestions

    Check out a Supro Delta King 12 if you can. If you want simplicity the Fender Pro Jr is a great choice.
  3. Geo

    Who made this blue speaker?

    It looks much like the Mojo British series minus their label. I have two here. Some say either the frame is from Eminence, rest Mojo or the complete speaker.
  4. Geo

    Who still uses a 1" 8 track or 2" 16/24 track?

    A friend's studio in Nashville has 24 track tape and 32 track digital. I'll ask on how much usage the 24 gets.
  5. Geo

    57 Humbuckers

    The outputs vary on '57s over the years. Pairs with more balanced outputs generally sound better meaning the neck has lower output than the bridge one. Actually the same applies with Burstbuckers.
  6. Geo

    Why are 4-way switches...

    Apparently this high price in Norway.
  7. Geo

    What Do You Do With Old Microphonic Tubes?

    Sometimes a microphonic 12A type will work fine in the phase inverter slot.
  8. Geo

    What do y’all use to lube your nuts?

    A little furniture oil when cleaning the fret board. Mainly have no need to lube.
  9. Geo

    If you joined Joe walsh's band

    Just to mess with him would duplicate one of his late 1960s rigs such as '60s Telecaster or SG Junior with 100 watt Marshall Head or Twin Reverb, 4x12 slant cabinet and last but not least an Echoplex. :p
  10. Geo

    Phil Keaggy

    I like this cut a lot.
  11. Geo

    What strap lock hardware do you prefer...and why?

    Just these >
  12. Geo

    Do pick ups degrade with age?

    Corrosion build up on the volume and tone pot contact surfaces would be more likely.
  13. Geo

    Using the right cap

    You could try a .033 or .039 uf cap and be in between in values but still have a decent usable span on the tone control. Mylar film capacitors are very good and usually very close tolerance or exact value.
  14. Geo

    Any way to make series wired brighter?

    Sounds like something circuit wise is not right especially when you mention taking the tone pot out of the circuit. Best to review all that. If you have Heartbreaker Bella Noire pickups those are more vintage and not hot output so don't think if those are an issue. I have 4-ways on 8...
  15. Geo

    Best tele pickup for a parts caster.

    One of the best for medium output are the Caviler Nashville Lion bridge and Lion King neck. These balance really well and very versatile for different music styles.
  16. Geo

    How to sound better with cheaps solid amp?for blues style

    If the amp has a mid range control try turning it up all the way.
  17. Geo

    Boosted B.B.

    It sounds like BB switched the pickup selector to the neck and bridge one which resulted in a lesser sound output since the N+ B are parallel wound.
  18. Geo

    Telecasters and fuzz

    Neil - mainly Gretsch Steven - some Gretsch, Guild Duane Eddy DE-400, either Gibson L-5 or a Super 400(?). 3 pickup Gibson Les Paul Custom Uno Mundo and Questions sound very much like archtop or semi hollow ones. He used an Esquire later with CSNY.
  19. Geo

    Robben Ford Tele one of kind (just about)?

    I bought this one, Fender Japan Traditional 60s Telecaster, last year as wanted an early to mid 60s style. It has high quality workmanship.
  20. Geo

    Telecasters and fuzz

    Another one from Buffalo Springfield Uncle Jack from Spirit
  21. Geo

    NYT Times best albums of 2022

    The only new or relatively new music liked here is played on WMOT, a local college radio station. The play some classic stuff too and a good mix or styles. Web Wilder has a cool afternoon show.
  22. Geo

    Do you leave the strap on your guitar in its case?

    I leave them on stored if at home or out to play or bag isn't going to be around a lot of heat. Straps are mainly 100% cotton except the leather ends. No poly or nylon as those can react with guitar finishes especially in warm to hot areas.
  23. Geo

    I seem to remember reading that Terry Kath used a Fender Dual Showman on some Chicago albums

    When I saw him live with CTA in '69 it was a Dual Showman with a SG Standard.

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