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  1. Euphonica

    Making a "pop-killer" cable? (6g15 into a pedal)

    Hello! I apologize for being vague, I thought I had already talked about the set up. The pops happen with all setups involving any pedal. I tried these setups (with other pedals as well): guitar -> Surfy Trem Deluxe -> amp And also guitar -> 6g15 -> Surfy Trem Deluxe -> amp I tried...
  2. Euphonica

    Making a "pop-killer" cable? (6g15 into a pedal)

    Bump? Perhaps I should start a new thread. It seems too much to believe that no one here has any idea how to help with this...
  3. Euphonica

    Tell me about the different Jaguar basses

    Derr, thanks for the correction haha! I just wanted to make the point that it was not a short scale bass. I would have preferred a short scale, oh well.
  4. Euphonica

    Tell me about the different Jaguar basses

    Mine is a Japanese on from 2008 and it is a full 37" scale. It feels great to play lemme tellya!
  5. Euphonica

    Buzzing Variac and I’m intrigued

    Wow awesome! So crazy how many weird things cause hums. I wonder what exactly was going on with the electrons to make that square shape hum, and a pointy shape not hum?
  6. Euphonica

    Making a "pop-killer" cable? (6g15 into a pedal)

    Ho-kay. Welp, the cable with the inline resistor didn't work. I thought it did but the pops came right back. Is a 2.4M ohm resistor the correct value? It happens with other trem pedals, not just the Surfy Trem. If I play nothing, the pops are quiet or gone. After I play a loud chord and...
  7. Euphonica

    For Inquiring Minds; Modern Components

    Awesome! That transformer looks nothing like what I thought it would. I'd love to see a big Fender Twin power transformer cut in half.
  8. Euphonica

    Since we’re fixing the English language….

    The problem with language is that if enough people use it incorrectly, it becomes correct. It's infuriating!
  9. Euphonica

    Everything Sounds Better...Quiet???

    Hey thanks for the links and I apologize for dismissing your words. You are correct and I was an ash. You were helping and I should have just listened and said: Thank you for the info!
  10. Euphonica

    Blonde Bandmaster Sterile Vibrato Channel

    I'm not nearly as experienced as you all, but I do have four real Fender piggyback blondes and I have not noticed this channel sterility at all. The Showman, Bassman, Bandmaster and Tremolux all sound wonderful and rich, no matter the channel. All I've really noticed is that sometimes that the...
  11. Euphonica

    The new Weird Al Yankovic movie!

    I recorded an informal interview with him around 2006. He was SO effin cool. Zen even. His band is the same people he started with. Who else, anywhere from any band, can say that?! And they're all session-level players. I graduated high school in 1990, which means I was a perfect age when...
  12. Euphonica

    Homemade tubes? Why not?

    Skip Simmons just shared that he made tubes in school! They used gas for the vacuum part. Sounded insane, and he said they worked but weren't great tubes.
  13. Euphonica

    Backward Compliments

    Honesty is not negativity. We need to be more honest as a species, but less negative while being so.
  14. Euphonica

    String tension - how closely must they match?

    I am so sorry I didn't provide all the info in the first post. Now it's too late to edit. I wanted a generic response about how important balanced tension is. But I should have realized how important the context is. I suck as a poster. How would .016 - .060 be balanced at all?!! The warped...
  15. Euphonica

    String tension - how closely must they match?

    Yeah I hate the sound of thin strings. Especially plain ones. Been using .013 - .056 but I wanted to go to 14s but then saw that would be a giant leap in tension, and that the low E would have to be somewhere around .068! So I said F That and went for a .0135. Plain strings sound so much...
  16. Euphonica

    String tension - how closely must they match?

    Thanks for the thoughts! I play clean surf on a 24" scale jag. I found a calculator that claimed to be based on D'Addario's, which are the brand I'm trying. The nickel wounds. I was able to make this set: .0135 - 26.13 .020 - 27.24 .026 - 29.06 .034 - 27.78 .046 - 27.58 .060 - 26.95 I was...
  17. Euphonica

    String tension - how closely must they match?

    What is the acceptable tolerance between strings? 5%? 10%? I'm trying to build a custom heavy set and matching tensions are proving to be a big hassle. I have a guitar that warped after years with a set that wasn't as balanced as it could have been. It doesn't help that each string tension...
  18. Euphonica

    Glueing filter caps?

    Yeah it seems odd to permanently mess up an old board. The doghouse cover has some kind of molded foam gunk black stuff that is a reverse-impression of the Astron Spragues that were in there before, so I'm sure that was keeping those in place. The new leads are buried about 1/4" in pure...
  19. Euphonica

    Pot cleaning

    Just want to follow up and say that I did the technique seen in post #10 with that Deoxit f100 fader, the aerosol kind. I did a tiny "pssht" in each fader, turned the suckers a few times, and hot dog! They don't crackle at all now. No puddles either. Thanks so much for the brilliant advice!
  20. Euphonica

    Glueing filter caps?

    I just did my first recap job whoooo! Of course I first put them in backwards, popped a fuse, realized the arrows pointed towards the negative and the indent the positive, then success! Then I read the instructions on installation (got a cap kit from Amprepairparts) and they said to glue...
  21. Euphonica

    Radio Frequency Interference

    One of these on the power cables solved this for me! I had radio stations and occasional CB radio!
  22. Euphonica

    Everything Sounds Better...Quiet???

    I would love to see some explanations rather than statements. Leo Fender threw away the RCA recommendations for all these amps we love, running them WAY hotter than that RCA manual says to. But they didn't die and the amps do not need new tubes. I have run my amps at lower voltages for hours...
  23. Euphonica

    Everything Sounds Better...Quiet???

    Where does it say that? All I saw was how he goes on about using DC for the heaters, which is not what we're talking about.
  24. Euphonica

    Everything Sounds Better...Quiet???

    If you have a variac, your big rig may benefit from operating at a lower voltage. I found two amps that absolutely love being played with only 90 volts! It was like you describe, rich and clean with lovely clarity, and still pretty loud. Or perhaps get it biased colder.
  25. Euphonica

    Fender Twin is it.

    Hey I just picked up a '60 Twin-Amp! I needs service. It's not completely original, it has a '66 Bassman PT, a newer cab (still old), and replacement Jensen p12qs. The OT is original and it's tiny! I guess they switched back to the heavy OT after that, just a dip to a small one. I'm pretty...