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    Preamp distortion - faster transition from clean to distorted

    Just literally throwing this out there with the bare minimum of understanding... Negative feedback seems like it causes a quicker change from clean to distorted, it's said that lack of negative feedback makes that a smoother transition... What if you had local negative feedback around a preamp...
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    Fender '57 Custom Deluxe 5e3 Speaker Replacement

    That's interesting, I have to admit I dismissed the Ruby after listening to demos and thinking it was too mellow, how's the top end in person?
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    What could be wrong with my LED?

    In all likelihood it is the switch. Those loopmaster boxes are very simple. Each footswitch is probably a 3pdt switch, which is the most common type of switch to wire up a basic true bypass switcher. a 3pdt switch is 3 switches in one box, and you can wire them up in a way that lets you either...
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    NPD: Zoom Ultra Fuzz

    Nice! I've got one on my board. It's the only Fuzz I've had that I feel works really well with an AC30 - with the tone rolled down to a quarter and colour rolled up to 3/4, it gets a nice EQ shape that's somehow got an angry big muff style upper mid scoop while having some great low mids that...
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    Opinions requested! (is my 5E3 sounding right?) (distorted clips inside)

    Volume on max? Yeah, the sound gets fuzzy/ buzzy up there. The biggest, highest gain distortion sound on my clone comes at around 9 or 10 on the vol control. From there up the 12, the sound turns into an exploding, fuzzy mess and I think that's blocking distortion, which a; is typical of the...
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    Bright, glassy OD/distortion pedal recommendations, please

    Brunetti Taxi drive would fit the bill nicely, though there aren't many demos out there. Very smooth, full, can be very bright, not a lot of mids to go grindy, buzzy or gnarly, the best stacking pedal I've ever had and imo it looks fantastic (but I'm posting on my phone so you'll have to go and...
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    Thoughts on Thor the Walrus

    As a student who studied in Scarborough for 3 years, I've got to say that a masturbating Walrus couldn't have happened to a nicer town.
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    My Next Build Journal: Soursound 5E3 and 5F1

    Leave it be I reckon, Those look like good numbers. I can understand people wanting to cool them down when the plate voltage heads up towards 380v+, but your numbers look like basically where the original ones land, there's nothing crazy going on there. Mind you, I am coming from the world of...
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    5e3 build - PT inducing hum in OT/ speaker even with no valves connected

    Just to follow up on this, for the inevitable guy 5 years from now who's encountered the same issue and found this thread in a google search... I got in touch with the PT winder, who very kindly offered to make me a second PT. I honestly don't know what he did differently, clearly something in...
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    5e3 build - PT inducing hum in OT/ speaker even with no valves connected

    No need to guess guys I'm still here :) I want the option to run them in the future, I've just started out with 6v6s to get to know the circuit as intended. I know the Transformer will have better regulation of HT voltage under load than the originals, but that's the tradeoff I was happy with...
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    5e3 build - PT inducing hum in OT/ speaker even with no valves connected

    Re; HT fuse, I had no particular plans for the unused ground switch hole and figured an extra fuse wouldn't hurt; as you can see in the pics it doesn't really lengthen or change the path of the HT centre tap wire much, and people put Standby switches in exactly that place on their builds without...
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    5e3 build - PT inducing hum in OT/ speaker even with no valves connected

    I did give that a go while I was moving the OT about - the hum only faded a little when I rotated it in that direction. I'm just so confused what would make the OT have less interference when the laminations are aligned with the PT - there's so much I don't understand about it!
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    5e3 build - PT inducing hum in OT/ speaker even with no valves connected

    I still don't totally understand what's caused it in mine, tbh. I mean, whatever the specifics of the individual transformers, my layout's the same as 90% of 5e3 clones, right? So why do most not have this issue, despite having the same transformer orientations as me? What would make two...
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    5e3 build - PT inducing hum in OT/ speaker even with no valves connected

    Yeah, I've had a poke around with a chopstick. I think the circuit inside the chassis is fine, tbh. In actual use, with the volumes turned down if it wasn't for the induced transformer hum you wouldn't know it was powered up, and as the volumes go up the frying pan hiss from the first gain stage...
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    5e3 build - PT inducing hum in OT/ speaker even with no valves connected

    Which one you talking about in particular? The short one on the PT end goes to a lug on a PT bolt, the long one grounds to chassis through one of the Jacks.
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    5e3 build - PT inducing hum in OT/ speaker even with no valves connected

    Just to add, the pot in the 2nd speaker jack hole is the "Sweet mod" as per robrobinette's page - a pot in the place of a P.I. grid stopper, and the 2nd Fuse holder where the death cap ground switch would be is a H.T. Fuse.
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    5e3 build - PT inducing hum in OT/ speaker even with no valves connected

    Just finished my first amp, a 5e3 that basically followed the classic circuit other than 47nf coupling caps off V1, and 3x 22uf filter caps. It's all working great and I loved the whole process from start to end, the only fly in the ointment is that the power transformer is coupling with the...
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    Ever catch a Scumback on fire?

    I wonder if it depends on the design of the cone and the likely mode of damage. If it's easy for the coil to drive the cone beyond its excursion limits under certain signal conditions, then peak transients might be what causes damage. If the cone is heavily controlled and almost impossible to...
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    Zener diodes

    Yeah, if you want to drop 25v then give or take a few volts 25v zener will do it as you describe it, as long as you're drawing enough current through it to reach its rated voltage drop - they have spec sheets showing how they act. They do produce a lot of heat, so you either get several 5w...
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    Vox AC15HW Deep Hum On Both Channels

    The scratchy pots. Did they just suddenly start scratching? Were they fine the day before? If so, could be a failing component and not your fault really that it got worse after you went poking around with the contact cleaner...
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    Edge: Great Guitarist?

    Surprised by the people who haven't heard him take a solo, there's a fair amount of them littered through the U2 discography, alongside plenty of songs where he just plays a few notes. "Until the End of the World" is IMO an inspired solo, between the melody and the droning notes it's set...
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    Favorite tone capacitors and pots?

    Emperically, cap type doesn't matter in a guitar circuit. They all sound the same. The only thing that matters is the value, and the only thing that affects is the corner frequency of the low pass filter it creates. PIO, Ceramic, Silver Mica, Poly... if they're all the same value, they sound the...
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    R.E.M. - do we talk about them?

    Monster, to me, is a record they had to get through in order to get to New Adventures in HiFi, which is sublime.
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    Xotic BB preamp

    I don't think anyone's saying it *is* a tubescreamer, just that it's the starting point for this pedal. And it is. It's compressed, middy, soft clipping. With the EQ at noon, it's got a bass cut - I tend to find it needs to have the bass up at 2pm or more to start sounding thick, though...