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    NGD! Vintera 50s Modified Tele and More

    Don't worry I have checked them out - would love one but definitely out of my budget for the foreseeable future.
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    NGD! Vintera 50s Modified Tele and More

    Yeah I love the colour
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    NGD! Vintera 50s Modified Tele and More

    I’m really impressed with the Transacoustic with the way it feels, the finish and the sound (without the TA stuff switched on). And it looks sensational. I tried half a dozen other guitars around the same price range and this one stood out to me. I know it’s not the greatest guitar in the...
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    NGD! Vintera 50s Modified Tele and More

    I really like the feel and the tones. I’m far from an expert though. This is based on the experience of me being a very ****ty player in my youth who had no real idea and then picking up a dozen or so different electric guitars over the past few months - I kept coming back to the Vintera 50s...
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    Boss Katana Club

    I’ve become the newest member of the club with a 100 mk ii plus the GAFC foot switch. It’s my first amp after a very long hiatus from the guitar and it seems like a fantastic choice for what I need. Sounds pretty good out of the box but I’m sure after I’ve had time to delve into the settings...
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    Finally going to see Tommy Emanuel

    That sounds like just about every time I saw the Emmanuel Brothers in the 80s. They’d often play late at The Basement and I’d normally have been out somewhere else beforehand.
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    Finally going to see Tommy Emanuel

    You’ll love it! I used to see him quite a bit with his brother Phil in Sydney back in the mid 80s. A truly amazing player and nice bloke. I’ve seen him solo a couple of times in the last decade. He always delivers - definitely one of the guitar greats.
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    NGD '51 Vintage II

    Lovely! Congratulations!
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    Limited Edition Shell Pink 50’s Vintera

    I looked at one of these in a local shop and seriously considered it but I went for the surf green. Very nice guitar.
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    NGD for me

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    NGD! American Original 60s Telecaster

    Congrats! Looks like a very sweet guitar.
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    NGD! Vintera 50s Modified Tele and More

    NGD! Actually two new guitars as I bought a Yamaha FG-TA transacoustic as well! And an amp too! (Boss Katana 100 with foot controller) I haven’t played for decades and even back then I was never much good but I’ve been wanting to get back into playing again for a while. Playing for myself and...
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    NGD: Finally a decent gig-worthy not-so-J45, affordable J-45 Slope Shoulder dread!

    Have found some available for under $900. I’ll be buying a heap of gear (tele, amp, acoustic, pedals etc) after decades of not playing so whoever looks after me on a deal will get my business.
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    NGD: Finally a decent gig-worthy not-so-J45, affordable J-45 Slope Shoulder dread!

    I'm seriously considering the same acoustic Sigma. Which Melbourne shop was in the opening photos?
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    Who is your favorite slide Guitarist?

    Wellsy was an absolute monster. His sound was so tough and dirty. The first Rose Tattoo album (self-titled) is an all time classic.
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    Tommy Emmanuel On a Tele...

    I used to see The Emmanuel Brothers (Tommy and Phil) back in the mid 80s in Sydney and both definitely rocked Teles.
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    I keep blowing speakers at same Venue.

    Gee that place brings back some very hazy memories from my Sydney days.
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    Summer zen Telecaster project

    Very nice. And the first time something decent has come out of starbucks!
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    David Lee Roth

    They've always been fun! They're shows now are probably better than their shows in the 90s.
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    Archie Roach RIP

    A sad loss. Saw him play several times. He was a prodigious talent.
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    David Lee Roth

    I'm forever grateful that he inspired this classic Australian track...