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  1. surfsup1955

    How to play Mustang Sally

    good work.. sounds great 👍🏽
  2. surfsup1955

    Can't find a good Tele!

    Neck relief is definitely #1, the flatter the fretboard the slinkier the bends. But if its already pretty flat, tune your Tele down one semitone just to see if like the neck/fretboard that’s on it. If so .008 strings or play it detuned. If not, you’re gonna want a short scale neck.
  3. surfsup1955

    Don't hear much about Fractal and Kemper, could it be because,

    Did a backstage tour of the Grand Ole Opry this year and the guitarists that used digital, were all using Kemper or Fractal units. I always hope to find Line 6 gear at the pro level, but so far not much to see.
  4. surfsup1955

    Modeling vs Tubes After 10 Years of Modeling

    I’ve been at this since the first days of Digitech, Roland, Zoom, etc. multi FX pedals. 20 (+/-) years now. Modeling is where it is today and growing because it works - and it work for musicians - a very tough crowd to please. When you consider versatility, configurability, compatibility...
  5. surfsup1955

    G&L ASAT barrel jack mod

    I think so too, thanks 👍🏽
  6. surfsup1955

    G&L ASAT barrel jack mod

    I recently modified my 1993 G&L due to having issues with the 1/4” barrel jack. I had to replace the OEM jack about 15 years ago and vowed that if it ever screwed up again, I’d mod it to accept a standard Switchcraft 1/4” jack. So here’s what I did: With neck removed and barrel jack...
  7. surfsup1955

    NGD! AO Thinline!

    One of these days I need to play a Thinline, I love the way they look.
  8. surfsup1955

    Back To The Iridium

    Almost 7 years now with the Helix floor and can’t imagine ever going back. In fact I’ve sold all my tube and analog amps and pedals.. only exception being the ‘74 MusicMan 65/112. Not sure why I’m keeping that since my 10 year old Boss ME70 is the backup plan. Very much looking fwd to the...
  9. surfsup1955

    I'm Not In Love, 10cc 1975

    Always liked this song.. back in the day it was on the radio all the time so it takes me back to days gone by. Excellent job with your rendition here, I bet your wife loved it 👍🏽
  10. surfsup1955


    Congrats, awesome looking guitar even relic’d. It looks comfortable, like stonewashed jeans. When you think of that analogy, most folks don’t buy stiff dark blue jeans just for that reason.
  11. surfsup1955

    The oft maligned Les Paul and Gibson quality

    It’s probably just a numbers game and I hit the jackpot both times. In 2016 I had to send back a Sweetwater exclusive LP Standard Plain Top due to build issues. And last week I sent back a 2022 60s Standard LP for minor cosmetic quality issues. I was going to keep the 2022 and fix the niggles...
  12. surfsup1955

    Gibson Les Paul, Fender Telecaster & ???

    A semi-hollow body for sure..
  13. surfsup1955

    Talk About Your Last Gig Here

    Last year with my band Project Gray.. a benefit for Parkinson’s (Michael J Fox foundation) in New Bern NC.. one of several bands all day. Meandering crowds through the day. I’m playing my 60th anniversary Tele via Line 6 Helix, direct into another band’s Bose L1 PA system (actually liked it)...
  14. surfsup1955

    What was your first guitars?

    EKO Ranger, a decent but cheap acoustic guitar. I bought it during my first Med Cruise in 1974 (USS Independence) while on liberty in Naples Italy. I have no photos or recollection of whatever happened to that guitar but I’m sure I sold or traded it for better equipment within a year or two of...
  15. surfsup1955

    Music Man Amps

    I own a 1974 “112 Sixty Five”, bought it back in the early 90s from my keyboard player (yep, we’re still together). I have been through a few other tube and solid state amps over the years but this one I kept. It has the 12ax7 PI and runs 2 EL34s or 6CA7s - requires bias adjustment when...
  16. surfsup1955

    The Big 4 Of The Greatest Songs Ever

    #1 Unchained Melody - Righteous Bros #2 Crazy - Patsy Cline #3 Any song from the Aja album - Steely Dan #4 Any song from Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd
  17. surfsup1955

    Girding myself for disappointment

    think it’s this coming Friday… ?
  18. surfsup1955

    NGD Sire Larry Carlton H7

    Picked up a Sire V3 bass this past winter.. a few minor tweaks to the truss rod and saddles and it’s an excellent Jazz bass. Wonderful neck, pickups, 18v EQ, fit/finish.. just under $390 S&H, gig bag, taxes, etc (Thomann USA). has me thinking about an S7 next? Oh and my Indonesian built Yamaha...
  19. surfsup1955

    Fender MIM or Squier CV

    You nailed it.
  20. surfsup1955

    How risky is it to tune acoustics up a half-step?

    My first thought too… but from experience, these strings tend to break easier than ‘regular’ strings at standard tuning.
  21. surfsup1955

    Danger... Rhythm section is MUTATING!

    As mentioned above, I’d say the easiest AND MOST BENEFICIAL way out of this, is too start pulling these 2 guys into some structured vocal harmonizing. Tight vocal harmony is a rarity in bands these days and would set you guys apart in your area. My new band is working hard on that right now...
  22. surfsup1955

    NGD - Novo Miris H2

    Beautiful. Didn’t know Lollar built a version of Filtertrons? Learn something evey day. I bet it sounds great..
  23. surfsup1955

    🤣”Golden Era” Tele on way 😆 (Sweetwater ad copy):

    I would like to play a tele with individual pup tone control.. have often wished I could do that on my teles 👍🏽
  24. surfsup1955

    NGD! My first soirée with a hollow body

    Good advice, there is a significant difference. BTW the guitar video you linked was pretty a pretty awesome example of how high gain can sustain and soar on a hollowbody. I complimented the guy on his playing and tone - and he responded that that guitar is for sale on Reverb.