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  1. elmoscafeo

    New Cabs Day - People Like To Give Me Stuff

    I don't know why, but people like to give me stuff. Several years ago, I was given a 1967 Fender Bassman. A year or so after that, I was given a Peavey Mace 320T Combo. Just the other day, I was given these: - Boss Metal Zone (had one before, not a fan, but what the heck) - Hardwire DL-8...
  2. elmoscafeo

    Any violin/fiddle players?

    Jumping back to the question that the OP asked... I'm relatively new at learning the violin also, have taking lessons for only 2 years (started when I was 59 years old), and am still struggling with my violin and bow hold. Some people say that when holding the violin, the instrument should be...
  3. elmoscafeo

    Southern Rock Tone

    For Southern Rock, this is the pedal that I use...but, with Black Widows loaded, it's just a few ounces short of 100 lbs. But, to focus on pedals...your Katana should be able to do it just fine. Depending on the guitar that you're using, you can start with the Bass around 5-6, Treble around...
  4. elmoscafeo

    Where did my past go

    Glory days, well they'll pass you by.
  5. elmoscafeo

    Best Heavy Weight Amps For Cheap

    I posted this in another thread, but, Peavey Mace 320T comes in at just under 100 lbs if loaded with Black Widows. If you can find one, it'll run about $4 a pound. 160 Watt Hybrid with 6 6L6 power tubes.
  6. elmoscafeo

    Peavey amps

    I've only owned a couple of Peavey's so I won't be able to speak about many of the models, but I would caution you to stay away from Windsor. The price could be tempting because they usually go cheap. They're single channel, high gain, no clean and tend to be overbearing in the mid-range with...
  7. elmoscafeo

    Radio songs that make you crank the volume knob to "11"

    The Zoo - Scorpions
  8. elmoscafeo

    So, how are you keeping busy?

    Learning to play violin. A local violin teacher is giving me lessons through ZOOM.
  9. elmoscafeo

    How many vets here?

    You can also a Veteran's ID card available from the VA. Application is online and requires a copy of your DD-214 in pdf format.
  10. elmoscafeo

    Peavey BackStage

    I know the thread is about the Backstage and references made to the Artist but this post gave me the desire to post a pic of my Mace 320T. 6x 6L6's.
  11. elmoscafeo

    Best books to read

    Vintage issues of Playboy. But I keep getting distracted. But to keep in line with the topic, I just finished re-reading The Picture Of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde and am attempting to start on A Tale Of Two Cities again. I generally can't get past the first chapter but I'll try to muscle...
  12. elmoscafeo

    How many vets here?

    US Navy Submarine Service 1979 - 1991 Fire Control Technician Ballistic Missile First Class - FTB1(SS) USS Simon Lake AS-33 USS Canopus AS-34 USS James Monroe SSBN-622 Gold USS Woodrow Wilson SSBN-624 Combined Crew USS Lewis & Clark SSBN-644 Gold Polaris Missile Facility Atlantic Performed...
  13. elmoscafeo

    17-Rick James

    From what I understand, he started the Mynah Birds after deserting from the US Navy.
  14. elmoscafeo

    When I was thirteen years old this was my dream car.

    I wanted one when I was 13 and bought one when I was 16. This pic was taken just before I took it in for new paint. When it was done, it was Burgundy with a new black vinyl top and chrome 5-spokes. If you're a Cougar fan, notice that it is the "GT" version. 1968 Mercury Cougar GT with a .390...
  15. elmoscafeo

    Needed: Snow Blower advice.

    I live in the Chicago Suburbs and use a 24" 2-Stage Ariens.
  16. elmoscafeo

    NGD - Gretsch

    Definitely nothing else like it. I wouldn't mind trying out a G5220.
  17. elmoscafeo

    NGD - Gretsch

    I think that's what I'll call her. But no...Electromatic G5420T. They had one in black also but the white kept calling me.
  18. elmoscafeo

    NGD - Gretsch

    Yes, Filtertrons. I'm still getting used to them. Lower output than what I'm accustomed to. More knob tweaking on the amps and pedals to get where I want to drive to be. I've got a Blackstar HT-Boost sitting in the closet that I might drag out and run in line with it.
  19. elmoscafeo

    NGD - Gretsch

    I've always wanted one of these. It takes a little getting used to.
  20. elmoscafeo

    Amp Stand for Fender Champ

    I've known guys that really like this amp stand.
  21. elmoscafeo

    Optical vs OTA

    It turns out that I do like it. I find that there is a narrow range of settings that I like, but I do like it.
  22. elmoscafeo

    Optical vs OTA

    I received the new Dyna Comp a few days ago. I tried these settings, and many others, and ended up going back to this. Thanks for the tip!
  23. elmoscafeo

    Reverb pedal recommendations?

    I prefer the Digitech Polara.
  24. elmoscafeo


    That's what I use.
  25. elmoscafeo

    Optical vs OTA

    Thanks for settings info. I'll definitely start from there.