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  1. rze99

    Clip on mics for acoustic live gigs?
  2. rze99

    Search for fiesta red tele

    it is for sale.. extract Loaded Body - I'm parting out one of my T styles. The body is alder and a faded fiesta red finish with nitro checking and wear etc. The pickups are Monty's 'Full Monty' set and it is wired with a 4 way switch for the 'humbucker' type sound in position 4. The pickguard...
  3. rze99

    Search for fiesta red tele

    I get why you want one. here's mine (MJT based buid).
  4. rze99

    I'm really, REALLY, tired of winter.

    did you crash into the tree?
  5. rze99

    I'm really, REALLY, tired of winter.

    Cold and bright is great. Damp dark and dull is not. All things shall pass. Winter is a great time for getting things done in the house and things like songwriting mixing and guitar builds. Fewer expectations. When the weather is lovely you get less done because you are things like Barbecues...
  6. rze99

    Question For Partscaster Experts

    I've made about 35. I tend to use a lot of used Fender parts, so that's simple. Where it gets hard - if you are not experienced or have the tools - is fret dressing, nut cutting soldering, etc. Obviously, doing your own finish from scratch. Otherwise, if the measurements are all standard it's a...
  7. rze99

    Search for fiesta red tele

    How about this (UK) partscaster
  8. rze99

    Let's talk about some good things and things that we are looking forward to

    Going to Marrakesh on holiday 🤓
  9. rze99

    Possibly the coolest Thinline Tele ever?

    Actually in my case it's actually a classic Strat type pickup a gold foil case so a bit of cosplay going on. looks the dog's though...
  10. rze99

    Possibly the coolest Thinline Tele ever?

    Interesting.. but MINE is the coolest ever... Thinline with Bigsby, Blue Ice Metallic, Rexter Guitars.
  11. rze99

    Talk me down from this ledge, because I might just jump

    I don't buy from Amazon (easy) I don't buy Chinese if I can possibly avoid it (pretty much impossible)
  12. rze99

    How Often Do You Clean the Coffee Pot

    Only ever use hot water. No detergent.
  13. rze99

    Favorite Amp & Single Drive Pedal Combo?

    I first attenuate the amp to get the natural break-up and then use a boost + comp + EQ + rangemaster pedal combined (the Unit67). Then if I want cleaner I can roll the volume on the guitar back and/or switch the pedal off.
  14. rze99

    Thin Lizzy Live And Dangerous – New Super Deluxe Edition

    I dig some of their tracks and yes, here in the UK at least, they were massive. BTW An ex-Polygram studio engineer told me that Live & Dangerous has loads of studio overdubs (recorded at the studio we were then in, the old Philips/Polygram studios at Marble Arch) and that they mixed in the...
  15. rze99

    Any Divided By 13 Fans?

    I'm sure I'd like one and I see the McCartney band guys use them and they always sound stellar. I've never seen one in any store ever and I don't know any one that has one, unfortunately.
  16. rze99

    are extension cabinets from Weber well made?

    I have a 59 Bassman harness (for attenuator) superbly made.
  17. rze99

    Perhaps the most truthful song I ever wrote. And very Paul Weller influenced.

    Nice one. As a Jam fan of old, it's in the right space. Maybe a lot faster...?
  18. rze99

    WTH? An ARCHTOP Tele? It’s really rather lovely.

    Getting a jazz sound on a Tele... that man again
  19. rze99

    WTH? An ARCHTOP Tele? It’s really rather lovely.

    True Jim Mullen used a Tele for jazz highly effectively for decades
  20. rze99

    WTH? An ARCHTOP Tele? It’s really rather lovely.

    If Tom Murph's bunch of vandals had beat it up it would be 12k
  21. rze99

    WTH? An ARCHTOP Tele? It’s really rather lovely.

    Probably because it is the wonderful Tim Lerch playing. Really rather lovely.
  22. rze99

    Who tunes to Eb?

    I have my 1975 Strat tuned down. Into my Marshall stack or my tweed Bassman it sounds very Hendrix which is why I keep it that way. Just for fun I don’t use it in the band.