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  1. gitlvr

    Recommended Youtube channel for learning

    Hi, I'm considering building a few pedal kits. I've never done that before, but I can solder well enough, i just don't have any practical understanding of circuits, etc, outside of the circuit in a guitar. What I'm looking for is basically a Youtube channel that takes beginners/novices to this...
  2. gitlvr

    Need help figuring out a mystery 3 conductor humbucker(with pics)

    I did not know for certain where to put this. If this is the wrong area, mods please feel free to move it. I have a humbucker pickup that has three wires and originally a braided shield. The braided wire was disconnected when I got it, and I cannot find where it goes. as you can see below the...
  3. gitlvr

    More amp building questions

    Hi, Before I pose my question, I am not likely to be able to start on anything until early Summer '23, but.... I have a Vox Lil Night Train on loan from a friend. He has loaned it out to me for a few years now, but eventually he will want it back. I think the 2 watt power of this amp is perfect...
  4. gitlvr

    Korg GT 12 reset?

    Hi, I own a Korg GT 12 tuner. it has a flat function where you can put it in manual tuning, choose a note and flatten it in relation to the other strings for alternate tunings. I must have accidentally hit that for the low and high E notes and the G note in the guitar tuning setting, as they are...
  5. gitlvr

    Advice RE mounting wraparound bridge/tailpiece

    Hi, I'm in the middle of a current build and am using this bridge It has grub screws, but also adjustable saddles. I've never mounted a bridge like this before. I assume I can mount it straight and us the saddle travel to intonate it properly, and maybe if needed the grub screws for fine...
  6. gitlvr

    Lp Jr Pickguard PDF?

    Hi! I'm in the middle of an LP Jr Single Cut inspired build, and I need a template for the pickguard. I'm planning to alter it a bit in keeping with the idea that it is inspired by that guitar but not a direct copy, but i really need the original in full size as a reference. Does anyone have a...
  7. gitlvr

    Lowest cost DIY amp that will sound good through a 112

    Hi, folks. I recently finished a 112 cabinet build out of 80 year old pine, using an older Carvin British series 112. Really satisfied with the outcome, but now I'm thinking it would be really nice to build a small, fairly low wattage amp to sit on top of it. For reference, I'm running a Vox...
  8. gitlvr

    THIS GUY knows how to build 'em!

  9. gitlvr

    Wanted to share my pedalboard.

    I started playing when you plopped your pedals out on the floor, plugged a bunch of wall warts into a couple of power strips, stepped on the pedals and hoped the "wwaaaaaaaaaaa" you heard wasn't too deafening, and played the gig. There was no internet or Amazon back then, you cobbled things...
  10. gitlvr

    Can i spray poly over this?

    I'm assuming this is enamel, product does not say. I am making a pedalboard, and I want to cover it with a clear coat. Would like to spray minwax poly. I have a quart can like this, but in gloss...
  11. gitlvr

    DS-1 with a clean amp

    Who here uses a DS-1 into a clean amp? Considering maybe picking up a used one, but I changed to a clean/pedal platform setup years ago, so it won't be pushing a slightly gainy amp, but hitting a clean one. Would love to hear your experiences. Thanks.
  12. gitlvr

    Which other modulation or effect is most common in rock music?

    Hi, I'm looking at possibly adding another effect to my board. I have chorus, flanger, delay, and reverb, and was wondering which other effect might go well on a straight ahead rock pedalboard. The ones I'm thinking of are phaser, vibrato, or maybe a vibe or rotary type of effect. Home player...
  13. gitlvr

    Want to add a cheap overdrive

    hey guys and gals, I run two ODs, a Mojomojo and an SD1, through either a Peavey Bandit or a Marshall MG 50 dfx, both ran as a clean pedal platform. Guitars can be anything from 3 sc strat to 2 HB. I use the SD1 if I want one standard sort of classic rock sound, and stack it into the Mojo to get...
  14. gitlvr

    Help cleaning guitar speaker, please

    I have an old Carvin British series 12" that has been stored in a shed for about 15 years. The speaker was in a home made cab but it has some staining or maybe even mold on the cone, which is paper, I believe. Is there any way to safely clean this speaker, or stop any mold from continuing to...
  15. gitlvr

    Plunge Router Lubrication?

    I have a plunge router I have used for the past ten years building guitars. It has served me very well, but recently I have found that it takes a ton of force to use the plunge function. Is there a lube/grease/oil that I can use to lubricate this and make it function smoothly without it...
  16. gitlvr

    Junior-esque Type Build

    Hi! I thought I would post my current in progress build. It is a Jr style, but will be built in my own way. The wood for this instrument comes from a house constructed in 1940, so it is roughly 80 years old Pine. Thickness was 2.25". Normally I thickness with a hand plane, but half an inch is...
  17. gitlvr

    Question About Working With MDF

    Hi, I know enough to make certain I use at the very least a good dust mask when working this stuff, but how easy is it to work with? I have a whole sheet of it, and would like to use it for templates on my next build, but I have no bandsaw, OSS, nor anything of the sort; I normally make...
  18. gitlvr

    Solder type

    Hi, My father gave me a Weller 7200 many years ago. It came with a roll of solder that is a mystery to me what it is. I would like to use it to solder a current ongoing build. Is there any type of solder I should steer clear of for guitar electronics, and is there a visual way to know if what I...
  19. gitlvr

    Painting pedals

    Hi, has anyone here ever painted plain jane pedals, like Boss, Dunlop, DOD, etc? Standard off the shelf pedals. I'm honestly contemplating getting some different colors of paint and a paint brush, standing back and just slinging paint at them. I just don't want to damage them. Anyone ever done this?
  20. gitlvr

    Help fixing my Crybaby

    Hi guys and gals! I have a Crybaby that I've owned for 20 years or more. It became increasingly harder to turn on or off; I had to press really firmly to get it to switch. There is a round piece of fiber or something under the footplate ( the part your foot rests on that allows you to actuate...
  21. gitlvr

    Cheap 1 watt guitar amp kit?

    Hi, Is there a really low cost, simple tube amp kit in the 1-5 watt range (prefer 1 watt, but anything in that range is fine). I'd prefer to build a small head, and would like it simple enough that I would not need to buy a lot of tools I don't already have Not looking for amp breakup, as I...
  22. gitlvr

    Guitar stand rubber/foam

    Hi, I was not certain where to post this, so if the wrong place I apologize in advance. I have an older two instrument stand that the rubber has gotten really hard and dried out. I want to replace, but am not certain what with. Half of my guitars are nitro finish, and half are not. Does anyone...
  23. gitlvr

    Stratocaster rear trem rout question

    Hi, I have question. On the trem rout of a strat, the rear cavity is routed so that there is a small lip or shelf remaining under the front of the bridge/trem, on most strats I have seen. What is the purpose of that lip or overhang? Anyone know?
  24. gitlvr

    ART Multiverb iii

    Did not know where to put this. I have an ART Multiverb III rack unit that gives off a low pitched hum, I'm pretty sure from inside the unit. I used this processor along with a Digitech GSP 21 and Peavey Classic 60x60 amp in the 90s It was put away for several years. I pulled it out about a year...
  25. gitlvr

    ART Multiverb III humHi, I h

    Hi, I have an ART Multiverb III rack unit that gives off a low pitched hum, I'm pretty sure from inside the unit. I used this processor along with a Digitech GSP 21 and Peavey Classic 60x60 amp in the 90s It was put away for several years. I pulled it out about a year ago and plugged it in. The...