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  1. Torren61

    I'm Turning Off The News Today

    I wish you hadn't posted that. It really doesn't help to start a thread about not watching the news today because of 9/11 only to have a video of that day posted. And yeah, I'll just "not watch it then".
  2. Torren61

    I'm Turning Off The News Today

    I thought it was just me.
  3. Torren61

    I'm Turning Off The News Today

    I can't stand it. 20 years later and I still get emotional when I hear or read some of the stories. No, I don't want to forget, it's just too painful to go through it again. I'll never forget.
  4. Torren61

    My true love...

    Oh, I would hit the strings so hard on that. I'd twist that volume knob to 10 and make her SCREAM through my Marshall.
  5. Torren61

    Let's See Some Interesting Pictures That You Took

    Well, he probably thought that job sucked anyway.
  6. Torren61

    Let's See Some Interesting Pictures That You Took

    Someone is in danger...
  7. Torren61

    My tuners…

  8. Torren61

    Matrix Resurrections

    Mrs.61 and I are going to watch the Matrix trilogy over the weekend. She was working in Sydney when The Matrix was filmed and saw a lot of things.
  9. Torren61

    Matrix Resurrections

  10. Torren61

    My tuners…

    Yes, so start looking in the last place you would look. Oh wait. That means that they'd now be in the FIRST place you WOULD have looked if you started looking before changing to this strategy. I think you're caught in a feedback loop.
  11. Torren61

    Travel & Leisure's Top 15 US Cities

    I'm surprised Houston, TX, Birmingham, AL and Abilene, KS didn't make that list.
  12. Torren61

    Let's See Some Interesting Pictures That You Took

    Is this a good place to park? (note the excessive seagull poop)
  13. Torren61

    Matrix Resurrections

    I am SO there. I hope I can catch this and the Let It Be movie playing at the same theater and watch them back to back and then do it again. I don’t think I’ve seen any movie more times than The Matrix.
  14. Torren61

    Guitar vs Amp

  15. Torren61


    Um... you see... oh, never mind. ("Jazz, *pffft*, they just make it up as they go along.")
  16. Torren61

    Amps & Floods

    I just found my next amp tech.
  17. Torren61

    This Wrong Must Be Righted!

    I agree. Let's march on the capital... of the offending movie service host by cancelling our subscriptions.
  18. Torren61

    Used Shoes?

    Old shoes, no. Nu Shooz, yes.
  19. Torren61

    The new car that will REALLY get some worked up.

    Take the money we waste on pork barrel projects, corporate welfare, useless military gadgets and overcharges and policing the world and spend it on research and development and we could have a viable solar powered car for the masses in five years. I don't know this to be a fact, I just know...
  20. Torren61

    Amps & Floods

    I really don't think you need to do much more than just wait. Personally, I wouldn't put an amp in the oven but what do I know (hint: not much)? Great question for Skip Simmons on "The Truth About Vintage Amps" podcast. Call this number and leave a voicemail: 509.557. Oh Ate For Ate. He's...
  21. Torren61

    NHAD! New Hearing Aid Day

    Tube or solid state?
  22. Torren61

    The new car that will REALLY get some worked up.

    I've been an Apple user for a couple of decades. They'll make a stylish, user friendly car that can do a lot of great things but they'll give it a stereo that moves all your music around and it won't be in order. The charging cord will be super expensive through Apple and they'll change...
  23. Torren61

    Craigslsit new city search option; SUCKS!

    Oh yeah, this sucks.
  24. Torren61

    Florida Woman drives golf cart naked through armed standoff scene

    When contacted by TDPRI, her father was quoted as saying "THAT'S my little girl! She loves drinking but she never DID like clothes."
  25. Torren61

    New tatt

    Is it US?