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  1. Jeremy_Green

    What do you think of true fire?

    It's quality material... but like anything, it requires a student willing to do the work. You will only get out of it what you put in. Not a drop more.
  2. Jeremy_Green

    Advice Needed For Advanced Beginner Regarding Online Or Video Learning Systems

    Not “could well be” It is so. After 500+ students you see some patterns. This is (in my opinion) as close as there is to fact in music. Don’t be afraid to start a terrible band. It’s ok. It will be fun and it will be great for you all playing wise. Music is not just for the “talented”...
  3. Jeremy_Green

    Advice Needed For Advanced Beginner Regarding Online Or Video Learning Systems

    Absolutely because they played in bands. Many were almost total beginners, so watching their growth, as compared to others, is what led me to this opinion. Without question of all the students I had over all the years, nothing progressed them faster than playing in a band. You don’t have to...
  4. Jeremy_Green

    Advice Needed For Advanced Beginner Regarding Online Or Video Learning Systems

    I am really saying either. Being in a band is preferable for sure tho because it regularly forces you to learn new material AND be accountable for learning it correctly. I’m not saying it’s the only way, but I used to teach up to 75 students a week for a number of years and I will tell you...
  5. Jeremy_Green

    Being a good rhythm player requires more theory than lead.

    My BIGGEST "a-ha!" moment on guitar, was the day I realized that chords and scales are the same thing. If you play a lead line, it is really just a chord with the notes played individually. If you play a line quickly then stop - it leaves a sonic residue in your ears. You can hear the chord that...
  6. Jeremy_Green

    Fretting Hand Issues

    Not to freak you out, but I know Victor Wooten has struggled with this type issue, what he has is called Focal Dystonia. Perhaps you should google Vic and see what he has said to see if it matches up. Again, sorry to maybe freak you out, but when I read your description I remember Vic telling me...
  7. Jeremy_Green

    What I Do If My Playing Feels Like I'm in a Rut

    The first thing i do is acknowledge that learning isn't a straight line - it ebbs and flows. Sometimes you are just down, unmotivated, feel you suck etc. USUALLY this feeling happens just before a bump up in your playing... So if you stick through it, usually there is a reward waiting... Least...
  8. Jeremy_Green

    Advice Needed For Advanced Beginner Regarding Online Or Video Learning Systems

    This to me is a bit of a red flag. I taught for years and one of the BIGGEST issues is students not doing the assigned work. You can't really progress someone if they don't do the work. I'm not implying that this is you, maybe the teacher was weak... But how honest are you bing with yourself...
  9. Jeremy_Green

    Pick Attack Depth - How To Assess?

    Honestly the less deep the better... unless you are going for a specific sound which you are not. Pull it up so less is showing, or alter your technique so it doesn't go too deep. Also make sure your pickup height is correct... Looks OK but set it to spec. The further in your pick is - the...
  10. Jeremy_Green

    Vibrato Exercises

    I guess the obvious statement here would be - master a slower vibrato. Vibrato has a LOT to do with hand strength and is really a sign of how much you play. i can usually tell in a second a player's level based on their vibrato. Keep working at it. The speed will come with time. Use lighter...
  11. Jeremy_Green

    How much tempo drift is normal/achievable?

    It honestly depends... If you are a recording studio player (or want to be one) then your time has to be almost spotless... At least you need to be able to play dead on with a click. There's a LOT of drummers out there who are not recordable really. Bad time, costs time, which costs money. You'd...
  12. Jeremy_Green

    In The Golden Age Did You Actually Pay Attention To The Bar Band?

    This all depends on what you are doing and where you are playing then and now. If you are playing in some chicken wing joint/dance/get laid place, then honestly - do the job - provide them the soundtrack to make inroads with the girl/boy of their choosing. I don't care if they listen, i want...
  13. Jeremy_Green

    Louie, Louis theory

    I totally get your point…. But let me be devils advocate for a second. OK, sure, they got that one wrong upon guessing (the theory nerds). But how many times did their knowledge of theory make them guess RIGHT. I would venture to say more often than not. just making arguments for fun here : )...
  14. Jeremy_Green

    What Is The Brown Sound?

    Every time I hear Ed isolated I am reminded what an absolute monster he was. Even that track on it's own has a pulse and a groove. The tone is deadly, everything is in place. Such a beast.
  15. Jeremy_Green

    Is this of any practical use? Or just a curiosity? Mirror Scales

    Cool observation! Means nothing to me tho. Music is riddled with this super interesting math type stuff, it never ceases to amaze me. Like we are dealing with something entirely from a different plane. One of the reasons I love it so much.
  16. Jeremy_Green

    Splitting solos... ideas?

    Be yourself, and play the line. You want the guy with the guitar to play. Then play another one. be the best ‘you’ in the world.
  17. Jeremy_Green

    Recommendations On Country Players To Transcribe?

    So many… already named. Honestly if it’s to truly learn the style (as opposed to grabbing some lines) I’d start with some of the slower more traditional stuff. Lots of incredible high velocity players like Albert Lee, Brent Mason etc… but kind of a trial by fire jumping into those monsters...
  18. Jeremy_Green

    Guitar lessons optimization

    Use the teacher for things the internet can't do - observe your technique and answer specific questions. If you want to learn songs, rather than just learning the song, maybe learn it, then ask he/she to break it down and explain what is going on theory wise. Or learn a solo and break it down...
  19. Jeremy_Green

    Guitar Tabs

    Honestly, this is better than any tab for me
  20. Jeremy_Green

    Using the Ted Greene books....

    Ted Greene‘s books are a totally different thing. I find his stuff very similar to Wayne Krantz’s “an improvisers OS” book in that there is really almost no direction given. It’s up to you to be creative and try to figure out what the lesson is. The lessons and the teaching method is amazing...
  21. Jeremy_Green

    Do you have guitars dedicated to slide playing?

    It really depends what you are doing. If I was recording some thing important that was slide intensive then yes I would absolutely. But if the goal is to be able to play slide alongside your traditional playing, then it’s probably best you learn how to do it on one instrument. You might have...
  22. Jeremy_Green

    Clean playing, it's what you don't want to hear

    I think stuff like this comes down to how much you play, it's how strong your hands are really. When i play a ton my 'squeeze tension' starts to lighten without thinking - because it can. If you are really in, what I refer to as "road shape", the hands are STRONG, so the touch can become so...
  23. Jeremy_Green

    Pat Martino - The Nature of Guitar

    Yeah man, Pat's teaching method always throws my head in circles because all the rabbit holes run so deep. Very unique perspective on the instrument. Always good to learn the less beaten paths
  24. Jeremy_Green

    Advice from a "good ear" on figuring out lead runs and chords...

    Not much to add there! Totally agree and share a similar road. Thanks for taking the time to so eloquently lay that out