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  1. fishermike

    I tipped a robot last night.

    Was hoping this would be more along the lines of cow tipping...;) We have a Chinese restaurant that used one of these during the height of that-which-shall-not-be-named. They've retired it to a lobby photo-op.
  2. fishermike

    Donnie and Marie ...and Star Wars

    Gawd I used to have such a crush on Marie when I was a kid...😍 ...but that was awful. 🤮
  3. fishermike

    Tal Wilkenfeld, Jeff Beck, and Crawling Out From Under My Rock

    I got to see her and her band open for The Who a few years ago. Was stoked to show up and realize who the opener was - had seen her with Beck and was excited to see her solo. An amazing talent, for sure.
  4. fishermike

    Finally going to see Tommy Emanuel

    He's an amazing entertainer. I was grinning ear-to-ear for the entire show when I saw him. Have fun!
  5. fishermike

    Muskrat love

    Song would've been called "Let 'Em Out" instead.
  6. fishermike

    Muskrat love

    As sure a sign of the apocalypse as there ever was...
  7. fishermike

    second hand store find of the day ( today)

    Good thing you passed on the mando. Those things start at about $50 new.
  8. fishermike

    Be Honest,Do You Just Stare at Yourself and Think How Totally Cool You Are?

    This is my "walking music": :lol::lol::lol:
  9. fishermike

    Who has an electric vehicle, and what has been your experience?

    Pretty straightforward reason: most people drive less than that on a daily basis. Do your daily errands/commute/whatever, plug it in at night. For many folks, it would be months between trips to the gas station. Ideal soccer-mom vehicle, especially considering that there aren't any straight...
  10. fishermike

    I don't enjoy dancing

    Ah, yes, and:
  11. fishermike

    What's it like, turn out wise, in venues theses days?

    I'm lucky to live in a college town that's also only a couple of hours from LA. We get great bands year-round across multiple venues. Last night I went to my third show in as many nights, with a fourth coming up on Sunday night, all within 15 minutes of my house, and all to packed, appreciative...
  12. fishermike

    New Eventide H90

    It's $900, not $1300. Significantly better UI, plus added algos vs. the H9. Changes the math a bit, IMO.
  13. fishermike

    Backward Compliments

    I'm with @stxrus on this one. If it's coming from me, it's really intended as MORE of a compliment, not less - that you opened my eyes to something awesome that I wouldn't have thought of myself. The guitar in my avatar is actually an example of this - I never knew that I wanted an ORANGE...
  14. fishermike

    Mystery volunteer plant

    Thanks for that. I had never heard of such a thing. Sounds like "volunteer" squash plants are indeed risky. Learn something new every day!
  15. fishermike

    Locking Tuners for G&L ASAT Classic

    The guitar in my avatar also has the G&L locking tuners retrofitted to it. Look great, work perfectly.
  16. fishermike

    Madison Cunningham

    I had never heard of her until I ran across Rhett's video earlier today. Funny to see this thread so soon after. She's definitely cool - I'll go see her if she makes it to my neck of the woods.
  17. fishermike

    How did Nickelback become the butt of so many jokes?

    Apologies if it's already been posted, but I'm pretty sure this was where it started: I know it was the first time I ever heard reference to it. Up until then, I thought it was just me...
  18. fishermike


    Nice! Glad to hear you dig it!
  19. fishermike

    Short songs - waddaya got?

    Comes in at a tad over two minutes, but it's such a sweet tune that it always seems too short:
  20. fishermike

    In Your Opinion: What's The Best Shuffle Ever?

    Not the "best", but still a great song:
  21. fishermike

    Which Telecaster Exceeded Your Expectations?

    My avatar guitar - G&L ASAT Classic. Incredible guitar, particularly the quality of workmanship and the pickups. MFDs are something special. Very jazzy clean with the tone rolled back, country with the tone up around 8 or so, and full-on rock 'n' roll when you add a little gain.
  22. fishermike

    I guess my Charvel is officially cool now

    o_Oo_Oo_O How did I never notice this before? And back to the OP, by extension, YOU are now cool!