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    Do other “artist’s”/creators of “art” fixate on the tools with which they create, as much as musicians (especially guitarists) do ?

    In my experience, yes they (we) do. I'm not really much of a shopper but I have a fair share of garlic rockers, microplane box graters and the like that seemed like great ideas but have seen little use. This is a consumer society and becoming more so as corporate America continues to assert its...
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    What is the name of this thing?

    We calls 'em contour gauges in these parts. Pretty much anywhere that has tools.
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    Do other “artist’s”/creators of “art” fixate on the tools with which they create, as much as musicians (especially guitarists) do ?

    Well- cooks tend to buy a lot of doodads, but most often end up using the good old standards.
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    Speaking of coffee...what about the foil liner?

    I don't know- this old fart stopped buying canned coffee when I went to college and got out of the suburbs to somewhere where decent coffee was available. Except for an occasional can of Medaglia d'Oro in emergencies.
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    Poly to Nitro Weight Reduction

    Well, maybe- I don't really know how much solid there is in a quart of lacquer but I very much doubt it's anything like that. I have mixed up a lot of shellac, and an ounce makes a lot of product. French polish tends to be thin, but a sprayed shellac finish is likely at least as much material...
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    Poly to Nitro Weight Reduction

    Is that accounting for the weight of the solvent?
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    Speaking of coffee...what about the foil liner?

    People still buy canned coffee?
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    Who would you want to be your pal barrers ?

    Are pal barrers the people who keep my friends out? Not a service I can see much use for.
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    Handheld Oscillating Cutting Tool

    I bought a Fein, back in the days when they were almost the only choice; it replaced a Ryobi and is a million and six times better. I've used it mostly for sanding, but it cuts very well when needed; I have a couple of Fein tools and have used a few more; there's something about them that just...
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    What is your current playlist for listening pleasure?

    Music doesn't get old for me; having an almost nonexistent memory for it helps some with that. My play list now, as always, is pretty much my entire (rather extensive) collection.
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    TV memories

    Thanks- I guess that was some other kid show host. My apologies to Pinky for the mistake.
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    TV memories

    My first memories- also about 1954- are of going next door to watch through Douglas Bruce Knox Spaghetti's window; they were the first with a TV . I remember Pinky ("Hi ho, It's me, My name is Pinky Lee") dancing around in a checkered suit with a giant tootsie roll- I believe he was canned for...
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    It makes me happy, it can make me cry - Morgan James

    Now there's a great singer- not just rockabilly (she never really did that much rockabilly, though no one ever did it better); anything; torch songs, gospel, blues, rock and roll, disco, bubblegum... by le by- you can't get pregnant from a bicycle seat either
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    It makes me happy, it can make me cry - Morgan James

    Personally, I liked the "Barbie" song she did with PMJ Always entertaining, but "great" is a considerable stretch.
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    Tal Wilkenfeld, Jeff Beck, and Crawling Out From Under My Rock

    I once saw a video of (someone or another's) 10 favorite female bassists- other than Esperanza Spalding, all of them had played with either Beck or Prince, or both.
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    Great mom and pop stores of the past

    Far as I know, Fat Dog is still running Subway guitars in Berkeley, CA- actually, small independent music stores are still the norm in this area, though there are fewer nowadays.
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    Who tunes to Eb?

    I seem to recall that baroque musicians tuned about a half tune lower than today's standard (eg Bach's mass in B minor was actually closer to Bb minor.) So it's common in baroque groups, but they don't run to a lot of Telecasters.
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    Songs about Dancing.

    Wasn't that hard- didn't she just die or something? She was in the news for some reason.
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    A sound from my childhood: Yodeling

    The Ukrainian girl is awesome- a little strange that the song's in English.
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    Songs about Dancing.

    The story I heard was that Ella was "discovered" when she entered a talent contest as a dancer; she was too nervous to dance, so decided to sing instead.
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    Duets, what ya got?

    I've been watcching "Nashville" in reruns (with captioning in French coutesy of Freevee)- most of the music is pretty mediocre, but these kids light up the stage from time to time.
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    Duets, what ya got?

    While there have been quite a few offspring of jazz players who also played, they haven't played together much in most cases, Jimmy and Doug Rainey are an exception (as are Bucky Pizarelli with both his daughter and son)
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    Anyone Remember Canned Heat? John Mayall? The Doobie Brothers?

    Hm- I was mostly stuck with AM top 40 radio until '69 or so, augmented by what records I could find in suburban stores. Canned Heat I remember only from "Going Up The Country", a song I kind of liked but lets face it, a ripoff of Henry Thomas' 1928 recording sung by one of the weakest voices in...