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  1. Big_Bend

    It’s the guitar event of the year. Who knew?

    I love all things Joe B! Got to see him live in '21 at Red Rocks and it was a fantastic concert. I've also seen every one of his Live From Nerdville interviews and they are all wonderful, I think almost 80 of them now. Here was a great one with Billy F Gibbons PcEo6M1Lm9c I'd go see Joe...
  2. Big_Bend

    Who would you want to be your pal barrers ?

    Another cremation here and have asked my sons to hike up to the South Rim at Big Bend National Park and throw my ashes off the cliff.
  3. Big_Bend

    The TDPRI Gratitude Journal

    I believe that practicing gratitude is so important. From Google - Do gratitude journals really work? By writing these things down, you are able to feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, and build strong relationships–a recipe for a much happier life! Researchers have found...
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    I can't not have dessert

    I plan to eat some Tres Leches dessert this Sunday for my birthday, then no more foods for the next year where sugar is an ingredient. No more cakes or cookies at the office, no more Noosa yogurts or Cheerios cereal, no more ketchup... things like that. I'm also planning to drastically cut out...
  5. Big_Bend

    I can't not have dessert

    I turn 59 y/o this Sunday. My goal is to make it to 60 y/o without ever eating anything with sugar in it. That and massive exercise too. I plan to be a ripped 60 something.
  6. Big_Bend

    Random Daily Photos January 2023 Edition

    My Uncle Ed keeps winning poker tournaments. He is 80 y/o and has won over $1 million in the last 2 years. He donates all of his winnings to charity.
  7. Big_Bend

    Random Daily Photos January 2023 Edition

    My sister is 54 y/o. In the last 22 years she has run 14 marathons and 25 half marathons. Today I went to downtown Houston and watched her finish another half marathon. I couldn't be more proud!
  8. Big_Bend

    Sleep disorders

    Edit - adding more suggestions Buy a new mattress Audition new pillows, find the perfect one Buy new high thread count sheets and pillow cases Exercise during the day Take a hot shower before bed Avoid all screens a couple of hours before bed Read a real book before trying to fall asleep...
  9. Big_Bend

    Goodbye Lisa Marie

    So sad and tragic. :( I feel especially sorry for Priscilla Presley to lose her daughter. Nothing worse a parent can go through. Rest in peace Lisa Marie.
  10. Big_Bend

    Jeff Beck, One of the Guitar Masters of the Rock Era, Dies at 78

    bUflCBraecQ The Reverend Billy G lets Jeff Beck cut loose at 3:25, it is glorious, and you can tell Billy really loved the guy.
  11. Big_Bend

    The best concert you ever saw?

    Sometime around 1979 I saw KISS here in Houston. To this day nothing has matched this concert. Notable mentions - Van Halen around 1982 and Danny Gatton around 1990. And at least a hundred other concerts that were all incredible. Most recently I went to visit my son in Colorado Springs and...
  12. Big_Bend

    Dry January anyone?

    I'm almost 6 months sober now, no weed or alcohol, after smoking weed just about every day for 40 years. One day at a time, never again will I indulge. One of the best things is having the respect of my 2 children who have been very encouraging.
  13. Big_Bend

    Which songs make you cry

    bump I stumbled across this song just now... so emotional, so great seeing Sean Lennon singing on it too. pzkg3kBIv88
  14. Big_Bend

    The very essence of getting old…

    I used to say my goal was to live until 99 y/o. I turn 59 in a few weeks. Now I don't think 99 is worth it.
  15. Big_Bend

    South padre island ?

    I believe South Padre is probably the nicest beach area in all of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. That may not be saying much, but its still a nice place for a vacation. You and your wife will have a great time! Yes please post some pics when you can. Have fun
  16. Big_Bend

    New painting: Bowls, bottle, books

    Again, incredible! Thank you for sharing, I really enjoy your paintings. Hope you have a wonderful year.
  17. Big_Bend

    IT professionals working in batch processing- a question for you

    I've been in IT my entire career. About 40 years ago I got started working for Houston Independent School District programming Educational Software for the Apple IIe computers. That was the only time I've ever worked on anything Apple. And I hate my company provided I phone.
  18. Big_Bend

    Jimmie Vaughan had unexpected open heart surgery

    Jimmie is Tuff Enuf! 0j7rk0RJ8j4
  19. Big_Bend

    Jimmie Vaughan had unexpected open heart surgery

    Jimmie Vaughan, age 71, recently had open heart surgery. Apparently he has come through with flying colors. Best of luck Jimmie!!! Hope we can see you on the road again when the time is right.
  20. Big_Bend

    Prince Super Bowl Halftime Show

    Still the greatest half time show ever! -WYYlRArn3g gives me chills watching it again. edit - NFL has blocked showing on the website but click the link and watch on youtube
  21. Big_Bend

    Attended my grandson's graduation last night.

    That is an awesome picture!!! Thanks for sharing. Your grandson is a big boy and its great seeing him with grandparents who love him so much. I know ya'll are very proud. Take care TD...
  22. Big_Bend

    Who else wants to go down to Itchycoo Park?

    I'm almost 5 months sober now no weed or alcohol... I think its best I avoid Itchycoo Park from now on. But back in my mushroom days.. wow that song was perfect! I definitely touched the sky.
  23. Big_Bend

    Ask Me Anything ...

    1) Where were you born? 2) Do you have any children? 3) What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
  24. Big_Bend

    No Ramen or Cup of noodles at the Store! Yikes!

    This is very true.