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  1. Troubleandahalf

    A Floyd Rose on a Les Paul, you say??

    I'd go Kahler. I always found them to be a cooler unit. Then I gave up the ways of the child, and deciding on coolness factor, have no guitars with a whammy bar, and let everyone get off on what gets them there.
  2. Troubleandahalf

    What happened to solid body 12 strings?

    My new friends Harley and Benton scratched my itch completely for 3 bills. Not solid body though. If you pick backwards you get the Ric tone lol.
  3. Troubleandahalf

    If there were guitar related Olympics, what category would you compete?

    Reminds me of Monty Python Philosophers Football skit, where they start the match and no one does anything but talk.
  4. Troubleandahalf

    Predictions for collectable tele

    I think the early year CV's have a chance. My 2011 available for 30k. Get it now before the market goes crazy.
  5. Troubleandahalf

    What's the hardest part of songwriting for YOU?

    Most songs really don't have a lot of words, like, at all. And I can certainly understand Jimi being almost terrified of having to play purple haze every night for the rest of his life. One's own mind is also a terrible drag, like am I really wondering if I'll want to sing this for the next 30...
  6. Troubleandahalf

    What's the hardest part of songwriting for YOU?

    Me: struggling endlessly, mightily over titanic statements of infinite emotional and human depth.... -needs a break turns on radio. I put my hand up on your hip And we dip we dip we dip Foiled again!
  7. Troubleandahalf

    What's the hardest part of songwriting for YOU?

    Can you hum it while you lie there with the music running?
  8. Troubleandahalf

    What's the hardest part of songwriting for YOU?

    Getting started. And finishing them.
  9. Troubleandahalf

    Ill never use an amp again...I think...

    Plus one on, Stereo! I have a Behringer GMX212 and it's just true, I would never go back to Mono. That said, I've never cared for the preamp section, but I don't care because I've always run first a Digitech RP355 into the Return, and now my Spark Mini Amp. Between those two I've got all my...
  10. Troubleandahalf

    What is your dream telecaster color?

    1. Shell Pink 2. Pink Paisley 1969 birth year Tele dream 3. Surf Green 3(a) Another Shell Pink one 4. Fiesta Red 5 Daphne Blue
  11. Troubleandahalf

    Harley Benton SC JR - NGD

    It's got mojo, it asserts itself. It's an homage without being a copy, a 300 dollar delivered bloody miracle.
  12. Troubleandahalf

    Harley Benton SC JR - NGD

    I still always smile when I strap on my HB 12 string. Just ridiculously good sound and feel for less than a good trip to the grocery store.
  13. Troubleandahalf

    Stewmac Nut files

    I just bought a set of feeler gauges and file teeth in them.
  14. Troubleandahalf

    Classic Vibe Tele weights?

    2011 CV 3.1Kg 
  15. Troubleandahalf

    What do you know about Zager guitars

    Yeah not a lot of bling (the sound hole ring looks like abalone) and there is no case. Dunno whether there was one and is no more or never was.
  16. Troubleandahalf

    What do you know about Zager guitars

    Thanks for all the great info. I don't know about the EZ Play part of it, all acoustics are kind of hard on my fingertips. I thought I had nice calluses until I played this thing. It is set up rather low according to my handy Fritz ruler. But it emphatically does not buzz on hard strumming or...
  17. Troubleandahalf

    What do you know about Zager guitars

    I know almost nothing about the acoustic world. My girlfriend has a Zager ZAD20 and I've basically taken it over and have played it quite happily for about two years. (She doesn't play, an ex gave it to her years ago whole other story) It sounds nicer than the €100 Fender acoustic I left in...
  18. Troubleandahalf

    introduction to the Tele Guitar

    My first real guitar. My dad bought me a Candy apple red knock off. So uncool felt my teenage self. I wanted an Explorer, or a pointy headed SuperStrat. Fast forward 16 years. I decided to take up playing again, visit the local store in Kaltenkirchen Germany and I really liked a blonde MIM...
  19. Troubleandahalf

    Thoughts on what guitar I own..?

    Think of it more as parking money in these instruments. The difference in buy sell is what you pay to play it, and the longer you hold it, the lower the marginal cost of ownership.
  20. Troubleandahalf

    Finally know what my guitars weigh

    One wonders why something has to matter for a fellow to be interested in it. Had some of them for many years so we can't ascribe an abnormal yearning to know. There was a scale there, so I weighed them. Not too much more to it than that.
  21. Troubleandahalf

    Finally know what my guitars weigh

    Not owning a scale, I never knew but was curious what they weigh. Two things came together. One, I bought a Spark Mini. Two, since I've had it, it goes basically everywhere with me, including work. Catching the odd half hour on break. I'm quite confident in saying nothing I've ever purchased...
  22. Troubleandahalf

    Single worst line of lyrics....

    I would do anything for love, but I won't do that. Well then sunny boy, it appears you would not, in fact, do 'anything' for love.
  23. Troubleandahalf

    General weirdness at my local shop

    With every sentence I read, thinking, this is exactly why I learned to do this stuff myself
  24. Troubleandahalf

    Y'all loan out guitars?

    Two things. I'm sure we all know people who, even if they have the money won't buy themselves something nice? Practical people. That's what we're dealing with here. Second, on loaning money I'd rather give a guy a beater than bring cash money into the situation. Pretty sure I'd be happier...