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  1. schoolie

    LOL of the day

  2. schoolie

    This is not your Gran-pa's Tele!

    My grandpa loved shredding on his front porch, melting the faces of passers by,
  3. schoolie

    Asteroid... Don't Panic!!!

    WInd's picking up, sky turning orange, ground shaking a bit..Anybody el
  4. schoolie

    New Slang - The Shins

    I saw them in Portland, a few months ago. They played all of the "Oh Inverted World" album. It was a great show!
  5. schoolie

    GC outdid themselves this time

    Looks like an "over" configuration and I prefer an under, but a good tech can reverse it for me.
  6. schoolie

    Japanese LP Replicas!

    I did own this 2009 Tokai LS-150, and it was a great guitar. It was a bit heavy at 10.5 lbs, but it sounded great stock. The lacquer finish was flawless.
  7. schoolie

    TV Today

    Well...there are always a few good shows, but mixed with many more bad shows. I think today we have more choices.
  8. schoolie

    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Netflix

    I'm not a huge fan of musicals, but I've watched "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" from start to finish and I'm sad that it's over. Rachel Bloom and supporting cast are incredibly talented and Adam Schlesinger (RIP) was the musical producer for the show. The story arc is just so cool, starting with this...
  9. schoolie

    Pet Insurance

    I wish that I had bought insurance for our border collie. I didn't imagine that she would blow out her knee ligament and need a $5,000 surgery to be able to walk on four legs.
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  11. schoolie

    I’m gonna live forever…

    I can't find a flaw in their research methodology
  12. schoolie

    Adults with Jobs, Spouses, and Kids - How do you find time to advance

    I restarted lessons over Zoom, a few years ago. It works to motivate me because I know I need to learn a song before the next lesson, and I don't want to be embarrassed. My teacher can also pick up on skills that I need to polish. Having no natural talent, I have found lessons are the only...
  13. schoolie

    Brutal American Vintage Jazzmaster II review

    Aren't they supposed to give the good guitars to the influencers? Major fail for their marketing department. My AVRIs had all sorts of issues with frets and truss rod, but that's what I expected in 2008.
  14. schoolie

    J-200 build x2

    Amazing work, and I appreciate your sharing the build with us!
  15. schoolie

    Back to work after vacation

    I have completely forgotten how to sit at a computer for 14 hours without losing my mind. I know that i'm lucky to have a job, but this is just horrible, especially because I don't have any work, so I have to invent projects to do so that I can report that I've done something on Friday...
  16. schoolie

    I didn't know that rabbits got this big!

    Where did my rabbit saddle go?
  17. schoolie

    NGD! New Martin Custom Shop HD-28

    Beautiful guitar! Maybe the back is flat-sawn EIR?
  18. schoolie

    CL SF VibroChamp $1500?

    Great amp, but wouldn't pay more than $400, even if they have appreciated. For that money I could build 4 nice ones.
  19. schoolie

    How much neck relief is needed on the treble side?

    Thank you, Freeman! I appreciate your help! By the way, this is just a standard 12-54, light set on this guitar.

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