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    Do other “artist’s”/creators of “art” fixate on the tools with which they create, as much as musicians (especially guitarists) do ?

    art supplies are really expensive. either the tools or the consumables (though in the long run mostly the consumables). i've seen people spend hundreds or thousands on that for a single work, where we as musicians spend hundreds or thousands and get tools that create works indefinitely. that...
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    could i use a tonemaster twin in this way?

    for a busking scenario you'd probably just be better off getting a cheap keyboard amp with a mic input like a roland KC (you can find them around 200 bucks) and just use something like the joyo american sound on the guitar. on that front there's a ton of ridiculously cheap options out there, so...
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    The best technique exercise I know: minimum tension - Pedro Bellora

    I’m finding lately I can play more effortlessly on shorter frets. I’m not exactly sure why. Something causes me to press even lighter than on tall frets. I find I can also get away with rolls and having my fingers at an angle easier as well.
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    Any Suggestions for a Linux distro?

    The thing I would caution with Ubuntu is that the LTS isn’t “stable” in the Debian sense of the word (kernel/official repositories fixed for the 2 years of the release). They turned the HWE stack on by default after version 20. So updates may break things like drivers. I don’t know how user...
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    Is there a quiet compressor?

    the mad professor forest green comp is extremely quiet. there are very few stages involved, it's a simple opto gain control and the opamp used is an AD797. that chip is 20 times less noisy than a tl072, which is what's used in most pedals for gain stages. the diamond comp SE uses burr-brown...
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    Can you Ignore Musical Gear on the Sidewalk?

    Not unless it’s something I need/want, but I do snap a photo and send it to someone who might be interested from time to time.
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    What is your current playlist for listening pleasure?

    same here. i comb youtube or spotify playlists, skip through tracks, and if something catches my fancy i save the record or chunks of the record that i like into my genre-based playlists to put on continuously later. i also have those playlists sorted by year, so i can kind of pinpoint general...
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    Worried about my "tone".

  9. loopfinding

    Worried about my "tone".

    "pretty minor compared to using different guitar/amp/pickups" - not minor at all. if you actually look at schematics, frequency response plots, if you've ever tried to model sounds by various methods, etc., a lot of those factors are icing on the cake. you actually start to wonder why many...
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    Britney Spears covering "I Love Rock n Roll"...(you know, that Pat Benatar song...)

    joan jett is just jealous that nothing she's ever done will top toxic.
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    Worried about my "tone".

    that isn't entirely true. if you transcribe enough solos (or just material in general) you see that a lot of what we perceive as tone is actually phrasing and articulation (and how they interact with the context). our brains just kind of blur everything into the overall color when we are...
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    Tone Stack Phase-Shift and "Fender Shimmer"

    yeah for all intents and purposes that's what we're talking about here. i was speaking more generally (including active filters).
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    Tone Stack Phase-Shift and "Fender Shimmer"

    there's your answer. analog filters introduce frequency dependent phase shifts/cancellations (hence the Xdb/oct slope). that is literally how they filter. going even further, almost all analog implementations of a phase shifter are allpass filters. you can't say "is it the filtering or the...
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    Worried about my "tone".

    how i use a pitch shifted delay and a dimed hm-2 with some flanger is going to be different from how you use it. it's going to be demonstrative of my tonal signature the way that i use it, and that's primarily going to come from how i figure out how to make it work for me, with my hands and fingers.
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    Anyone doing the anodized gold pickguard thing?

    if you keep your nails a little long for fingerpicking, the feeling of them sliding along the brushed surface is horrendous, like scratching a chalkboard. that's been my main deterrent/makes them a non-starter. i guess a smooth one would work, but wouldn't be the right vintage aesthetic.
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    Would You Trade Your Favorite Amp For A Dumble (But You Can't Sell It)

    i've never played through a dumble style but i've looked at a fair amount of schematics of them and at baseline they're not designs i'm particularly interested in exploring. it's kind of like asking "would you trade your favorite guitar for a 59 burst?" well, i don't like les pauls, so whether...
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    Are You A Human Juke Box? Do You Remember Every Song You Learned?

    i think it depends on the material and the person. if it's non functional harmony (like just a bunch of riffs), it's harder to remember. if you ask me to play some metallica thing i learned in 8th grade start to finish, there's no way i would do it correctly. or if it is functional harmony but...
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    Albuquerque Guitar Centre Attempted Assault.

    fair point. i didn't know that shoplifting was outright not covered under theft insurance, i just assumed that tax claims and adjustments were more efficient than insurance claims. yeah, that's what i was talking about. things can go south very fast if parties not involved in the scuffle...
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    Who tunes to Eb?

    occasionally with a friend's band. for my own stuff i usually use C standard if i'm going lower.
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    Albuquerque Guitar Centre Attempted Assault.

    not even remotely similar scenario. we're talking about a commercial enterprise with insured merchandise which is vulnerable to a substantial financial loss in a civil suit over a few stupid hundred dollars if things go south in that situation. an employee getting hot under the collar over...
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    Albuquerque Guitar Centre Attempted Assault.

    if the guy was just stealing the guitar, let him go. it's not worth someone getting hurt, or running into a civil suit. the store has insurance. stores have a no chase policy for a reason. i don't understand why everything has to be some vigilante fantasy with some people. now this guy wasn't...
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    Do You Use "Cheerleading"?

    yeah, i don't like cheerleading. don't do it for others, don't want it. positive or negative criticism about the work is fine, but i don't like ad hominem stuff in the mix. the work is assessed at a distance. i've noticed that when i've worked with people who haven't been making music for very...
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    Worried about my "tone".

    the "tone is in the fingers" thing is really not BS. if you plugged into the crappiest amp ever and you couldn't change the controls (e.g. backline amp, line check, GO!), your fingers will tell your ears what you can get away with and what you can't, whatever your skill level is. outside of...