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    N(u)GD: Orange garnished with mint

    Just scrolling down to say that. VFL. Go Vols. Here is my "Tennessee Strat"
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    Best modern single speaker all tube amp with reverb for surf.

    Because he specified in his description "good spring Reverb"
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    Best modern single speaker all tube amp with reverb for surf.

    Really hard to top a Princeton Reverb. There are others and other really great amps. It is not your only option. But I do not believe there are many that I would call in the "affordable" category better than the Princeton Reverb. Good news is that Fender has made many of them and they are...
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    The oft maligned Les Paul and Gibson quality

    I had a 2018 Tribute that I let get away (traded it to buy my son a proper Gibson mandolin). Although I would rather have my son playing his mandolin--it will always be the "one that got away". If anyone bought a 2018 Tribute at Gruhn's in early 2021, let me know. I would love to buy it back...
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    The oft maligned Les Paul and Gibson quality

    The issue with Gibson is mostly a reputation that was earned in the 1970s. The "problem" was not even the electrics, but the acoustics. Thicker tops and heavier bracing made many of them lifeless. That became hyperbolic that "all Gibsons suck" and many people just randomly repeat that...
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    Acoustic archtop strings

    On my Gibson Super 4000 I currently have Elixir 12s. Although my Super 4000 has a pickup, I play it as an acoustic and it really is an acoustic, with a floating pickup. I HAVE plugged it in but almost never do. I recently strung my Gretsch 6120 with Flatwounds and really like them (at the...
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    Anyone else tired of digital amps?

    I am a lurker but do not frequently comment-- Here is my assessment of digital amps--they are simply not there--YET. They likely will get there and likely soon. Keep in mind the whole reason that Leo Fender sold Fender to CBS is that he thought that tube amps were soon to be a thing of the...
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    Guitar volume vs. amp volume -- your thoughts please

    late to this party but just got a volume pedal. I am a HUGE fan. I now recommend them to everyone. I had no idea what I was missing. Now I can play my BIG amps at bedroom volume with little loss of growl and crunch. No idea how much money I have wasted looking for a solution when the answer...
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    Wanna see your Custom Tele-Gib/Tele-Paul GUITARS !!!

    I found this at a Pawn Shop and had never heard of a TeleGib. I got it because it was obviously very very well loved and I thought it looked cool. Pawn shop owner said he thought it was a "fake Fender" and almost gave it to me. Took it home and plugged it in and it sounds awesome. No clue...
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    P90's in a semi-hollow

    If a P90 can be used in a fully hollow guitars (those mentioned above and (my favorite) the ES-295 played by Scotty Moore on some of Elvis' records) and can be used in a solid body, I can think of little reason why it could not be used in a semi-solid body. Essentially, several chambered Les...
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    Stop me! I might give a 335 one more chance.

    Personally, I think that the 335 is the single most versatile guitar ever made. It is number one on my list of "If I could only have one guitar". One thing I will toss out (may have already been said but I did not read all comments) is that no current guitar (I am aware of) has more variance...
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    Would you buy a Tele if it only came with one fret size (a size you don't like) and adapt to it?

    Unfortunately, I likely would buy one that is not perfect for me then try to adapt as suggested in the original post. "Younger me" (now late 40's) did that kind of thing all the time. Now older me has learned--the hard way--that buying something sub-optimal is not wise and that it loses "older...
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    Do you build new guitars just to use up spare parts?

    Building guitars out of spare parts worked out fairly well for Eric Clapton. And EVH.
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    Guitar cable capacitance -- how much is too much?

    As for the "gold plated" connectors--I love it when the kid at "Best Buy" tires to sell me the gold plated cables to connect some device to my TV. I always respond, you mean to tell me that Comcast has run 100 miles of the ****tiest coaxial cable that they could buy, to my house, with like...
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    Guitar cable capacitance -- how much is too much?

    I always think of this issue whenever people debate the tiniest of changes in capacitors and wiring and pots. I have stopped asking, what is your guitar hooked to? They simply do not know nor have they thought of that. The length of your wire absolutely changes tone. Sometimes better...
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    Which pickups closest to original PAF?

    (ditto answer when I hear "60's neck. SERIOUSLY? I have literally felt every conceivable neck size in 60's Les Pauls from Baseball bat to near pencil thin. Generally people mean medium thin neck on 60's but even that is silly. For this year, 2020, Gibson is offering 3 different neck options...
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    Which pickups closest to original PAF?

    After a lot of study on this subject--here is my opinion (and likely, it should be yours)--Nearly every single debatable detail on every single Les Paul made in the 50's was nearly entirely hand made with little standardization. When reading the book, "Beauty of the Burst", I make note that...
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    First ding trauma!

    Correct me if I am somehow mistaken but that guitar came pre-aged and pre-beat up. I am not trying to marginalize your trauma but that is barely noticeable and if anything will make the "pre aged" finish look more authentic. Just my $.02
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    Not again!! Elpee Standard to replace the one that got away.

    As a boy, young man and into adulthood--my grandfather had a sawmill in Lebanon. We sawed wood that went into Gibsons (they bought ALL of our good maple but we were only a small part of theirs). I can help with some of the wood quality questions that you have above.
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    Not again!! Elpee Standard to replace the one that got away.

    came over from the other forum at your invitation. Cool stuff.