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  1. archiemax

    Advice on delay/echo

    I recently got one of these and I'm lovin' it.....You want slapback, you've got it, you want pritnear any other kind of delay, you've got that too. Ten presets you set up yourself and you can scroll thru the presets with your foot with the effect on or off. Cheap too.
  2. archiemax

    M6 Truss Rod nut

    Thanks very much; I wound up buying a nut from a moped parts distributor in the SF Bay Area. Similar to what you posted but with a hex head like the original. Now I'm looking for somebody who wants to buy a vintage Aria hollowbody 12-string. Wish me luck.......
  3. archiemax

    $2k+ Fake Tele at Goodwill?

    I've bought a number of musical items from the Goodwill site, and there's been more than a few times when I saw them listing something that was either fake or "not as described" and I've messaged them. Varies with the store that's offering the item, but they were usually responsive and often...
  4. archiemax

    Some kinda relic

    No, no, a thousand times no.
  5. archiemax

    I'm going to stay 100% sober every day for the rest of my life

    There are many sober people out there who found that the "never again" approach didn't work, but the "one day at a time" approach as practiced by AA members did.
  6. archiemax

    Chased out of our rehearsal/performance place by...

    Got just the thing for you--Three of the churches in our town had ministers that'd meet up for coffee once a week, and one day they were talking about how their sanctuaries had become infested with bats. The Catholic priest said, "We hired the best exterminator in town, but the bats seem to be...
  7. archiemax

    Delay In Finding My Delay

    I've been using this Hotone Binary Eko for quite some time now & I'm lovin' it. What sold me on it is that you can set up TEN presets on it & access them with a couple taps of the toe. Cheap too. HOTONE BINARY EKO
  8. archiemax

    M6 Truss Rod nut

    Done some pretty exhaustive searching for this already, so I'm reaching out on this forum--So where can I find a cylindrical truss rod nut to replace the one on my '60s Aria 12-string? It's about 1" long, has M6 threads (I took the nut down to the hardware store to check it), and a 5mm Allen...
  9. archiemax

    Fender goes silver

    Hey, if Brian May can play with a shilling, why not?
  10. archiemax

    Tremolo - missed the bus

    If you're in an oldies band playing tunes from the fifties and sixties, you've gotta have it. A must for those "ice cream" tunes. And unless you're doing the Van Halen version, you better hit that tremolo on the bridge of "Pretty Woman."
  11. archiemax

    cheap Glarry giz101 335 copy/style guitar

    $133 and it comes with a gig bag? How far wrong can you go??
  12. archiemax

    Do You Lap Steel?

    After spending some time playing a solid-body Gretsch equipped with a Hipshot G and B bender, I made a six-string lap with a bender setup I designed myself. First one I made now belongs to my brother, second one is owned by a steel player in Sacramento, third one I custom-made for a bassist in...
  13. archiemax

    Silvertone 1481 Help

    I believe what you have there is a 1421 (look at the model number on the paper tag).
  14. archiemax

    Objectively speaking, the best pizza you can assemble from Domino's is...

    Pepperoni, black olives and bacon please.
  15. archiemax

    Oh boy.... I just bought a chibson 335 kit. Any advice?

    Friend of mine gifted me this kit from Stew-Mac. The finished build turned out real good but there's a few caveats to it: Like some other builders of this kit complained, there were glue spots on the veneered front that wouldn't take a stain and couldn't be sanded out without going through the...
  16. archiemax

    Silvertone 1448 Amp-in-case

    I did not, and I sold the amp years ago. Yep, I'm from Phoenix, and yep, we're gigging; did a pizza joint last night, got a casino gig tomorrow night, a car show next week.
  17. archiemax

    Silvertone 1448 Amp-in-case

    All I can tell you is I owned one years ago that I bought as just the chassis, no case, no speaker, no output transformer. Replaced all the caps, the tubes, and some of the resistors. Used 3 separate electrolytics in place of the can cap. Found an old tube radio with a 50C5 output tube and...
  18. archiemax

    Got sacked

    Well, at least when you're talking about the window business, there's a lot of openings in that field.
  19. archiemax


    Definitely unconventional.....believe me I had my doubts when I ordered it, but not after putting it through its paces. You'll notice that they essentially took their 15-watt modeling amp with the same chassis and enclosure and beefed it up with a 50-watt power amp and presumably a speaker with...
  20. archiemax


    I've done a lot of gigs with this one. Don't let the small size, 8" speaker, and plastic enclosure fool ya. It's a 50 watt beast that weights in at 9.4 lbs...
  21. archiemax

    Odd Power Supply Issue

    What Tubedude said. A power supply can still read 9v or more but not be supplying sufficient amperage to power the pedal(s).
  22. archiemax

    They have pedals for vocals!

    Been using the Mic Mechanic for years. Our bass player rushed out & got one as soon as he heard what mine does. Only time I don't use it is if we're backing a tribute singer and all I sing are backups.
  23. archiemax

    Late 60's Kimberly Beatles bass restoration

    I did the same to a Jay Turser Hofner copy that I gifted to a bassist I used to know. Master volume and master tone, but I kept the slide switches on so two are pickup on/off and the third is series/parallel.