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  1. Mekhem

    Lace Sensor Gold, Lace or Fender

    OK - So What are the changes to the LACE over the years?
  2. Mekhem

    Brutal American Vintage Jazzmaster II review

    Set up issues I would highly suspect.
  3. Mekhem

    Clapton's Strat Is NOT a Normal Stratocaster!

    This thread went sideways in a hot second.... Anyway - LS Golds are nice pickups and the EC strat setup with the mid-boost and TBX is a very flexible set up. Pretty sure its not a "Secret Weapon" though...
  4. Mekhem

    Anyone have this Fender Parallel Universe Meteora Guitar?

    I had one from this release. Great sounding and great balance. Looked awesome - I think they need to release the Meteora in this format again - but.... I did not like the neck carve. Because of this model - I am a big fan of the Meteora body shape but not of their recent releases of it.
  5. Mekhem

    Brutal American Vintage Jazzmaster II review

    Yeah - I saw this last week and it pretty much affirms what the initial impressions/reviews/posts have said about the AVII Jazzmasters - and AVII line in general... Which is very disappointing. I have mentioned many times that the PV/AV guitars that I purchased were almost custom shop quality...
  6. Mekhem


    Oh yeah - every version since the original. Been out of the loop - is 7 coming soon?
  7. Mekhem

    Interesting article (Reverb vs Sweetwater) new re-sale area

    Yeah - I think its interesting that SW is doing this. Definately a way to get people to have sweetwater bucks that can only be spent at....Sweetwater.
  8. Mekhem

    Keep seeing the same guitars for sale...why aren't they selling?

    Ehh - I think this is a variation of a conversation that happens a lot (Market/CL/GAS/People getting crusty over pricing) and happening frequently nowadays. IMHO the simple answer is that for most people - Music gear is not a life/professional necessity. Its easy to buy or finance when...
  9. Mekhem

    Floating the stratocaster bridge is GREAT, until....

    Same - It just makes things less frustrating. Also this - This is a great way to do it.
  10. Mekhem

    American Vintage II period C neck profiles

    Wait... What? They publish that for some of thier models dont they?
  11. Mekhem

    Fender Custom Shop neck most like a Gibson Les Paul Junior

    69 U is usually around there - but "U" not "D". They have a 59 profile that is "D" shaped but I am not sure what the usual specs are. I generally assume that the gibson 50's is around .9 to 1.0
  12. Mekhem

    Ever regretted a CS purchase?

    I had a strat a few years ago that was just 'meh'. It looked great - but just wasn't a comfortable neck for me to play. Sounded good though. I didnt 'regret' it per se... I just didnt like it much. I have a CS Tele, Strat, and Jazzmaster currently (all pre-pandemic... when you could get...
  13. Mekhem

    American Vintage II period C neck profiles

    Interesting - I wonder if the 77 is the same carve as the 72? I have always liked the Look of the 70's deluxe's. Probably from seeing punk bands, well mostly faux punk bands, in the 80's. That said - and a complete aside - I have never really gotten along with the 4 knob control layout in...
  14. Mekhem

    American Vintage II period C neck profiles

    Reference: I enjoy the fender early 60's C (+/-.8 to +/- .95). I was able to spend about 30 minutes with a AVII 72 Thinline and it felt a bit larger that from frets 1-7 and about the same through the rest of the neck maybe a little thinner. (If my life depended on a guess - .82-.92 or...
  15. Mekhem

    Compressor pedals ? What do you use?

    Keeley GC-2
  16. Mekhem

    First generation Joe Strummer Telecaster (2007-2009)

    Really - Thats weird. I am trying to remember but I dont think it ever felt like something would bubble.... The finish on the one i had felt super smooth. I could 'see' layers of paint but couldn't 'feel' the layers if that makes sense RE: Template - There was very little variance in the V1...
  17. Mekhem

    First generation Joe Strummer Telecaster (2007-2009)

    Bummer that its gone - But I had a first generation and - i didn't know it at the time - but that one was d*mn near the best tele I ever had. Great 60's neck and whatever the finish is/was it was amazing (absolutely NOT a wrap) but obviously a template of somekind. A really great player...
  18. Mekhem

    A few questions about the "Fender Classic Series Wood Strat/Tele Limited-Edition Case"

    RE: 1 - Never had that on any of the G&G cases or the 2 classic cases that i had - but i think its weird. 2. The top pad may need to break in a bit. As long as the top lid lines up ok with the bottom its ok. However sometimes if the case gets knocked around then the hinges can get wonky...
  19. Mekhem

    StewMac shim angle for bottomed out bridge

    I like the Stew Mac shime - even at the eye watering price. They solve a lot of problems.
  20. Mekhem

    iOS 16

    IOS Battery drain issues on "Non-current" apple devices has been a common issue with every major release of IOS. As has issues with bluetooth connectivity/devices It has happened to me on the release of IOS 12, 13, 14, but weirdly not 15.... (Iphone 8, 10, 12 depending on release date) Apple...
  21. Mekhem

    Called Wildwood-Bad News

    I would guess that if wildwood got cut off - daves will get cut off once the orders are filled. For the 62 versions anyway. To Me - Nitro fells better where I touch the guitar. It may not sound better/wear better/make me a better player but a nice nitro neck certainly feels better. Also -...
  22. Mekhem

    What Trick Have You Found That Makes A Guitar Play Better Without Serious Mods?

    +1 for a good set up - including pickup height. Also - +1 for guitar volume down and amp volume at 10 (or 11). I always take the tone down a smidge.
  23. Mekhem

    American Vintage II - coming October

    Yeah - Thats been there since september - but if you click on that link it takes you to the Fender Site with no information
  24. Mekhem

    A CS 59 vs CS 62

    Yeah - Oddley I think both 59 and 62 are kind of transition years: 59 Maple> slab Rosewood and profiles D to C - a couple versions of C actually. 62 Slab Rosewood to "round Laminate" rosewood with a slimmer C than 59's. I think that when it comes to modern Fender USA/FCS - 62=slab rosewood
  25. Mekhem

    A CS 59 vs CS 62

    In my case - Based on owning a Fender USA 52 Tele I knew i did not like playing the big 50's style maple necks so when I had chances to look at and play FCS guitars I just gravitated to the 60 style and played those. The ones that I ended up buying ae the ones that felt good to play and...