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  1. don_danapoint

    Any Tech 21 Fly Rig users out there?

    Totally agree I have the RK5v2 totally nice portable pedalboard. As I mentioned in my previous post it’s not my main rig but it’s been elevated to my quick grab and go rig. I use it to play direct to PA and I play a variety of musical genres. I’ve had some time with it now to learn the SansAmp...
  2. don_danapoint

    Any Tech 21 Fly Rig users out there?

    I have the RKv2 fly rig (not my main rig) but played thru it straight in the PA VIA XLR last night with my channel set flat and I set the tone I wanted on the fly rig and it worked great…
  3. don_danapoint

    Anyone here remember the song "Vehicle" by Ides of March?

    Yup…Covered the song in various band I played in since the 70’s
  4. don_danapoint

    Wanted to share my pedalboard.

    Great looking board!
  5. don_danapoint

    Pedalboard Power Supply Suggestions?

    +1 voodoo labs.. great company and attentive to customer issues.. I had a pp2 that I used before getting a pp3 and one of the power ports went dead and they repaired it with no question and shipped it back to me asap..
  6. don_danapoint

    What's the choice for pedal power supplies

    Voodoo labs pedal power 2 & 3 … just works…
  7. don_danapoint

    Super Reverb Silly Question: Do you place it on ground, or tilt back on legs?

    If I’m not using IEMs then I tilt it back otherwise if it’s mic‘d and using IEMs or floor monitors then no legs
  8. don_danapoint

    Compressor Pedal

    Wampler 4 knob EGO works with all of my amps
  9. don_danapoint

    GLX-D Wireless system...

    Long time GLxD user.. I have played over 100 gigs easily and some have been in highly congested environments with cell phone and WifI routers such as trade shows and never had drop outs… maybe I’m lucky but I’ve never switched my GLxD 16 from channel 13
  10. don_danapoint

    HR DeVille cuts out, then is fine

    Here's a great reference site for the HotRod series of Amps... IF you're not hand with a Soldering Iron then take your amp to a tech.. The Unofficial Fender Hot Rod Owner's Guide (
  11. don_danapoint

    Boss BF-2 issue?

    I have BF-2 in collection and it’s nowhere noisy as your pedal
  12. don_danapoint

    Advice on IEM

    I was in the same situation with a new band. I went with the Shure because it’s one of the gold standards in audio and I used all three of the systems mentioned here and the Shure was the one that had the least amount of drop outs… The downside of the Shure is it’s more expensive versus the...
  13. don_danapoint

    Educate me about the Timmy

    I have a Gain Changer into a Timmy on one of my boards and it’s tonal Bliss in every amp that I use… I have notfound a amp where this combo of pedals does not work.. Even in solid state amps.. The secret in the sauce is the the Gain Changer can get a fair amount of Gain if you want without...
  14. don_danapoint

    Getting ground noise with single coil guitars / effects

    Get a good Noise Gate like a Boss NS2‘
  15. don_danapoint

    Hendrix copied correctly

    Loved the playing and inflection, Great Job!
  16. don_danapoint

    Tell us your single favorite OD pedal!

    Barber Gain Changer… Sounds awesome with my Marshall and Fender amps.
  17. don_danapoint

    Anybody Still Use George L Cables?

    Still running George Ls on my board for a long time without any problems…
  18. don_danapoint

    NPD - Barber Gain Changer

    The GC is a staple on my pedalboard… it sounds awesome with my Fender and Marshall amps… I play both Les Pauls and Strato. The GC also works very well when stacked.. I‘ve stacked it with a Timmy , Rat, TubesScreamer and other pedals in my collection. Pedals come and go on my pedalboard but the...
  19. don_danapoint

    The love and adoration for the Fender Super Reverb

    I love my Super Reverb at any level of Volume with my Les Pauls and Strats.... The key for me is IF I'm playing in a small venue I realize the I can't crank it past 4 and I adjust accordingly and use a Barber Gain Changer to push the amp a little harder a lower volumes. Does it sound the same...
  20. don_danapoint

    Kid Charlemagne - My LLB Top Ten #3

    Dale, That was a fantastic LLB cover of a timeless classic. Superb playing by everyone.. As a guitarist I love hearing the clarity of the guitars thru the mix. The lead singer and the ladies and the entire band working together just nailed the vibe. As a working musician when I see this level...
  21. don_danapoint

    Anyone try noiseless pups and go back to originals

    As a working guitarist I have several different Strats and have owned many.. I've tried a lot of pickups since the late 70's and while I love the vintage vibe of all of the boutique pickups and the original Fender Pickups.. I find that my go to on gigs is my Fender Vintage N4 Noisesless....or...
  22. don_danapoint

    Barber pedals

    I've been using a Gain Changer for a number of years and is the only drive that has not rotated off my main pedalboard.. The GC is just a great sounding pedal and works with my rigs very well Marshall and Fender amps... I tweak the pedal for the amp I'm using for the gig and away I got.. Not at...
  23. don_danapoint

    Maybe I am missing something about the KoT....

    I have a KOT and what I've found with any pedal is how and when you use it... If I'm playing subtly i.e. home I find some really great pedals to be meh... but when I play the same pedal in a venue where i'm with the band and my amp is cooking and I listen back to recordings I say hot damn that...
  24. don_danapoint

    Wireless systems

    Also a big user of the Shure GlxD16 with multiple guitars and transmitters. Never once had a drop out and I've done very large gigs with multitudes of wireless signals from cell phones to wifi routers and other band members using wireless systems. Baterry life is excellent for the transmitters...
  25. don_danapoint

    pedals that don't sound like they do on YouTube

    I also have a BF DRRI in my amp collection ... Try a Barber Gain Changer...... , King of Tone, Prince of Tone, Rat, or Full Drive 2.... I play a variety of music covering anything for 70's on and can get some spectacular tones with the pedals I mentioned. I find that the key ingredient to good...

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