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  1. MilwMark

    A Floyd Rose on a Les Paul, you say??

    More like this. It just drops in place of the tailpiece. Here’s one on a 335 type to get the idea.
  2. MilwMark

    A Floyd Rose on a Les Paul, you say??

    @brookdalebill - as a confirmed Bigsby guy, have you tried the Duesenberg Les Trem? I picked up the mkII version and am toying with putting it on my Dean LP.
  3. MilwMark

    Keeping some treble when reducing volume but not all?

    There's not really "a" treble bleed. Just different values and combinations of caps and/or resisters. So you can certainly tune the amount of treble you want to retain. Along with what does or doesn't happen to the mids/lows, as you turn down, etc.
  4. MilwMark

    Worried about my "tone".

    “Widely acknowledged”? By whom? “Generic”? What is “generic” tone?
  5. MilwMark

    A Floyd Rose on a Les Paul, you say??

    Lots of folks. It’s been around for a long time.
  6. MilwMark

    New Fender Gold Foil Telecaster

    Wonder if they are similar to the new Harmony gold foil minis. Those (and the full sized Harmony ones) sound great.
  7. MilwMark

    New Fender Gold Foil Telecaster

    I'm not sure comparing a Fender scale bolt on guitar to a Gibson scale set neck, both with different depth and shape bodies, establishes that. Closer would be a basswood, set neck LP vs a 'hog LP. I'm not saying wood doesn't matter. It likely does. But not in a clearly predictable way, IME.
  8. MilwMark

    Worried about my "tone".

    I think it's fine to be honest that you are new to the bandstand and open to feedback/suggestions. But don't go overboard. Maybe starting with letting folks know it is OK to tell you you are too loud and if so you'll turn down. It can be surprisingly hard to hear yourself without being too...
  9. MilwMark

    867-5309 vs. The Breakup Song vs. Long Cool Woman

    Used to play in an 80s cover band. I sang 867-5309 and played the riffs on Breakup. Loved both songs. 867-5390 was guaranteed to make the, err, I think American PI would have called them M!LFs, go bananas. Foundational garments hitting the stage. Things flashing. Climbing on stage...
  10. MilwMark

    If a Stratocaster is the salad dressing equivalent of ranch, what is a Tele?

    Why is a Strat the "lowest common denominator"? I have a Tele. I like it. Its virtues do not require criticizing other types of guitars. And vice versa.
  11. MilwMark

    Disco Danzig

    Glenn Danzig Was My Babysitter
  12. MilwMark

    What are the truly iconic tube combos?

    Roland Jazz Chorus. Couldn’t help myself.
  13. MilwMark

    My mom and pop store is really nasty

    Sometimes we just need a good rant. I get that. But one-sided “detailed” accounts always seem to come across one-sided, lacking in detail and context, and cherry-picked. For some reason.
  14. MilwMark

    Stupid question: Can someone explain "midrange"

    There is a simple and a complex way to look at this. The root problem is: once you know the sound and feel you want in the context you play, this gets very simple. Until then it seems and is very complicated. Maybe to help a bit. The life, girth, vocal quality and juicy breakup of guitar live...
  15. MilwMark

    New (to me) Dean Day

    I don’t know much about Pantera. These guys spurred my fascination.
  16. MilwMark

    New (to me) Dean Day

    Determined it’s for sure a keeper. Back from my local shop, with a few changes for me: - Kluson tulip style tuners - set of Seth Lovers I had on my shelf - 1m neck volume pot with treble bleed. - set of Guilt knobs from my shelf - custom brass nut Perfect for me.
  17. MilwMark

    Gibson at GC conundrum.

    Yeah. I don't follow closely, but I've always understood 1st and 5th to be the "standard" with some limited deviation over the years.
  18. MilwMark

    How long is a Tonemaster amp designed to last? FACTS ONLY.

    ? Which modern cars have you owned that are scrapped instead of repaired or maintained? On what are you basing the Tonemaster contention?
  19. MilwMark

    Covers vs Original Material...

    What is a “so called“ original band? I’ve played in cover bands. I enjoyed it and it was how I learned to play and be on stage. Now I play in an original band. I find it much more satisfying. We’re playing tonight at a tiny club. There might be 10 people there. Might be 50. We’ll have a great...
  20. MilwMark

    New band - but maybe issues?

    Something is not adding up. I suspect tab. Tab is often wrong. Especially. But not exclusively on passing chords. What tabbers (?) often hear as a separate guitar “chord” change is (a) not there, (b) a passing bass or other instrument note, or (c) not a separate guitar chord and at most a...
  21. MilwMark

    Clapton's Extended Solos in Cream

    Gosh. I’ll take Page, Kossoff or Blackmore over Clapton any day. I like songs. If I want jazz I’ll listen to jazz. Not “Jazz”.
  22. MilwMark

    Do we really need commercials reminding us to wear seat belts?

    Some Of Y'all Field Really Strange Complaints Seatbelt PSAs? Really? Really?
  23. MilwMark

    Picks - Chapter 351 : do you use the point or the shoulder against the string ? And…how come I went back to using them at all ?!

    Fender 451. Pointed end. Small, extra heavy tortex. Thinner, slightly bigger and slightly less pointy than the Jazz iii. Perfect for strumming and lead, for me. To me they sound better than the more “clicky” Jazz iii material. They stopped making the 451 extra heavy for awhile and I’m glad they...
  24. MilwMark

    Simple multi-effects stomp pedal

    That’s how I use “chorus” most often. Hammond/Leslie thing. We did write one where I had a really cool intro riff that repeats throughout the song. It sounded cool but needed something. Kicked on the delay. Better, but needed movement. On a lark I flicked the switch on my CE-2w from the...
  25. MilwMark

    Is it cheating....??

    I think many of the oft repeated online “rules” exist because people just don’t really know what sound they are looking for. If you do and it works, don’t question it.

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