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    What happened to solid body 12 strings?

    Here's one I can highly recommend. Not many around. Solid instrument, great sounding pickups.
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    Ab-y what are you guys using for 2 amps

    Radial Twin City
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    Get behind me, Satan!

    That amp is HUGE!! Aside from the size and weight, would you actually be able to turn it up anywhere above 2.5 on the volume knob?
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    A question for the 6V6 aficionados…

    I've tried different 6v6 tube pairs in several - many - amps. NOS, ANOS, JJs and other new tubes. It's the rare amp that doesn't seem to sound best with one particular pair of tubes. Usually, the best sounding pair is NOS or ANOS. Not always. The older tubes that often sound best to me are Ken...
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    Picks - Chapter 351 : do you use the point or the shoulder against the string ? And…how come I went back to using them at all ?!

    Never the point. Always the rounder part, with the point pointing away from the neck. I use the free pics that come with Juststrings orders. They're just a touch thinner than medium. Have been my favorites for years.
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    Squier 70s Thinlines -- any long-term experience?

    My experience is not long-term. Just got this blond CV 70s thinline about two weeks ago. It clearly had seldom - if ever - been played. Plastic covering still on the pickguard and p/us. Felt like the original strings. Action way high ... kinda like this guitar had sat out without a case in a...
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    Dont upgrade your Squier

    I'm on Squier CV 70s tele number two now. This one the thinline. The only thing I would even consider upgrading is the saddles. But really, just an idle thought. They do what they are supposed to. It was remarkably easy to get this guitar set up and highly playable. Excellent neck. Excellent...
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    Does anyone like humbuckers on Telecasters?

    I've not spent time with teles that have regular HBs installed. Now I have two Squier CV teles, both with the faux WRHB p/us. One the solidbody 70s model, the other the thinline 70s model. It's rare you find cheaper instruments with outstanding p/us, but here they are. I'm really enjoying them.
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    Just saw another take on “dry January”…

    I don't know about dry January, but do know that voluntary stoppage by very heavy drinkers can have other motivations. Two friends nearly died post surgery because they failed to inform doctors about their heavy drinking. Between the physical assault of surgery and anaesthesia - then the sudden...
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    What have you bought guitar-related in the past 48 hrs?

    Used Squier CV 70s tele thinline, yesterday. Owned, but hardly used. Still had the plastic on the p/us and pickguard. Not a scratch on it.
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    Are you, or have you ever exhibited hick like symptoms?

    I wasn't a hick until I stepped away from the rural NY town in which I had grown up. Going to college on Long Island, I was suddenly regarded as a hick. They weren't wrong. Not sure exactly what being a hick entails, but I come across as rather different from my city born friends.
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    Are you interested in any trades?

    Most often, the seller declines, explaining that they prefer cash. When the answer is positive, it's usually along the lines of "What do you have?" Because I show interest in what is for sale, and communicate respectfully, I never get criticism or annoyed responses from sellers when I ask if...
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    Are you interested in any trades?

    I do a fair amount of trading. If I have multiple items available for trade - usually the case - that's the exact question I'll ask. No need providing details if trading is not a possibility.
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    GAS never sleeps Ibanez AM93QM Artcore Expressionist

    I had an AM 93QM for awhile. Got it used, not much money. It really surprised me. Pickups weren't bad. The feel and balance of the guitar was quite good. I ended up trading it, but not because of any flaw in the guitar. An excellent semihollow guitar without a huge price tag.
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    Fender Deluxe Reverb killers

    I've owned, played so many great amps. An Ampeg Gemini II with 6L6s and a tube rectifier was one of the best. As was a friend's early 60s reverborocket with 6v6s. That said, I disagree with DRs being overrated. Not all were or are equally good. Had a '67 BFDR which was quite good, not great...
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    I don’t know how to do this.

    I feel for you. There is no quick or easy way to get past it. Your little pal was too cute, too loyal and present, too much a part of your life. We're still mourning the loss of our girl Bella more than a year later. It gets easier, but the beginning is really hard. I hope you can feel better...
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    An old Christmas Memory

    Well done!! BTW, Stan Musial has long been one of my favorite baseball players. Actually got to see him and the Cards womp the NY Mets, in their first year. I was a little kid. Stan hit 3 home runs in the game. His compact, watchful stance was always on my mind when I played ball. One of the...
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    Solo Christmas

    My first marriage dissolved over the holidays, starting with Tday. That was such a rough time. To the point that I've never had much feeling for the winter holidays since. Life is very different now, 19 years married to my second wife, house full of people tomorrow. For that I am so grateful...
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    Should we discuss which Tone Master is the real "deal"

    "Real deal" is a moving target with amps, depends greatly on one's expectations. I've been enjoying various non tube amps for years, and found my favorites to be real in their own ways tonally and functionally. Some more tube like than others. But I've always favored tubes, and always loved...
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    The BIG Shift in life...

    Me too. Didn't sound like a joke, but it's very hard to tell in online posts. I'm good at backpedaling too!!
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    The BIG Shift in life...

    And this snark effectively proves my point. Discussing age-related discrimination brings it out very quickly. A part of life we all go through, somehow not worthy of discussion. Somehow signaling weakness. Laughable. The usual macho BS. I've seen it for years in work environments. Somehow did...
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    Used Gear Buyers, Do You Ask "Is The Item Still Available" On First Message?

    I have messaged that question rarely, only when an ad has been up for a long time. And in light of the many times I've had sellers tell me the item was sold ... but they forgot to take the listing down. And BTW, "Is the _____ still available?" is direct and clear. A valid question. (I would not...
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    Next time someone messages asking if it's still available, say yes!

    I get asked this often. It's actually understandable. Often enough, I respond to a CL or FB marketplace ad only to find it was sold long ago. So it seems wise to give responders to my ads the benefit of a doubt. I have sold things after long intervals of having items for sale, after being asked...
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    The BIG Shift in life...

    Same thing for me. 7 years ago, I was in three bands. Quite active, gigging, rehearsing. Then two of the bands folded (various reasons), and the third has become more or less ceremonial. I thought it would be easy to hook up with new people and bands. Wrong. Were I to be interested in classic...
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    Semi-hollow/chambered sound

    The original poster says he prefers P90s. I do too. Haven't yet tried the HB version of the Epi ES-339. They're certainly easier to find used than the P90 model.

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