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  1. Sterence

    Wanted Thinline Body

    Looking for a decent Thinline body with single coil routes not humbuckers.
  2. Sterence

    Anyone try or use a Novak (or Carvin) AP-6? (Joe Maphis/early Moserite sound)

    I have a Hallmark Deke II with a JM-6 pickups. I like em alot. Neck is warm and clear, and bridge is bright for sure but ear bleed bright. and yeah not too twangy. I get a lot compliments on how good the guitar sounds....
  3. Sterence

    First time bender

    Hi all, So I just started playing in a old school country band. Mainly been playing a Hallmark Deke Dickerson guitar (which is great BTW). But I have become B/G Bender curious to be able to cover some steel and pedal territory. I have never actual played one, but dang it looks fun. So my...
  4. Sterence

    I have never played an SG

    IMO Guild S-100 > than modern Gibson SG. I have not played a vintage SG so I cant comment on that.... This guitar is my main rig for a 10 piece RnB band. Matt "Guitar" Murphy style. I love it...
  5. Sterence

    Guild S-100 vs SG

    the neck on mine is pretty thin and flat. I like that. Again the SG classic neck was huge. I didn't like that. I am now on the hunt for a S-200 thunderbird with p90's......
  6. Sterence

    Guild S-100 vs SG

    I own a '74 s-100 carved top. it is my main guitar and I love it! I have gigged in a RnB band for that last 4 years. I have replace the orignal PUs with Fralin PAFs which are little darker and maybe weaker. The phase switch on mine is now a humbucker/single coil switch. I have also owned a...
  7. Sterence

    Playing with a horn section

    I have been playing in 10-14 piece RnB cover band 5 years. We have 5 horn players (3 Sax, 1 trumpet and 1 Bone) It is a blast to play with these guys. And we are busy this summer. Here is older video of us, and I am playing my tele (seems appropriate).
  8. Sterence

    Help with possible Princeton purchase

    Point of reference. I sold a 64 tuxedo 6G2 with a replaced baffle and period correct Oxford speaker recently for $1500. I think we both got a good deal imo.
  9. Sterence

    What is it about fuzz?

    Sun Lion. That is all you need.
  10. Sterence


    I saw them at Coachella 04. They went on before Radiohead. When Radihead came on Thom Yorke said that they should be opening for the Pixies since Radiohead wouldn't be without them. It was one of the best shows I have ever seen. I flew down from Alaska for it. Finished the night...
  11. Sterence

    NGD Epi SG Classic

    Does your Epi have a fat neck and tall frets? Mine does and I dig it.
  12. Sterence

    NGD Epi SG Classic

    Used Gibsons are pretty affordable too. got mine under $750 with a case!
  13. Sterence

    NGD Epi SG Classic

    I recently got a used 2009 Gibson SG Classic. Same guitar basically as yours. It has become my new favorite. P-90s rip, crunchy and punchy at full volume and clean and mean with the volume rolled back. Fuzzs clean well (not as well as a strat single coil). And I have loved the SG body...
  14. Sterence

    i know..Neil Young-Crazy Horse Guitar sound..close

    Tell me more. My main gigging amp is BFPR clone with some tweaks: p12n for a speaker, Beefier Transformers, Stokes Mod ( I think) and Master Volume. Its a great amp and I am always looking for ways to get new tones out of it. And one of my all time favorite Albums is "Live Rust". His amps...
  15. Sterence

    What are cover bands making per night playing bars in Your area?

    We charge $100 per person plus paying for sound. That ends up being ~$1500. We are 10-12 person band, playing all night....
  16. Sterence

    School me on alternatives to fender and gibson

    GUILD in the vintage market
  17. Sterence

    First gig in a few years: volume woes

    I can definitely weigh in on this. I play in a few bands but mostly a 10-12 piece RnB band. So i need pretty loud and mostly clean with a edge of breakup. I have a 1981 DR with a Maverick in it, a 1964 Tuxedo 6g2, and recently a hot rodded PR clone with a master volume. Our gigs always have...
  18. Sterence

    Do I really need a Brown Princeton? talk me down

    You don't need a Brown 6g2, you need a Tuxedo 6g2!
  19. Sterence

    Is there any point to reverb?

    You know whats funny, is my band plays "I Need never get old" by the Night Sweats (what great band and song BTW). And that is one of the songs that I crank the reverb on. I try to even get some Drip out of it. And they are both playing PR's!
  20. Sterence

    Is there any point to reverb?

    For gigs Short splashy surf reverb yes!!! Drip Drip Drip! Hall/room long trail reverb no (it is ok at home). And I have found it hard to get splashy reverb out of a pedal. The best I have heard is an overdrive spring tank in Fender amp. I am working on home built Princeton Reverb to get...
  21. Sterence

    Eminence Maverick Quality?

    I have had a Maverick in my 1981 DR for about a year. Works as advertised and sounds great. I usual run it fully attenuated so I can run the amp hotter.
  22. Sterence

    Princeton reverb increase reverb mix and remove reverb and trem jacks

    Thanks for the ideas. I am sure this PR has been tweaked a bit for taste, I'll call my buddy. I am by no means an expert but I am in cautious apprentice phase of tube amp repair. I have opened up and worked on this amp and my 1980 SFDR and old 6g2. I will have a look at the Reverb Pot and...
  23. Sterence

    Princeton reverb increase reverb mix and remove reverb and trem jacks

    This is a very interesting thread to me. I have the a PR clone that a friend built, that had very cavernous reverb with a long dwell. It had a 3 spring Belton Pan and cheap 12at7 in V2. I recently replaced pan with a MOD medium delay spring pan and upgraded V2 with a better Groove Tube 12at7...
  24. Sterence

    Gig Earplugs

    I am looking for suggestions on earplugs for gigging that don't cut high end frequencies. I have tried something like these EarPeace ones and they made everything sound dull, especially the high mids to high frequencies (ie guitar). I play in a R&B band (5 horns, 3-5 piece rhythm section and...

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