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  1. vjf1968

    How much is too much?

    For some reason videos for the JAM Pedals Pink Flow appeared in my Youtube thread. For those who may not be familiar with the Pink Flow here's a link In most of the comments of the various videos there is the inevitable statement "this thing is way...
  2. vjf1968

    Quadraverb 2

    Anyone have experience on replacing the LCD screen on one of these machines? Mine is completely unreadable but still passes signal.
  3. vjf1968

    Mastery Bridge and Trem on a Squire Bass VI

    Has anybody replaced the stock trem and bridge on a Squire Bass VI with a Mastery one. If you have, did you have to do any modifications or was it an easy swap?
  4. vjf1968

    Has anyone made the switch from Apple (Logic) to PC based recording?

    I'm not looking for a debate about Apple vs. PC. I just want to know has anyone made a change this drastic change in your studio. Were you able to move any projects into the new DAW? Were your plugins easy to transfer? Did you regret it?
  5. vjf1968

    New Amp Day-PANAMA FUEGO X

    Just purchased a used Panama Fuego X head from a seller on Reverb. I was moving on from my Fender DRRI and wanted to try something different. So, after searching I came across some reviews on YouTube and other sources and decided to snag the head at good price. I have had the amp a few days and...
  6. vjf1968

    Belle Epoch Deluxe! Who took the plunge?

    So I was lucky(?) enough to snag a new Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe a week ago and was running it through my Deluxe Reverb. I have to say that it is a marked improvement over the original, giving more control via an expression pedal and oscillating foot-switch. I did have to tweak the gain...
  7. vjf1968

    Someone stole Mandy Marie's guitar

    From Mandy's Facebook page. Keep a look out. This was one on Big John's guitars ALERT!!!!!!!!!* My guitar was stolen tonight in MOL, BELGIUM after our show. It's John's RED SPARKLE "Dikkers" Tele...and it means the world to me. I've watched that guitar like a HAWK on this tour and it was...
  8. vjf1968

    NGD-2013 Gibson SG 60's Tribute

    This followed me home Saturday. Great player and the price was to good to pass up.
  9. vjf1968

    Strymon Deco

    Just got one and I have to say that this is a GREAT pedal. Part OD, part compression, flanger, chorus, and delay. It seems to make my drive pedals sound better. It's kind of like audio bacon.
  10. vjf1968

    Yardbox wireing layout

    Anyone have a picture of the inside of a Prescription Electronics Yardbox? Specifically of the components and the wiring. It appears a few came loose:( and I'm not sure where they go. I would sure appreciate it.
  11. vjf1968

    Anyone know about old bamboo fishing rods?

    I inherited a bunch of different rods from my father but I don't fish and would like to sell them off and make some room for some music gear. Anyone know of a place that can do an appraisal or point me into a direction to some fisherman looking for old fishing rods? Thanks in advance.
  12. vjf1968

    New Guitar Day

    Just bought a brand new Chapman ML1 from Riff City Guitars and Music Co. seen here: Decided to go with the Swamp Ash model and I have to say the guitar is put together very well. It came set-up and only needed a slight tuning. For under $569 it's a great guitar. Highly recommended if you are...
  13. vjf1968

    Logic X Update 10.2.3

    Anyone else here that uses Logic having a problem with this update? After I downloaded it and ran Logic, the program would crash on startup. The farthest I can get is the "choose a template" prompt. I also did a complete reinstall of Logic but that didn't work either. No help from Apple or...
  14. vjf1968

    Keeley Mod Workstation

    This is just a quick review since I just received the pedal yesterday and had about 30 minutes to play around with it. Like the drives, especially the Oxblood. The Katana/1962 section is very usable. As for the "Mod" section, I only have a few criticisms. The rotary effect is not very...
  15. vjf1968

    What are those things called?

    Those large buttons that you put on your effects pedals. Especially if you have something like the Keeley Tone Workstation where you don't want to hit two buttons accidentally.
  16. vjf1968

    Anyone using the Keeley MOD Workstation?

    I'm looking to reduce the amount of pedals on my board and the Mod Workstation seems to fit my needs nicely but before I drop $300, I would like to get some feedback from anyone here using it. What's good about it? What could be better? Is it worth the money?
  17. vjf1968

    Strymon is getting into the power supply game Nice idea in making it expandable but it's 2016, so why make these things so huge? If GigRig can make them small why isn't that approach catching on?
  18. vjf1968

    What we did on our Summer Vacation!!!

    This past July, my wife and I were in Minneapolis on a working vacation. With a Mac Air running Garageband, a Mackie Pro FX 12, an M-Audio Mobile-Pre, a bunch of SM57's and 58's and a very tight budget, we managed to record over 10 actors in a comfortable sized hotel room over the weekend of...
  19. vjf1968

    Why not The Gig Rig?

    I have noticing threads on various power supply options and I really have not seen any mention of the Gig Rig . Seems like a no brainer since everything is so small and the power cables allow you to trim them to size and the Generator can put out 5 amps. That's enough to power a very big...
  20. vjf1968

    If you like Slate plug ins...

    Check this deal out
  21. vjf1968

    Lost a friend today.

    After a painful wait we were told that Bebe had a 13cm sized tumor in her abdomen that was cancerous. We went over all the option and it was decided that the best thing for Bebe was to let her go. My wife, Lindsay and I had our last moments and stayed as Bebe slipped away peacefully. It was...
  22. vjf1968

    Guerilla recording

    My wife and I are flying out to Minneapolis in July for a working vacation. We are getting together with some actors and will be recording a play my wife wrote for a future podcast. The recording will be done in Minneapolis and mixed and edited here in Philly. The setup so far is: -Mackie...
  23. vjf1968

    RIP MIchael Brown of The Left Banke Mike Brown (Lookofsky) died yesterday. Brown was the writer of the hits "Walk Away Renee" and "Pretty Ballerina". He was also the musical lynchpin for The Left Banke because of his arranging and keyboard...
  24. vjf1968

    New board configuration.

    Wen selling and buying and came up with this. The Amptweaker Tight Drive Pro covers all my boost/OD/distortion needs and the Black Cat Bee Buzz takes care of the rest.
  25. vjf1968

    NPD-Amptweaker TightDrive Pro.

    After returning my Keeley Time Machine Boost I decided to look at some Youtube videos for a overdrive with a built in boost. After looking at a few I really liked the Amptweaker TightDrive Pro. I saw one on and made an offer. Got a brand new one for $240. Great pedal. I like how...