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  1. Mat

    Blues Jr Rectifier question

    In the Blues Jr circuit where the HV windings go from the transformer to the full wave bridge rectifier there is a capacitor bridging these lines. The schematic shows it as 0.1/630. I assume it is there to smooth out some of the AC ripple before rectification. Is that right?
  2. Mat

    Chip swapping in a Chinese Klon Klone

    I have several Klon variations (Tumnus, Ryra and a Chinese version). Gotta say all great sounding pedals even the Chinese clone is not too shabby. The Tumnus and Ryra cover me for my 2 Klon variations (sweet boost and a low gain overdrive) so what to do with the 3rd (Chinese). So I thought...
  3. Mat

    Fender Concert Amp Tube, transitional chart?

    Just purchased a very late 1960 Fender Concert (JL date code on tube chart). It is the 6 12AX7/7025 tube configuration but the tube chart denotes it as a 6G12. Also the tube chart shows a pair of 6L6's versus the 6G12-A circuit indicates 5881's were used. So I am guessing a transitional...
  4. Mat

    String Doctor C**cked Wah with a standard 5 way switch

    Firstly, apologies if someone else has figured this out and posted - I just couldn't find it. Secondly, a big nod to Craig Anderton whose original switching diagram this is based upon. So I love the sound of C**cked wah when I build Esquires but get frustrated by the tonal limitations and I...
  5. Mat

    Tele build with a 5 way super switch to get the Eldred Cocked Wah in posiiton 4

    I'm looking to do a Tele / Esquire build using a 5 way super switch to get the following combinations 1 Bridge 2 Bridge and Neck (Parallel) 3 Bridge and Neck (Series) 4 Bridge with Eldred **** wah 5 Neck Order of 2-4 not important. I have seen some wiring diagranms which show position 4 as an...
  6. Mat

    Routing guides for a Fender Wide Range Pick up

    Does anybody know if anyone makes / sells these?
  7. Mat

    5F10 Harvard and 5F11 Vibrolux - Input Jack 1 grid reference issue

    I am extremely lucky in that I have a 5F10 Harvard in my music room and a 5F11 Vibrolux on the way. As you do, I googled 5F11 Vibrolux to see what info was up on the internet and I came across Uncle Doug on Youtube who services a 5F11 (a great watch if you're into amps - some info may be...
  8. Mat

    5CE5 Build

    No not a typo! Having been dudded on a tweed pro that I bought paid for and haven’t received I figured I’d let karma do its’ business on the seller and I’d build one for myself. The concept is essentially a 5E5 with an octal and 12AY7 pre-amp channel in a TV front cabinet. Planning to wire the...
  9. Mat

    63 Super Reverb Restoration

    Just picked up this beauty last night but haven't had time to play it or pull it apart for a good look. Had some work and plenty of use over the years. Obviously the tolex is gone (Still present around the back and on the back panels) and the grill cloth is unoriginal. Speakers are...
  10. Mat

    Orange DIVO VT1000 Valve Tester

    Has anyone seen / used one yet. Saw that this valve tester / gain meter has just been released by Orange. I believe it will retal around the $500 in the USA (not sure about Oz). Seems like they will save a fair bit of time testing and matching valves - for power valves I currently test...
  11. Mat

    Premier 120 Hum

    Throwing this one open as it has me stumped. Recently got a Premier 120 (circa 58) unmolested with the original Victoria cover and Jensen P12. Went through and replaced the main filter caps as it was the original can. Fired it up and significant hum. Checked out the heater circuit...
  12. Mat

    Ticking / Thumping Tremolo - non LFO Silvertone 1458 Chassis

    Just putting a 1458 Silvertone chassis (amp in case) into a cabinet. The issue I have is when the tremolo is engaged I get a significant pulsating thump ( and it's not someone in the house critiquing my playing:wink:). This is a bias vary tremolo so there' no LFO involved. There is now...
  13. Mat

    Speaker help for Dan Amp in Case

    I have just picked up the amplifer section of a Dano 1457 amp in case, the one with tremolo. Just hoping someone can tell me what the impedance of the speaker in these units are.
  14. Mat

    I think my rectifier is ill - 6AX5 content

    Just finishing up a Supro Brentwood had it all stitched back up it, turned it on and it sounded mushy with little definition and volume. Put the bias probes on and found only 80V of plate current. Took the chassis out and took a reading at the rectifier after much looking to see if anything...
  15. Mat

    Watkins Westminster Restore

    Just a quick post about a Watkins Westminster that I rcently got up on the bench at home. Arrived bascially DOA as the seller said it "smoked" once it warmed up! Replaced filter caps and coupling caps (these had been done before and not well 100uf where 20uf should be etc, I guess they used...
  16. Mat

    Watkins Westminster Restore

    Just a quick post about a Watkins Westminster that I rcently got up on the bench at home. Arrived bascially DOA as the seller said it "smoked" once it warmed up! Replaced filter caps and coupling caps (these had been done before and not well 100uf where 20uf should be etc, I guess they used...
  17. Mat

    Gibson GA-3RV Dwell Control

    Hope the brainstrust can help. I have just rehoused a GA-3RV Chassis and want to add a dwell control as it gets fairly "clangy" as you turn the mix up. Looking at the circuit diagram do I need to reaplce R16 - 4.7K resistor (circled in red) with a 5K pot and if so is there anything else I...
  18. Mat

    Eminence Maverick / Reignmaker Speakers

    Has anyone tried these? They look as thought they could be an interesting variation on using an attenuator.
  19. Mat

    Fender reverb unit - spring to hold pan

    I just got a 1965 fender Reverb unit which has 3 springs suspending the pan. Any idea where I can get a replacement for the missing one?
  20. Mat

    Vibrolux Build 5E11 or 5F11

    Thinking this could be the next project. A couple of questions if I could. 1. Is there a preferable layout - 5E11 or 5F11? 2. Where would I source a selenium rectifier and if they are unobtainium then what are the options? Any help from the brains trust would be much appreciated.
  21. Mat

    Gibson GA-1RT / Maestro M-1RT Reverb help

    I have just bought a Maestro GA-1RT for restoration. It is missing the reverb tank and I was hoping someone in the collective brainstrust would know the details or have one that they can get the information from. :smile: I also have a Maestro M-1RVT which has a small type 1 reverb fitted...
  22. Mat

    VibroChamp Surprise

    Just picked up a SF Vibrochamp with a 10" speaker with a view to seeing if it would cope with a smallish type jam situation (drums, keyboard, bass, a couple of guitars). Before going I rewired it for 240V (very easy) and did what I call my tweed mod which essentially grounds out the tone...
  23. Mat

    Footswitch for a late 70's Princeton Reverb

    Just picked up a late 70's PR with the boost function:grin: I've been after one for a while and have not been disappointed. I have a pedal for the reverb / tremolo but I noticed that ther is also an input for a pedal to switch the boost function on and off. Was this a seperate pedal or did...
  24. Mat

    Reverb Tank Help

    Just wondering if anyone can help. I have just purchased an old Gibson GA-18T amp which is fitted with an after market Hoffman Valve Reverb Unit (from the 60's 70's I guess). It's a type 4 Reverb pan. The filament holder at one end of a spring broke. I would like to try and fix the original...
  25. Mat

    3 Pin American Power Plug

    Help Folks. I have a 55 Tremolux which has just been restored but still has the old two pin plug which I want to change to a 3 pin. I live in Australia and use a step down transformer but because there is no earth it hums like a swarm of bees in a tin can. I can get around it by running a...