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    Mmmmm, really like Solar guitars pointy take on a tele

    "There's no such thing as too much upper fret acce... never mind."
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    Q: How many musicians does it take to play Rebel Yell?

    Well it apparently takes at least 150 to not play the intro right. ;)
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    Do you remember your first case of G.A.S.?

    I was pretty sure if I just had this guitar in red I could conquer the world.
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    Involved in a wreck today

    I've certainly seen my share of sports car drivers, motorcyclists, and even bicyclists do things in traffic that put my sympathy meter for them at zero. Yes your vehicle may be small, quick, and maneuverable but, if you don't account for the fact that the vehicles around you aren't, that's on...
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    Britney Spears covering "I Love Rock n Roll"...(you know, that Pat Benatar song...)

    The chord progression in "Womanizer" is pretty cool.
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    Involved in a wreck today

    I drive a little Miata. I assume trucks can't see me and I know I have no chance in an accident with one. I also assume that makes me their worst nightmare. If I do have to change lanes and put myself in front of a semi, my next move is to stomp the accelerator and put as much space between me...
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    Adults with Jobs, Spouses, and Kids - How do you find time to advance

    When I was in peak "raising kids" years, my guitar playing and physical fitness both suffered. Once my kids were old enough to do things for themselves, things got much better. Some tips: Maximize your practice time. 30 minutes of planned, focused growth and learning beats an hour of noodling...
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    Dylan's new autographed book

    "Original signature but in a Penned Replica Form?" Sounds an awful lot like a craigslist Gibson "replica", i.e. a blame-avoiding way of saying "fake".
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    Keep seeing the same guitars for sale...why aren't they selling?

    Consider the possibility some of these unrealistic prices on shoddy gear are signals that have nothing to do with selling equipment. My CL has a purple Ibanez Roadstar II in rough shape that pops up regularly. It might disappear for a while but eventually comes back. It has been listed for...
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    NCD: another tiny Mazda

    My Miata was one of the most life-improving purchases I've ever made. Driving on a farm-to-market road with the top down always puts me a in a better mood.
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    I’ve been a fool (for a woman, of course)

    Wrong. There's no joy in getting older if you don't learn lessons from your younger, more stupid self. Declare your past self dead. Then create a vision of your current self that doesn't make the same mistakes. You need some serious harsh right now, sir. I think you know that deep down, too...
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    Today in Craigslist scams: '71 tele body with Mastery bridge, $30

    Yeah but now I'm thinking a thinline with P90s and a tune-o-matic might be a good build.
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    Strat Single Coil-Sized ‘Humbuckers’

    Dang. All this time I thought I was the only person who dug that pickup. It's pretty much exactly how you described it. It's not going to make anyone think you have a classic 50s Tele but it sounds great clean, with overdrive, with distortion. It's like the hot sauce of pickups -- you can put...
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    68 Tele bridge, 58 LP Jr P90: seems like I can EQ Tele to LP but not the other way around

    I think you and I hear things in a similar way. I love that upper midrange honk in a Tele bridge to give it a vocal quality. With the right amp, it can get close to a pedal steel sound. I have a guitar with a hum-cancelling P90-like pickup and my experience is the same. The treble is there but...
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    Versatile Telecaster vs Stratocaster with a broader palette of tones

    You're able to get to the part were they play? I always punch out after 2 minutes of talking.
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    FUZZ. Players? / Users? Too Old Fashioned? My Very Favorite Type of Gain Pedal.

    Yep. I like using a compressor before fuzz because I can make the guitar more sensitive without adding more fuzz. I can set the fuzz level to where it sounds best and let the compressor control the "feel".
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    FUZZ. Players? / Users? Too Old Fashioned? My Very Favorite Type of Gain Pedal.

    I lean pretty heavily on a Mojo Hand Colossus. It's a Big Muff clone with the ability to boost mids and cut bass. I love the Big Muff style of fuzz. It does that "800 lb kazoo" thing -- thick and singing. The only real downside is it can be too muddy for rhythm and it isn't real sensitive to...
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    Medicare PSA

    Senior health care coverage and how it relates to buying a new Telecaster. This is the most thread EVER.
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    Amp Repair in Fort Worth Tx

    I have always had excellent results with Slemmons in Dallas.
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    An ode to my parts Telecaster

    Roses are red Violets are blue My Tele kicks ass Thank you
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    I honestly can't hear a difference between tube and solid state amps.

    Skimming this thread, just one observation: Is it possible to have a discussion about tube and solid state amplification that doesn't include some variation of, "Well, your ears just aren't very good?" That is a staggeringly foolish thing to say online about a person you probably don't even...
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    Am I the only guy who uses the overdrive in an overdrive pedal?

    I use the amp totally clean and turn on an overdrive pedal when I want some breakup. I picked my amps for their clean sound and their overdrive isn't great. Yes, they are solid state. I never thought I sounded good with the pushed-amp ride-the-volume thing. Some players sound amazing with it. I...
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    Edge: Great Guitarist?

    If anything I write, record, or play touches just 1/1000th of the people the Edge has, I would consider it a huge achievement.
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    An ode to my parts Telecaster

    This is one of those "I know nobody cares but I'm gonna post it anyway" threads. I'll get to the point: Until the late 90s, I had no interest in Telecasters. I liked humbuckers in Strat-styles. Give me a whammy bar and beefy-sounding pickups, please. Nothing against the Tele players, just not...