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  1. KCJonez

    Belated NGD

    I picked this T-Style up a few weeks ago. It's made by a local builder named Shyboy Guitars. Have had it a few weeks and have to say that I am very pleased. 2-tone burst, 10" radius, Indian rosewood fingerboard, 2-pc ash body w/ nice grain, weighs 7lbs even, early 50's style pickups w/ flat...
  2. KCJonez

    Refret residue on maple fingerboard?

    I'm having a maple fretboard refreted. It's been crowned/levelled a few times over its life and the frets have become too low. Anyways, I like a thinner fret and will switch to something a little thinner than what's currently on the board. The tech said it may lead to some visible residue from...
  3. KCJonez


    Shyboy tele, picking it up next week. Don’t see a lot of these on this forum but they seem pretty popular in toronto. Set up with compensated saddles, 10” radius, Pickup wizard pickups (also canadian) and a 4-way switch, otherwise it’s just your standard tele.
  4. KCJonez

    Selling CDs in Toronto?

    Hi, I've (reluctantly) made the decision to say goodbye to my CD collection. I know they are worth significantly less than I paid, but is there a place in Toronto that is known for paying better than others? Appreciate the help and insight.
  5. KCJonez

    2-tone burst w/ rosewood

    Am ordering a tele from a local builder. Am thinking 2-tone burst, rosewood fretboard, black pickguard. Thought this was a classic combo but can’t seem to find many examples online. If you have one like this, can you please post a pic. Thank you
  6. KCJonez

    Under the stairs gear storage solutions??

    We are doing a reno and the missus has ‘kindly’ offered me the crawl space under the stairs for my stuff. I want to make it awesome. Does anyone have any good storage solutions they are using for guitars/amps/pedals/cds/etc under the stairs? Thank you!
  7. KCJonez

    Mu-Tron Microtron IV

    Hi, just ordered one of these with RED Opto-mod. Does anyone have experience with this latest iteration of the mutron? and also, if IV is any different from the III? There don't seem to be many reviews online and no direct comparisons that I could find. I have the Microtron III, so probably...
  8. KCJonez

    Phish Radio - Redd Volkaert

    Trey Anastasio just gave Redd a serious plug on xm Phish radio, saying Redd is the guitar player he hopes to become someday, and then played one of his tunes. Anyways, i thought that was pretty cool. Whether you like or loathe Phish, tough to deny that Trey is a serious player.
  9. KCJonez

    npd - micro tron iii

    belated new pedal day. Got the micro tron iii env filter a couple weeks ago. essentially, it's marketed as a mutron substitute in a pedal board friendly size. I think it can deliver a lot, but I'm more of a one trick pony and have set it at a jerry garcia-inspired setting to approx a shakedown...
  10. KCJonez


    picked up a used r8 from a local consignment shop. Never had a gibson before... or even a guitar with proper humbuckers before, so it's a new experience for me. Lots going on on the finish, but still much more subtle than most i've seen, heavier than my strat and tele but not heavy... and i...
  11. KCJonez

    NPD - Barbershop OD

    I picked up a Fairfield Barbershop OD yesterday. This is the newer small box w/ tone cut edition. I used to have the larger box version a few years ago and sold it, but was in a shop the other day, tried out the new one, remembered how much I liked it and bought it again. For those unfamiliar...
  12. KCJonez

    Please recommend 5 watt blackface amps

    hi, i'm thinking of getting a new amp. I'd like to get a boutique, handwired amp, but that brings a blackface vibe, not tweed. I've looked at things like Vintage Sound and Tone King and they all seem great but they are just too loud for me. They won't get used properly since it's just for home...
  13. KCJonez

    Keely dark side

    telefunken, did you get this yet? Saw an online demo. Looks awesome, if a bit complicated.
  14. KCJonez

    my first nos

    so I bought a phaser the other day and after putting it in and messing around with my board, my amp (a 5 watt tube amp) starts crackling and popping, so I figured I must have bought a dud pedal or messed up a cord when swapping things around. but after investigating to the extent that I am...
  15. KCJonez


    I picked up a used 74 MXR Phase 90 on the weekend and so far I think it's a keeper. It sounds really nice and mellow, doesn't seem to change the volume when engaged or boost the treble (both issues with my last phaser). I also like the simplicity. One knob, that makes a noticeable impact between...
  16. KCJonez

    High quality cables

    i'm thinking of spending some dough to get my cables upgraded and was wondering what's your experience with premium connection cables on your pedal board. Big difference? Money well spent? Thanks for the input.
  17. KCJonez

    Changed tubes for first time in swart str

    I've had a few tube amps (a 40 watt traynor, a PRRI, and currently a Swart srt-trem) but this was the first time a tube ever went south on me. I'm just guessing but I would think amps with only one power tube beat it up a little harder than when the workload is shared, which is why I guess I...
  18. KCJonez

    Kijiji laugh

    For sale: A New Fender USA Strat (which, btw, was made in China)
  19. KCJonez

    Mark Knopfler's pedal board

    This was posted on the guy fletcher tour diary page and thought I'd post in case anyone's interested.
  20. KCJonez


    Not sure if this is old news but saw it and thought it was neat
  21. KCJonez

    Old QTRON + Vs New

    Hi, was wondering if there is any difference between the old sheet metal qtron + pedals and the newer die cast models. Was gonna pull the trigger on the old one but thought I'd check in here first to see if anyone has experience with them. Thank you!
  22. KCJonez

    Just in case you're in the market...
  23. KCJonez

    Grateful Dead Guitars by Alvarez I think I'll pass on this one.
  24. KCJonez

    New Knopfler single

    In case anyone's interested, this is a sneak peek at his next album, due out in March. Tune's called Beryl:
  25. KCJonez

    tube changes and swart amps

    I was hoping someone could offer me some insight on swart amps and tube changes. I have a swart str trem, and I keep reading how owners regularly swap out their tubes to change tone and clean headroom. So, anyways, I'd like to try but what I don't know is: 1. which of the tubes are the ones...