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  1. James Knox

    User upgrades, supporting member & vendors issue

    Yes, mine finally got sorted! Maybe try PM’ing Alex again?
  2. James Knox

    6V6GT bias: 12W or 14W? Idle observation...

    I’ve been “tuning” the cathode bias on my Single Ended 6V6GT amps to around 12.5 watts dissipation and in the 90% (at least 85%) range. Sometimes the sound is very similar, but I notice an increase in “fullness” and tactile response in a higher percentage.
  3. James Knox

    Dumble Inspired 2x12 EL34 Combo

    Looks like a whole lot of “fun” goin’ on!
  4. James Knox

    I ain't yer pal, chief.

    Haha, great article. I’ve used Bro and Bud for years, but my favorite, saved only for my best and most respected friends is….. BROTHA’ MAN!
  5. James Knox

    Any way to make this look a little less like a dogs dinner?

    That looks very much like one of the MOD Kits that Antique Electronic Supply sell. If it is, they sound great and are very quiet… No worries at all with this well thought out layout.
  6. James Knox

    1959 5F6A Bassman Revival

    The ceramics are not stock. It looks like the magnets stick out farther than the alnico magnets. Maybe swap them out, and put the ceramics on the bottom?
  7. James Knox

    Maximum clean volume SE octal 6L6 amp?

    I like the 6SL7 dual triode on my octal preamps.
  8. James Knox

    Another Amp Re-Grounded

    Nice work Bro! I agree, @2L man is a great resource for the Shock Brothers Forum!
  9. James Knox

    A stereo 2x10 upright cabinet?

    Welcome! Love your idea. Sounds like a perfect “play for enjoyment” rig. Looking forward to seeing pics and maybe hearing some sound samples!
  10. James Knox

    the Strat-O-Geezer

    Nice! I love my Warmoth Conversation Neck - I got the ‘59 profile also. Just perfect!
  11. James Knox

    My Guild D-15m has become a cannon

    Nice job!
  12. James Knox

    Neil Young Demo of "Birds" (with Graham Nash)

    What a beautiful acoustic guitar tone!
  13. James Knox

    Vote for your favorite Beatle era

    I voted for Beatlemania, but fav season was Rubber Soul and Revolver.
  14. James Knox

    GA-20 - Boston Blues Trio

    I like it. A lot!
  15. James Knox

    User upgrades, supporting member & vendors issue

    Looking forward to finding out if that helps! Filing a dispute via PayPal might be an option. Seeing ads when one has paid not to see them is one thing, going dark and not responding or communicating is another.
  16. James Knox

    User upgrades, supporting member & vendors issue

    I’ve made several attempts to get this corrected and still nothing. Still seeing ads, still no badge on my username, and still no response from any forum staff or MODs Will somebody please contact me and let me know what’s happening with this?
  17. James Knox

    User upgrades, supporting member & vendors issue

    Still unresolved for me - getting ads! What is happening?
  18. James Knox

    User upgrades, supporting member & vendors issue

    @Alex I paid for ad free in Jan, started getting ads in June so paid again. Still getting ads. PayPal invoices for Jan 28 and June 12. Could you check on this for me please? Thanks so very very much!
  19. James Knox

    First baby pictures... Bassman Micro

    Congratulations - Beautiful job!
  20. James Knox

    Newbie 5F1 Build

    Welcome! 1. Maybe attach your “runners” before you start soldering. 2. Double check your “back of the board” connections. 3. Have fun!
  21. James Knox

    GA5 3-way NFB?

    Good point! I have never really thought about the effect of the tail resistor. I just thought the 47k NFB gave the GA5 more gain than the 5F1.
  22. James Knox

    the Strat-O-Geezer

    Good point… Warmoth necks are heavy, aren’t they!
  23. James Knox

    How does one measure how many watts a guitar amp is actually putting out?

    Is my 5F1 actually putting out 5 watts? Is my Big Bottle 5F2A actually putting out 10W? Or 12W? The output transformer is rated for 15W. I just finished a GA5 in a Champ Chassis utilizing a GZ34/6L6 and a 15W OT - this bad boy is LOUD! I wanna know… how loud is it?
  24. James Knox

    GA5 3-way NFB?

    Good stuff man - thank you!