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  1. midnight340

    Reverb pedals...

    Love theDeluxe Plus pedal from Mr. Black!! As the site says: "...Splish-splash with dripping spring reverb and ride the motion of the ocean with smooth bias-modulating tremolo. Do em one at a time, or two in tandem for the double whammy. Plus."
  2. midnight340

    What's your favourite Tele Pickups?

    Got a set of '52 winds from Rumpelstiltskin pickups in my partscaster Tele. I'll never part with those!! Love 'em! (Alder body, 1-3/4" nut rosewood, fat neck from USACG. Wired a series-parallel push/pull into the tone knob.)
  3. midnight340

    Do you carry a pocket knife?

    I always carry a Spyderco Sage with carbon fiber and S30V blade. Always. Everywhere.
  4. midnight340

    Trying to fill a hole in my soul

    Sorry for your loss of a loving friend. I still miss my Gracie, such a sweet beautiful Maltese. We have a Yorkie and a Pomeranian, the Yorkie, Evie, is 13, Mia, our Pom has advanced kidney disease, so we face further loss, but they have shared so much love with us. All any of us can do is...
  5. midnight340

    What’s everyone current favorite pickups?

    my main pickup for the last 28 years, predates the ones in my Tele!
  6. midnight340

    What’s everyone current favorite pickups?

    thats a beauty!!
  7. midnight340

    What’s everyone current favorite pickups?

    Rumpelstiltskin "1950 Black Ropes"(now called Black Knights). Custom wound 9.11 bridge/7.22 neck. Man I love these Tele pickups!!! Check 'em out, Aaron winds some sweet sounding pickups!! Home built Partscaster, lightly distressed blonde Alder body, black Bakelite, rosewood fretboard, fat...
  8. midnight340

    Rediscovered the Vox DA5 - Cambridge 50 for the 12" speaker?

    Still love my little DA5! Amazingly fun little amp with a lot of different sounds to play with. I'm partial to the Blues 2 setting.
  9. midnight340

    Guitar Warehouse speakers

    Haven't tried the Veteran but as to WGS speakers: Found a really clean 1967 Gibson Skylark (white panel) GA5-T amp with blown speaker for $250. These are known to be on the bright side. Called WGS and they recommended their 10" G10C/S 75W (to keep it a bit warmer.) I gotta say I absolutely...
  10. midnight340

    Back From the Blight?

    Beautiful tree. Have always loved trees. The more I learn about how some trees communicate through their roots/fungi and actually exchange nutrients, take care of each other etc., the more amazing they are!!
  11. midnight340

    4 way switching Tele (Series/Parallel)

    I like my 3-way, so did a push/pull on the tone knob. Really like this! Standard Tele layout until I want a thicker beefier sound and I just pull the tone knob out.
  12. midnight340

    Does this broken head need a spline?

    I thought this might be a question about mental issues and some fix I haven't tried yet!! :lol:
  13. midnight340

    Let's see your watch.

    You are so right on!!!! :lol:
  14. midnight340

    Best reverb pedal or unit

    Spring plus great tremolo- Mr. Black Deluxe Plus or Deluxe Deluxe. Hall- Mr. Black Eterna Gold (Plus you get beautiful shimmer and decay settings that go forever if you choose.) Seriously.
  15. midnight340

    Let's see your watch.

    Picked up new in '69, recently found that it's a bit rare as Seikos go... needs a cleaning/service and I'll be wearing it again.
  16. midnight340

    Best age to start learning guitar?

    I started with a little Vox DA5 and a $399 Gretsch Jet when I was 66, now 74 and have played a bit most every day since. Justin Guitar courses got me me started. Now have 4 electrics, 3 acoustics, 4 amps, pedals etc. My center, my favorites, are my Tele (everything changed but the slice of...
  17. midnight340

    Well, Here Is The Mascis JM NGD

    Congrats! My JMJM has the nicest neck of any guitar I've ever put my hands on! Entire guitar has flawless finish and detail. (Mine came to me with a Mastery bridge.)
  18. midnight340

    Speaker brand preferences

    i am so very impressed with my WGS G10C/S !!!!!! Also have a homemade cab with a Celestion 10" Greenback that I'm very happy with, but that Warehouse G10C/S is amazing (was from day one!). "Golden velvet," you got that right! Rich like gold, smooth like velvet. And mine is in my little 1967...
  19. midnight340

    Does anybody prefer a 1x10 vs a 1x12 ever?

    First off, I love the sound of my Vox Pathfinder 15R with the stock 8" speaker. It's just right! Then I built a largish closed back cab (Orange spleaker-sized) which has a Greenback 10" that I run an Orange Micro Terror into. That GB 10 sounds great in a larger closed cab. And I picked up...
  20. midnight340

    Anybody else with the Mr Black DeluxePlus?

    I've got my Tele > 5W Gibson in my shop, and also in an upstairs bedroom an Electromatic Gretsch > Orange Micro Terror> 10" Greenback in a homemade cab. I'm either going to be carrying the Mr Black back and forth, or I need TWO!!! :lol:
  21. midnight340

    Anybody else with the Mr Black DeluxePlus?

    Seriously surf heaven!!! Reverb/tremolo!! Just got mine and it kept me up half the night!! Wow!!! I like some of my pedals a lot, but this is on another level. (My most humble response.) My Tele > DeluxePlus > Gibson GA5-T with a Warehouse 10" G10 C/S speaker.
  22. midnight340

    Post a random fact or two about yourself

    My dad started me driving a tractor by myself in the fields when I was nine years old. When in the Navy, during the Nam war years, I was blown across the flight deck of an aircraft carrier by a fighter jet blast in the middle of the ocean. I ended up wrapped around the front strut of another...
  23. midnight340

    Favorite P90 and for what type of music?

    I am very happy with the Lollar P-90 in my upgraded Epi Special. Very high quality P-90 with a lot love from many. Not a budget choice if that's an issue, but check into comments and reviews. Lollar makes an excellent P-90. Check this thread if any doubt...
  24. midnight340

    Would you change anything on a classical Tele design?

    I spent much of my life working with raw materials, steel stock, 2x4s, 2x6s, etc. and absolutely love and am comfortable with the original body. My other guitars that feel right to me are my hot-rodded Epi Special and my Gretsch Electromatic 5415 ... both also flat solid slabs of wood. I've...
  25. midnight340

    Monoprice 15W Tube amp $200 shipped!

    Nice! Running mine through a 10" Greenback in homemade cab. Enjoy! And that Monoprice is tempting!!! Good price.