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  1. Meteorman

    question on magnetizing pole pieces

    I've made several tele pickups sets so far... seem to work fine.... sound good to me, and have had good comments from end users. I have been magnetizing the pole pieces by bringing neo magnets (1"x.25" rods) into direct contact with the ends of the pole pieces (north on one end and south the...
  2. Meteorman

    Filtertron build question

    Purchased a Filtertron kit from AllParts, no instructions included, so researching Best Mgt Practices for the build. This thread by rick is great, altho it seems the parts (the bobbins) have been modified a bit from that time, perhaps even in response to some shortfalls that rick points out...
  3. Meteorman

    SD P-Rails & Triple Shot wiring help

    Borrowing from a post in the SD forum, in a question about push-pull pots with P-Rails, a responder referenced the diagrams below, and said: "Besides out of phase functionality, there would be one other potential reason to have a push pull pot (given that the Triple Shots cover the coil...
  4. Meteorman

    Baritone pickups ?

    Have bult a couple dozen or more telecasters, and recently started winding my own pickups for them with reasonable success. Now I have 2 requests for baritone guitars (28-5/8 scale), and I hafta admit I'm not too familiar with baritones. Is there a general rule of thumb for pickups for baritones...
  5. Meteorman

    Charge pump and PNP/NPN question

    First of all, let's be clear, I'm an electronic bumbler. Have built a couple tube amps and a couple pedal kits. Now working on a Fuzzface, using the PCB from Aion, the Solaris version. Documentation says "There is also a charge pump allowing for -9V operation from a normal +9V supply". The...
  6. Meteorman

    NFB pot releasing light & smoke

    I replaced R27 (100K) with a 100K pedal-sized potentiometer, in an attempt to have an adjustable NFB circuit. At the end of the sweep, I got light and smoke out of the pot. Not optimal, i'd say. The rest of the sweep seemed to work fine. I replaced that small pot with a full sized CTS 250K pot...
  7. Meteorman

    PT center tap & bridge rectifier question

    Working up a Pro Jr following Hoffman's layout. Was hoping to use an old Hammond 270AX PT I had laying around. This transformer has a center tap -- the Pro Jr uses a bridge rectifier and a transformer with no center tap. My reading suggests that grounding the center tap inappropriately can...
  8. Meteorman

    power switch question - fundamental

    I notice some schematics (e.g. Fender Pro Jr, Vox AC15) show a main power switch that hosts/breaks both the mains lines. And some of the older Fender schematics (Princeton) show a power switch that breaks only the hot line, with the common going straight to the transformer. Why the difference ...
  9. Meteorman

    Question for pickup winders

    have done a few now. seems like a given pickup always reads 0.2k to 0.4k lower in DCR after "resting" 24-48 hrs, compared to measurements made immediately after I completed it. Same meter. Is this normal ? Something to do with wire stretch or compression ? Just curious about the physics of it all.
  10. Meteorman

    DIY Pickup winder

    Decided to try winding my own pickups, just to keep things fresh and exciting in the shop. It may be just a passing phase - like a bad case of heartburn - but figgered I need to see what its all about. Found an old foot-controlled sewing machine motor for $5, $15 for a counter & sensor...
  11. Meteorman

    shafted over the 'bay ?

    recently won a set of used Sperzel locking tuners on eBay for a reasonable price, just under $50. Paid for them immediately. couple days later i get a note from eBay says I'm getting a refund, because seller says the item is "out of stock or damaged". wassup widdat ? seems like a breach of...
  12. Meteorman

    do magnets and pots play nice together?

    Needing to improvise a control cavity cover attachment system under small, tight, crowded conditions. The normal lip/shelf route does not exist - nor can it. One possibility is 2 small (4mm) round magnets epoxied to the bottom of the cover, which would stick to the 2 pot backs, thereby...
  13. Meteorman

    Princeton reverb build

    Started a Princeton Reverb build, mostly following Hoffman's layout. My earlier Supro 6424 didn't make me sound like Jimmy Page, and frankly was harsh, so was hoping to re-purpose some of it to offset costs for the PR. The ClassicTone 40-18062 PT in the Supro puts out 610v (the stock PR calls...
  14. Meteorman

    Original paint job?

    this is on a '61 Strat, not a Tele, so please delete if out of bounds, but I figured the general question about Fender factory paint jobs might be applicable to all. Is it possible that this is an original, Fullerton factory paint job ? It appears to me like the paint was sprayed over top of a...
  15. Meteorman

    Emtech’s spray advice for water-based They have a brush-based entry too
  16. Meteorman

    ya gotta find reasons to laugh these days

    apparently no engineers in their marketing department....
  17. Meteorman

    Micro Bassman build

    Realized my DIY Supro 6424 didn't really turn me into Jimmy Page :lol:... but I really liked the cab I built for it, so I'm gonna build and swap in a RobRob Micro Bassman. Board populated this weekend. I can transfer the three 12AX7s out of the Supro into this build to help defray costs. It's...
  18. Meteorman

    Question on PCB notation

    Kind of a pedal noob here. Did some BYOC units, basically paint by the numbers. Now I'm looking to build one of the overdrive units off the Effects Layout site, and the instructions are a little more sketchy (i.e. they assume I actually know pedal circuits). I'm stumped already by the notation...
  19. Meteorman

    She looked good online, but.....

    I know this one may not be everyone’s cup o’ tea. I fell in love with the bookmatched curly spalted maple top set on the internet, but like so many internet-based relationships (I’m told), I was less excited when it showed up in person at my door. We tried to get along, but it was a struggle...
  20. Meteorman

    Micro Deluxe Build

    Head unit. Parts are in and I got started this weekend. Mapped out and created turret board. Gonna try and stuff it all in that Hammond box, which is 7.5" square. PT stilts will get lowered, but the unit will still pop thru the roof. Tubes will be on top.
  21. Meteorman

    some classics at the Met

    Get thee to NYC this spring/summer !
  22. Meteorman

    Many of the classics on display

    Gonna be around NYC this spring/summer? Here’s a chance to see some of the famous originals, including Micawber, Blackie, Springsteen’s Esquire, and Page’s Dano.!?offset=0&perPage=20
  23. Meteorman

    a good nut tutorial

    Thought I'd bump this excellent nut-making tutorial from Kennedycaster for those new builders who have joined the forum in the past few years. I know there are a thousand ways to do this, but I find this to be a good one. Thanks again Bob...
  24. Meteorman

    Wiring Help needed

    In midstream, my build went from a tele with two TVJones Filtertrons to an Esquire with one TVJones. I still have two control holes in the top (rear access cavity); the larger one was gonna be the pickup selector, but obviously that's not needed now. What I'd like to do, if it's possible...
  25. Meteorman

    Fender Performer buzz problem

    Ok I know this is a longshot, but I’m trying to help a friend down in Alabama who has a Fender Performer 1000 with a problem. A buzz emerges once he starts playing on the clean channel. Switching to dirty channel stops it. Seems like its not 60 or 120 cycle hum. Here’s some video/audio. He...