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  1. RickyRicardo

    Ricky Ricardo's 2022 Brotherhood Build - The P/J Jazz Bass

    I built a very complicated Jazz bass for a friend a couple of years ago and it was the most frustrating and jinxed build ever. I called it the J bass from hell because of the complexities in wiring. Everything I did turned into a pain in the &*(*.. I finally got it to where my friend liked it a...
  2. RickyRicardo

    The Three Amigos

    Just after I started my Brotherhood builds I was approached by my friend's son to build him a Tele similar to Ed Bikert's 64 Tele. That was all fine and dandy until the next day his dad contacted me and said that him and his other son wanted one too. My friend wanted something like a La...
  3. RickyRicardo

    Checkerboard Binding

    I need your help. My good friend asked me to build him and his 2 sons a Tele each. They're all different and one is a Don Rich tribute with gold sparkle and checkerboard binding. I can't find the binding anywhere. I've searched the threads here on the HD and any links to the binding are long...
  4. RickyRicardo

    The Raffle Strat - Ricky Ricardo's Other 2021 Brotherhood Build

    Since I have 2 builds on the go this year I thought I might as well get this one in the mix as well. And happy to support the brotherhood! This Strat is for a raffle at my daughters high school for their band program. I have most of the parts so why not donate them and my time for a good cause...
  5. RickyRicardo

    Ricky Ricardo's 2021 Brotherhood Build - Lean Mean Green P Bass

    I guess I'm in! The weather in these parts at this time of year is iffy at best so we shall see how much I can do in 90 days. Being a nice day today I took stock of what I have for wood. I'm building this for a great friend who is a very talented musician. He's always wanted a P bass so here we...
  6. RickyRicardo

    Double Jazz Bass Pickup questions

    Hey all, My buddy wants me to build him a jazz bass with humbuckers that I'll wind myself. I've wound jazz singles before but not the jazz doubles. I know that Fender had the double jazz bass that had 2 single jazz coils under the one cover and I think it was wired like a regular humbucker...
  7. RickyRicardo

    J/P/J with series/parallel switch

    Hi all, I'm usually over on the Home Depot forum and I'm coming over to the experts in all things bass to ask for some help. I'm building a j/p/j bass for my friend who is trying to keep it simple but so far it isn't working out that way. He wants 3 volume 1 tone with 1 switch to turn series or...
  8. RickyRicardo

    Driftwood and epoxy guitars

    These are pretty cool. I wonder how they would sound. As far as building them I'd think you would need a wide planer to get it level on the topside.
  9. RickyRicardo

    Bridge for a Tele with humbuckers

    A friend is asking me to build him a Tele with 2 PAF style humbuckers and I'm trying to find a bridge that has the proper string spacing for 49.2mm humbuckers. He doesn't want the plate style bridge and I can't seem to find one that isn't Fender string spacing. I don't think the Wilkinson half...
  10. RickyRicardo

    P90 Cavity Depth On A Thinline

    I asked this question in my Brainy build thread but got no replies so I thought I'd ask here. I'm ready to rout the pickup cavities and can't figure out how deep they should be on a Thinline. What I've found on the interwebs is either 3/4 or 7/8" but not sure. Lots of Thinline builds here but no...
  11. RickyRicardo

    For all of us who would rather build then do gardening..

    When your wife asks you to dig up the flower bed tell her you can't because you have a gig...
  12. RickyRicardo

    The Unofficial Official Unofficial Brainy Memorial - A Thinline

    I've been on the site for quite a while and never had the nerve to post any of my builds. But in the spirit of Brainy I'm gonna let it all hangout and see what happens. My skills are not the best but I don't care. This is for him and I think of him all the time. He was an inspiration and so...
  13. RickyRicardo

    My first P bass builds

    One of our bass players at church asked me to build her a P bass but she couldn't make up her mind on color so I built two. I've only built a Tele and a couple of Strats from scratch and a few partscasters so I said why not? I didn't document the builds so I'm showing the results of the blood...
  14. RickyRicardo

    Fixing a few dings

    So in my duh moment I managed to put a couple little dings in the back of a P bass I'm finishing. I was tapping in the ferrules with a block of wood and a hammer and managed to dent the body just a little. Has anyone used the iron and wet cloth/paper towel on a finished body without ruining the...