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    Pure Vintage 64 vs Palo Duro

    Any sound clips out there that A/B the two? Much difference between the two, or pretty similar? Rounding up parts for a double bound surf green project, already have a spare set of Palo Duro looking for a home, but that grass is greener thing just reared it,s ugly head..
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    New Year's Eve guitar inbound!!

    So, this is the year I went a little nuts on guitars, bought a few ( maybe more than a few ..), sold a few, put a couple together, etc.. Back in October, got a Guild F 40 traditional, totally blew me away. Love that guitar. Went a couple months without the itch for a new guitar hitting like it...
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    Let's say you just drilled through the headstock..

    So, apparently I don't know better than to drill a tiny little hole for a string tree free hand. Without a bit of tape on the bit for a depth stop. Bit of soap on the screw, binding just a bit, thought I,d give it just a scoshe more room. Felt that bit go through right in my feels. Anyhow...
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    Headphone amp for Iridium, looper, etc????

    Long story short, picked up an Iridium for use as a headphone amp, dig it, slowly putting together a little self contained stow and go pedal board. No effects loop in the Iridium. Would like to place reverb, trem, chorus and whatnot between the Iridium and the phones. Pretty much a caveman...
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    Anybody else impulse buy a neck yesterday?

    Got an email from Fender, caught me in a weak moment.. American Standard Tele neck, surf green head cap. Ebony board, jumbo frets, 22 of em. Usually like 21 frets, medium jumbo, but Ma Bear likes the looks of Teles with the color matching head, so I figured why not. Anything different I need to...
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    Rough draft, one year later.

    So..last winter, got a bunch of parts, and tools lined up for, more putting parts together than an actual build. Cedar body off of Ebay got things started, and it snowballed from there. Soldering station, HVLP sprayer, neck from Warmoth, etc. Then 2020 kicked into high gear, and all the little...
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    Eagles- Already Gone, Take It Easy..

    Looking for an over drive pedal to get close to the tone of the main riffs. Running into a Princeton Reverb, one of the Sweetwater tweed amps, with the 12 inch cannabis rex speaker.. Guitars all have humbuckers, mostly short scale. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!
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    Where to send slab for Tele body?

    Old redwood water tank, was taken out of service and dismantled around ten years ago. Know a guy who has most of the timber from it. Got 3 pieces milled down, sanded, bit of Danish oil applied. And find myself really diggin the way that stuff looks. Straight grain, but cool. And well seasoned...
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    He Stopped Loving Her Today..but rock??

    So a question, a quest, a seeking of lost information... Back around 2007, was doing a Seattle run from Anchorage, couple times heard a song on Sirius.. Started out in the normal fashion, sounding like a decent cover of the George Jones.. And then it would haul ass, almost punk rock fast, rock...
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    Strip laquer and minwax?

    So going a little deeper into the guitar refinishing on this.. Posted a question about taking down the orange peel previously, same guitar. Checked with the guy I I bought the body from, nitro over dark walnut minwax. Would like to strip the previous finish off, plan to restain the body, fill...
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    Delay, Stapleton, slap back, Kings X

    So..just getting into pedals, thinking a delay pedal might be a good idea.. Have a decent reverb on the amp, so that's a start.. Few different things I,m looking for to start. Chris Stapleton, Second one to know..kinda sounds like some reverb, bit of echo/ slap back.. Kings X, clean parts in...
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    Case hardened bridge, etc, tuner color?

    Slowly putting this guitar together, it has taken a few twists and turns since seeing a body on Ebay, gettin the hairball idea to grab cheap parts and slap it together.. Things have been clicking along in a mostly linear fashion, neck from Warmoth matches well with the body. Glendale bridge...
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    Rough draft!

    Slowly getting stuff rounded up, first round putting one of these beasties together, definitely having fun!
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    Smooth out a bit of orange peel?

    Gettin most of the parts rounded up, bridge plate and whatnot came back quicker than expected. This Tele build is taking off like a greased pig.. I should probably plan on addressing the body sooner rather than later. Will post a few pics, got the body a few months ago, cedar, arrived stained...
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    Bootstrap Serrano

    Anybody tried em yet?
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    Monty,s neck bolt insert kit?

    Thinking about trying it.. Slowly putting together a cedar body Tele, running a Glendale thick neck plate. I have some concerns about cedar being a little soft, on occasion. Would rather take preventative measures than fix something that should have been addressed. Might be worrying about...
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    Cody Jinks, Hippies and Cowboys

    New guy here, mostly played rock and such.. Listen to a lot of country, but don't play this tune, tryna figure out the effects on the lead guitar opening bits. Guessing a trem pedal of some sort with a bit of reverb? Any suggestions or hints would be greatly appreciated!